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Voyeur & Exhibitionist - Teena

"Teena - A few old photos I found of teena on holiday in Portugal a few years ago.We thought we would share them with you, so have a look and let us know what you think & weather we should put some up on blue as well "
Voyeur & Exhibitionist

Homemodels - Halle Around The House

Texas, USA
"Halle Around The House - I was feeling a little tipsy and my hubby asked me to take a few photos. Hope you like them! Thanks as always for your votes and comments! Kisses, Halle xo "

Hardcore Amateur Section - What Do You Think?

Tenerife, Spain
"What Do You Think? - So many have asked to see my little sister, so I've tried to show what she is like...naked. I am still hoping that I am able to find someone who is able to meet with her so I can make a naughty video for all of you. "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - HotSubWife - Down Town Party

"HotSubWife - Down Town Party - We had a party to attend downtown and we decided to get a hotel room nearby so we could drink and not worry about driving. When we got to the room before the party my husband opened the curtains and sheers and told me to get ready. I took a shower and came out to the room to do my hair and makeup at the table there. While I was doing my makeup I noticed a man in the window of the office building across from us watching me. As I continued I got very wet knowing he was there. I finished and took my time putting my underwear and dress on in full view of him! When we got back from the party hubby told me to put on the outfit he brought for me and pose for him. He said I had been good enough I could play with the toy he brought but I had to keep the curtains open and the lights on. We closed the sheers for that. We had some great sex when I was ready. I hope someone got to catch the show. It was exciting thinking someone might be watching us. The next morning hubby opened the windows completely and we made love again. When he finished with me he told me to stay as you see me in the pics while he went for a walk to get us Starbucks. I was a good girl and stayed like that. About five minutes after he left a guy opened his drapes and saw me. He kept watching me and I got so turned on after a while I masturbated for him. I came SO hard with him looking at me. When hubby got back he stopped and closed his curtains. I was hoping hed keep watching while I gave a blowjob, but oh well. It was so exciting! I have to do that again sometime. Girls you should try it! :-) HSW "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Section - Teen Juicy Pussy!

"Teen Juicy Pussy! - We felt really horny that evening. We took some pictures :) Some are quite hot and juicy. Do tell if you like them xoxo... "
Hardcore Amateur Section

Hardcore Amateur Video - A Messy Treat For You

Ohio, USA
"A Messy Treat For You - thank you all for the amazing votes on my pictures. I said I would post a video if you made it to 35 thousand so here it is. The video that goes with the pic. hope you enjoy "
Hardcore Amateur Video

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strawberrytart: Looking for a Dom -couple, 43 y/o , Ames , Iowa , United States

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Our Featured Live Cam Girl - Age:26 .USA
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30th June 2016 - When you publish an "archive" submission in with the regular home about making them say 10 years ago from the exact same date rather than just random ones. Maybe it is not practical but just a thought to add to the photo conection - Onitsuka77

Yeah! That could be cool ... 'This time 3 years ago' etc. Only problem is for us to back track that specific could be a bit of a problem. Something for us to stew over though. Thanks for your feedback. - Blake

30th June 2016 - Why is this in BLUE? Hardly good enough to be at this website, except that the young lady is gorgeous... and sexy - RODERW

Ummm say what? - Blake

30th June 2016 - Been away for a while (life gets busy), but I saw some homemodels that said from the archive. I was wondering if I could/should reupload some of the old sets of mine that I had taken down when I freaked out one time? - Naughty_one

Hey Naughty One, its been a long while since we have seen you back on the screens of WW. And yes, as long as the sub hasnt been live before (seen) youre more than welcome to upload. It would be great to have you back with us. - Blake

27th June 2016 - I love reading the true stories. Some are really well written and I would like to be able to somehow follow those writers so when they submit new stories I can go straight to them to read. - Mark

Notifications! Yeah sure, we will add it to the list of things to talk over. Maybe a follow this submittor option? Cheers for the feedback! - Blake

27th June 2016 - Need more african american ladies. 😀 - Doug

Mmmmm Ebony girls! We try and try to push for as much variety as possible. Its our viewers who we need support from to get that bigger variety! So if you know any of these desired ladies SHARE us as much as you possibly can. - Blake

27th June 2016 - Please include "CURVEY" in your blast from the past posts. I have missed her and wondered what happened to her. - SOFLOLDGUY

Cheers for the feedback! We will keep our eyes peeled for her, just a note to mention, we're only posting submissions prior to 2005 at the moment! So any favored submitters might not appear for some time. - Blake

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