TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Zeena Plays With Tools

"Zeena Plays With Tools - Welcome to my tool room where there are lots of tools to play with. They have some uses you may not of known about LOL. They come in handy when my man isn't around. Hmmm should it be the screw driver today or the drill or what. You decide xoxo "

Homemodels - Bed Time

"Bed Time - Allo... How are you ? I wanted to show you some very intimate pics in my bedroom.... With and without my tiny black knicker... THX in advance for your kind comments... XOXO Raph "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Sexy Friend Plays

New York, USA
"Sexy Friend Plays - I met Sherry online and she just loves to be watched while playing with herself. Well I know I was more than happy to help her out and now she has given me many awesome memories. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - HotSubWife: Dinner Time

"HotSubWife: Dinner Time - I forgot to cook dinner for my husband so I decided to improvise - LOL. He didn't seem to mind at all... Seems I prepared his favourite dish after all. Who knew he liked Scottish food so much! I hope you have as much fun viewing these as we did making them! And thanks for all your support and encouragement. ;) HSW "

Today's Crew Favorites

Ravens Pick of The Day

"Montreal Babe Rosemary" - I'm Rosemary. Love having my picture taken. Makes me feel sexy and desired.

Time Warp from The Archive

"Me & My Girl"- no story, just a few quick pics of me and my girl

Coming Next Week To Blue

"Classy Wife Goes Whore" - She is all Class soccer Mom. But as you can see this girl is the sexiest whore in GA.

Featured Cam Girl

"Stella" - 25 year old from USA wanting to chat. Free Live Chat.


15th April 2015 - Hi there. I post lots of pics over in Watchersweb Blue in the Instant Pic Post Thread. They seem to get lots of views so I wouldn't mind you sharing this information with all the wonderful viewers. - Sinsation

Consider the information shared Sinsation! Thanks for the feedback! - Blake

13th April 2015 - It would be nice if ladies could submit their "Red Hot interview" in the form of a video or audio file. Love to hear sexy voices answering the questions? - Coach101

Not a bad idea Coach! Maybe something we can look at in the near future. - Blake

13th April 2015 - WOW, thanks for the fan mail and kind remarks John Oconnor and WW Team! I'll see if I can find some time to get naked in front of the camera soon :) - BlondeHottie

Hey there BlondeHottie! Thanks for the feedback message, the Watchersweb Crew can't wait to see your new set. - Blake

2nd April 2015 - I'm sure you have answered this question before, however, can I use a prepaid credit card for my "Blue" membership? Thanks - PaulWest

Hey Paul, thanks for your feedback message. Yes, that will work fine, they work the same as a normal credit card. - Blake

1st April 2015 - How do I join? - Kyle Grubb

Hey Kyle, I'm assuming you mean Watchersweb Blue? If you just go to there is a blue band across the top with a "Join Here" to the right of the page. - Blake

30th March 2015 - In the past few months your "funny farm" postings have become offensive, putrid or just plane stupid. My opinion, of course. I suggest you think of the masses before posting one's that come from a few idiots or imbeciles. - pl5ash

Thank you for your feedback. What would you like to see in the funny farm section? Most funnies are posted from what's currently trending on the internet. Our idiots can't stand around the office with a video camera all day waiting on funny shit to happen. - Blake

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