TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Forever Hot & Horny

"Forever Hot & Horny - She is back hotter and hornier than ever! Just a few shots lounging in bed looking sexy enough to eat Don't mind if I do! Let's hear some good feedback "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Finnish MILF In Fishnet

"Finnish MILF In Fishnet - Lovely finnish wife presenting her fishnet bodysuit. She is 36 years old and a mother of two but still hungry for cocks. She loves to show her body in public sauna or at the nude beach. And on watchersweb too! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Homemodels - My Hot Selfies

"My Hot Selfies - I would love to win a prize :) D x "

Hardcore Amateur Video - Playing In A Train

"Playing In A Train - Many thank you. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Today's Crew Favorites

Time Warp from The Archive

"Chelsea Out & About" - Summer break is an awesome time to get out on the water with my girlfriend. She loves to get topless and tease the other boaters around ..... hehehe

Ravens Pick of The Day

"Pics From The Living Room" - We were just having some fun in the living room and thought we would share. Others from this shoot are headed to the blue section

Featured Cam Girl

Erica_L- Age:20 from USA

Hot Clubhouse Members

JNJCpl - couple, 38 y/o , Katy , Texas , United States


25th November 2015 - it's a shame there are no updates on thanks giving :( I promise the amateurs would be better than my cooking ... Love the updates at the moment, seems to be running well. - starerotic

Haha! Not much happens on thanksgiving except the cooking and hopefully the drinks! Haha happy thanksgiving and happy porn viewing ... - Blake

25th November 2015 - Is there a way for you to see the number of votes your submissions get if you are not on the leader-board? If not, I think that could be a great addition for those of us who want to know how close we are! - naughty_one

There isn't at the moment but it does sound like something we could look at ... We can bring it up at the next staff meeting - Blake

16th November 2015 - Sure wish you guys and gals would be a bit more smarter when using the word horny. I can be horny, you can be horny and a submitter can be horny. However, an object such as a picture, a piece of furniture or anything inanimate CAN NOT be horny. Might make you horny, but of itself can not be. Just a minor irritation while reading and viewing your features. - Roger

Oh Roger ... You worry too much, just stay horny and stay happy! - Blake

16th November 2015 - How a free month to watchers web blue for vets? - skido22

You need pets to be ill to make money and we need people to be horny to make ours. I have 3 cats and 1 dog ... You keen on covering the vet fees? - Blake

10th November 2015 - Ray, in the Forum, I think it would be better, if the original post remained at the top of the thread, and then immediately below it you have the newest to oldest posts on the thread...I find myself always having to jump to the "last" one before I comment? What do you think? - Idleman

Not a bad point, it's just the way our admin is set out at the moment ... We could probably make the change and it would give more to read for the people who are interested in the feedback. We will bring it up next meeting. - Blake

10th November 2015 - Dear Raven / Blake, WW has given the opportunity to have a view of most vivid women and pussys, naked and in action. Thanks for Raven and all the pretty and generous ladies. I am very much interested to see a pussy subjected to FGM and shemales pls. WW is my desert everyday after lunch. - Samitas

Haha we love it! Thanks for the feedback, I guess that's something we could look into doing although we don't really get any submissions under that title ... We do get a few quirky ones from some males which are on the toolshed but maybe we can give it a little more thought. - Blake

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