TODAY FEATURING Some of our 100% Real Amateurs

Homemodels - Gamer Girl

"Gamer Girl - She play much better with naked on. Like ? "

Homemodels - B Is For Bling

"B Is For Bling - No Story just pictures of My girl Maree. "

Hardcore Amateur Section - Horny Wife

Connecticut, USA
"Horny Wife - My husband bought me this mask so we can have online sex with woman or couples. Once I put it on I couldn't help but to take some pics. If there are any girls in Connecticut who want to come and watch us have sex or even join in, send us a message! "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - Mary Feeding

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
"Mary Feeding - It's great to be back! I really have missed my friends here and your dirty comments. Please tell me how I look with a Cock in my mouth. Someday I want to see if I can fit 2 at once in my mouth! "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Video - Massage Pt 2

"Massage Pt 2 - Here we go with the continuation of our massage (Part 2) things are hotting up to a climax in part 3 cumming soon to a Watchersweb Blue near you, hope you enjoy. "
Hardcore Amateur Video

Hardcore Amateur Section - Cheap Hotel Blue

"Cheap Hotel Blue - Wife and I getting dirty in a cheap hotel room. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Today's Crew Favorites

New In Watchersweb Blue

"Loraine 2" - Plenty more to come. We are loving all the feedback.
See this Submission Here

New In Watchersweb Blue

"Friend For Fucking 2" - Wife and I were pleased a friend of ours finally accepted our invitation to jump into be with us. You might have to break these into a couple of parts.
See this Submission Here


20th October 2016 - What happened to the Pro Amateur group? - Steve

It's gone Steve! - Blake

18th October 2016 - My "Suggestion" would be that Member's be able to Contact Raven directly about her Website when the crew doesn't resolve a problem Or is there a way to contact her now & I just can't find it? - Drifter

Why would you need to contact Raven directly about the websites? We have support and tech support. Do you need help finding them? - Blake

18th October 2016 - Suggestions: 1. For blue members - let them save favorites from ww 2. In the archive area show the ratings # that each submission received. Maybe allow members to sort by rating #. That way we can look at everyone's favorites without having to search through all the other submissions. - love2holdyou

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! 1: It's not really possible considering they are seperate sites so they realistically have no connection. As for 2: I love it. I think its a great idea and im sure we could some how work that out. Ill pitch it to the crew. Thanks again! - Blake

10th October 2016 - Can you get to the archieves 2000-04. Joined a year ago to view old pics. In a year, no progress has been made in that area? - Lovinglifeover40

Yes you can ... there has been no progress made because were in 2016? ... if you want to view archived subs for 2000 - 2004 you need to click the "submissions prior to 2005" ... Hope this helps? - Blake

06th October 2016 - Do you folks ever give a second chance? I am locked out of comments, about a year. I accept that I wrote harshly of "Bill" who was a writer. I accept that. It would be nice to start again having the privilege to comment. Have you considered lifting the ban after a period of time? - Mack

Ugh, unfortunately our 'consideration' list doesnt get looked over till like 2020 maybe? Hang in there champ. - Blake

27th September 2016 - what am i doing wrong. i submited a story and it stayed on the page that said don't close browser until you see the thank you page for over an hour and is still there. i'm signed in - Rad44

Hmmm sounds like you're having an issue with your browser. Have you recieved any confirmation email? If not you might be best sending it to the submissions email. Either way, send a ticket to the support team because they can help you out there. - Blake

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