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Hardcore Amateur Section - Milly For Blue Only

Minnesota, USA
"Milly For Blue Only - My name is Milly. I'm a sports loving girl that also likes dancing and all things outdoors. I hope you like these pictures I'm sending you. Milly oxoxo "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - Doggy In The Mirror

Sydney, NSW, Australia
"Doggy In The Mirror - There was a reason why I kept this one for so long. Videos about 3 years old but been laying around on my old computer. I had no idea I still had it ... I'm married to this girl now. Please send your votes :) "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Farm Girl

Ohio, USA
"Farm Girl - My Wife Hannah is no ordinary farm girl. She raises our kids, helps with all the chores, but when the sun goes down she just wants to fuck. She experiments with all sorts of things. If the comments are racy we will send more. "

Homemodels Movie - My Londoner

London, England, UK
"My Londoner - young and sweet and hates commitment. I have been on and off with this beauty for nearly 2 years, she loves being with me but also loves her freedom. What's a boy to do? I'm located in Florida. "
Homemodels Movie

Hardcore Amateur Section - More Tattoo Couple

Detroit, USA
"More Tattoo Couple - We love live sex and enjoy fucking on webcam. We might try this clubhouse of yours. Please vote for us. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Public Park

"Public Park - Hello guys. I've just found on my hard drive these pics forgotten from the the begining of spring... Enjoy and let me know what you think of course? Kisses Rafaela "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

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freadandwilma - couple, 33 y/o , Toronto , Ontario , Canada

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Our Featured Live Cam Girl - Age:27 .USA
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12th June 2016 - I will never have a problem giving my money to Watchersweb. They are THE ONLY site that has remained loyal for nearly 20 years. Never pop ups and full of shit advertising, always on hand to fix problems when I have them and the only pay site I trust to give my money. Well done team! Keep up the good work, I've just started on the live cams and successfully now part of ALL Watchersweb sites. - teamplayerted

It's these sort of reviews that will flip the day another way around. We greatly appreciate your words, it's a cherry on top of a long few weeks! - Blake

12th June 2016 - I'm lovin your blast from the past posts. I'd love to see socal hottie pop up in that. I was a huge fan of hers and have so missed her...... - Dan

Thanks for the feedback dan ... The flash backs have always been a favourite so it's good to see we're keeping people happy. On that note, we will keep our eyes peeled for you. - Blake

8th June 2016 - would be interesting to know how long different people have been members. Some cum and go and others have been around for a long time! - bogieman

Yeah true! But then again ... There's no real way of showing it unless people add it in their submissions. It is cool seeing submitters who have posted from the beginning of Watchersweb! - Blake

8th June 2016 - I joined your blue site no matter what I do I can not get into it. Fo so reason my new e mail is not going thru I have paid my money thru ccbill. Can you help me out. thank you. - Jim

Hey Jim! Yeah no worries ... You need to send a ticket to the support team. Are you sure you're using the right password? ... Send a ticket to them anyway. They can help you out - Blake

2nd June 2016 - My girlfriend wants to know how come you don't show men in the home models - justchekin22

It's totally you who wants to know haha ... Well a doodle, dick, penis, prick, ect is under as "hardcore" which means male subs have to go to blue and blue only ... Our free members are mainly male to 30 - 50 and they want to see women. We must provide for the majority. - Blake

2nd June 2016 - Thank you for the archive sets.I absolutely love them. Thanks again. - shocked141

Thanks for the feedback, we have been getting an overwhelming response with people supporting the idea and it seems to be running well! Happy viewing! - Blake

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