TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Great Lakes Soccer Mom 2

"Great Lakes Soccer Mom 2 - Well....we took so many pictures in my Angle shirt that we couldn't submit them all at once so here is the second round of them. I'm so excited about everyone's comments that you will all be seeing much more from me :) "

Homemodels - Blue Siren

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
"Blue Siren - Hi from Yumi... Let's take a walk in this public corridor... Follow me and my Blue Siren WW... It was a pleasure to pose... Fun, Fun and Fun ! Please ? xx Yumi "

Hardcore Amateur Video - Turn The Music Up

Texas, USA
"Turn The Music Up - The loud music is needed sometimes in the family home so block out her loud moans. enjoy and hello from Texas! "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Sandra In The Pool Pt 2

"Sandra In The Pool Pt 2 - Getting naked and paddling in the pool! xoxo "

Today's Crew Favorites

Hot Doggy Style (Video)

i love fucking my hot young girlfriend doggy style - Washington, USA
See the Full Video Here..

Angelina ~ Four Fingers (Video)

Bought some new lingerie, set up the camera and waited for Steve to get home... - London, England, UK
See the Full Video Here...

USA Clubhouse Member

Sheylahott: female, 39 y/o , Decatur , Georgia , United States
Meet Sheylahott in The Clubhouse

Home On The Couch

Hope you like it as much as we did and if you do i could send some more sets.


17th April 2014 - Still think you need a WTF? voting category in the Funny Farm section. Some of the submissions are way beyond my comprehension. This is a tongue in cheek thought Blake. Maybe its' just me but I can not, for the life of me, figure some of them out! - Roger

Haha! Maybe that's what we're trying to do to you Roger! But seriously, your WTF button is still on the list of things to look it. And I still like the idea! Hang in there! - Blake

17th April 2014 - Just love your site - Madant69

And thanks for letting us know! - Blake

14th April 2014 - Am I aloud to post my email address when I comment on photos? I want my fans to send the more disgusting comments directly to my email. - Sammie

There is no possible way your allowed to post your personal email in comments. It's a real amateur site, not a blog. Thanks Sammie - Blake

14th April 2014 - I'm sorry Blake. I wasn't very clear on my last request. Yes, on the front page. You have pictures showing women in the voyeur and in the Blue Hardcore and maybe one that is labeled Archive. I don't have a problem finding the ones in V&E or Blue Hardcore. But, when I click on the archive picture, all it does is take me to a page telling me what the Archives are all about. There is nothing that tells me what year or where to find the pic I'm looking for. - Mark

It's all good! I understand now.. That front page pic isn't for direct access to the submission. Like you see it's for archive information... All the other submissions are linked! I guess you'll just have to spend many more hours in the archives! haha! Thanks Mark - Blake

17th April 2014 - Hi! I keep reading about how others say they can't login to your other sites with the same login info. Sorry guys but I use the same login details to get Watchers Web Blue, comments on submissions and (drum roll)Watchers Web Clubhouse, tada! So, if I can do it, why can't anybody else? Strange don't you think? - Astronomer01

I just needed this to be on the front page. Thank you Astronomer, your more than just an Astronomer. - Blake

14th April 2014 - To me it's a shame to see some beautiful woman showing herself AND her face get less votes than a headless body. A category for 'no face', with less prize money, should be made. It would also encourage some to show their face to win the big bucks. Whatya say, my pal? - h2oh

Haha! I couldn't agree more, it sucks how the lovely women are always burring or cropping their faces. Making a complete separate category for them is pretty extreme! Haha, but I do like your efforts in pushing the women to be a little less 'head conscious' - Blake

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