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Homemodels - Anastasia

"Anastasia - BLAST FROM THE PAST 2003 - Hi, I would like to submit my GF photos to homemodels. Happy New Year for all Watchersweb! J. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Wife & I Pt 1

"Wife & I Pt 1 - My wife and I enjoy a very happy and regular sex life. Whilst we don't do things with others we often talk about it in the heat of the moment. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - Loves To Play At The Gym

Iowa, USA
"Loves To Play At The Gym - She loves to get naked in the gym and cum while others are changing next door. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Homemodels - Tan Lines

North Carolina, USA
"Tan Lines - Sorry it has been so long since the last posting. Here are a few more pictures of my tan lines. What do you think of them. They drive hubby crazy. Just in time for the summer. Hope you enjoy them. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - My Yummy Wife

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"My Yummy Wife - Hubby was in a hurry this morning and passed up what was on offer. Would you consider for a second to walk pass this :( Oh well. Not to worry he's on a promise tomorrow morning so that will bring a big smile to both of us. Yummy Aussie Wife "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Meet Madonna

"Meet Madonna - Hello my name is Madonna. I am 26 years old. I feel very sexy showing you my naked pictures. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

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Sxycpl4aSlut: In search of our first threesome together or apart- couple, 36 y/o , Clinton Township , Michigan , United States


24th May 2016 - I am member of WW for long time. During my membership I sent You 6 submissions wich were well received and published. NOW when I clic on my name (Squale) I only found 3 of them ! ! ! ! Where are the others ? - SQUALE

Hey there Scale ... Ok, well every submission is linked from Email. Are you making sure you're using the same email every time you submit? That's really the only thing that could be splitting up your subs. Either way, send a ticket to the support team. - Blake

24th May 2016 - Love WW!! Thank you to all the amazing submitters!! Re: "Blast from the Past", I agree that staff picks from the archives is a feature I miss. I have been here since the beginning and a member of blue for many years and have searched the archives for an admission I saw in 2001 that seems lost. In that search I have seen many that I would vote for again and again, and I have (on old submissions sometimes it will accept a vote.) I think it would be interesting to even open up voting on old submissions, even if monetary compensation is not efficacious. Great site!! Thank you all for your work! I hope once all the archive updates are completed I will find her! - OneLove

Awesome feedback! Good news, with the interest of the "Blast From The Past" we're currently in the process of getting it sorted :) Will be there shortly! - Blake

18th May 2016 - Great site you are the best. A couple of suggestions. When we vote we vote points, when you tally them they are point totals not vote totals. Sometimes I get caught up on is this one, for example, a 3 or a 4 if this were a 10 point scale I could vote a 7. Think about a 10 point scale instead of a 5. - Jim

Thanks for the feedback Jim, we will see what response we get from other viewers in the feedback and then give it some thought. Votes as something we always peck over. - Blake

18th May 2016 - I would love to see you bring back the blast from the past.I always enjoyed a little look back at a submission I might remember from a few years ago or one I might have missed which is not likely.Thank you. - shocked141

Yeah awesome! Let me chat to the boss and see what we can do. We have been looking at a few different changes and stuff at the moment so maybe that is something we can do. - Blake

16th May 2016 - *RESPONSE TO KATHY - NUMBER 5* You called all of us "Cheaters" and "Boys." I have to say this... I've never cheated on my wife and I love her dearly. I look at this site because I am a Man and like it or not, most men like to see naked women. That's just who we are Kathy. (Chances are, your Man is doing the same thing.) I post pics of my beautiful wife, not because I don't respect her but because I do. Our shots are not vulgar and they demonstrate her beautiful body. If you don't like this site (And I'm thinking you secretly do.) then don't come here. - cindyshubby

Absolute awesome answer ... And exactly right! She's probably a paying member. Thanks for that cindyshubby ... Hope to see your hot looking, amateur wife soon! :) - Blake

16th May 2016 - Blake and WW Crew, Big ups for the "adjustments' to the awards structure. I think the new schedule is more equitable to all, ALL across the board. You have, in my opinion, made it more fair, and better for everyone. Cheers! - tonythetiger

Glad to hear it Tony, we have received a couple of messages about it and it seems to be putting bigger smiles on submitters faces. More prize money and hopefully a better outcome of submissions. Time will tell! - Blake

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