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"It's Not A Sexual Thing"
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Having dated some attractive women I have come to the realization that regardless of how good a girl looks if she has no personality I am moving on to someone who does.

That's where Barbie comes in. (That's not her real name but she looks like Barbie) Barbie and I went out off an on for a few months, she was not my type and I was probably not her type but we did hook up once and fuck in the back yard at a party.

I did not hear from her for months, perhaps a year. One of her friends told me she has a "sugar daddy" and spends her time watching tv, getting her hair highlighted and ordering expensive food and wine.

Barbie called me one night and although I did not answer I sent a text back asking what's up? She said she was living in a city about 25 miles away and was bored and wanted to know if I wanted to come over.

I was not particularly busy so I figured if I would drive up there and see what's going on. She was at a nice apartment in a gated community and answered the door wearing nothing but a long t-shirt that I could see right through.

Barbie and I talked a while and I helped myself to some food and drinks. Eventually she told me she was bored and wanted to have sex and she had gotten into video recording. She showed me a cool looking video camera setup with lights she had in her bedroom and I said OK I can try that.

Barbie did a strip tease and nudie show while I followed her with the camera before jumping in bed and fucking her. She made sure the camera got everything and for someone who had never done it on camera I enjoyed it. We swapped around a few times and occasionally she would talk to the camera telling what she's doing etc. She was sitting on my cock facing the camera and pulled my cock out just as I shot a load up on to her shaved pussy.

She said I was supposed to cum in her mouth so after taking a break Barbie wrapped her mouth around my dick and I shot another load on her face.

I found out from a mutual friend that Barbie's "sugar daddy" is not a sexual thing. He just wants to watch videos of he fucking different guys.

She called to see if I want to do it again next week.

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