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"Working In The Office"
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My name is Amy and I will contribute a story here.

My friend Molly's family owned the mobile home park where we used to live. Molly had been working in the office when she was accepted to a college out of town. I needed a job so I took over Molly's responsibilities answering the phone for her dad a few days a week.

I had known Molly for years and met her family a bunch of times but working there in the office was a whole new experience. The first week I worked there Molly's mom came in the office wearing a bikini. That was not out of the ordinary since the office was right next to the pool. We talked a while and then she went into her husband's office which was at the end of the hall from my desk.

I could here them talking in the office and the conversation was somewhat boring until I heard Molly's Mom say something about just getting her pussy waxed and Molly's dad telling her it looks great.

I peeked around the corner and I could see Molly's mom's bathing suit laying on the chair and saw her walking around the office totally naked. They were still talking but I could not see her so I moved a little closer up the hall and ducked into another offices that was closer.

From that office I could see Molly's mom on the desk with her legs spread while Molly's dad was fucking her. I watched as much as I could given my vantage point and then it happened! The PHONE RANG! I was supposed to be at the front desk and the phone rang at least 3 times before I made it to the desk to answer. I was not sure if they heard me running down the hall to get back to my desk but it really did not matter given what happened next.

I answered the phone and it was a call for Molly's dad. Since he never said he was busy I called him to ask if he wanted to talk to the guy on the phone. He answered the phone and told me he would call that guy back and to write the number down and bring it to him.

I got the number from the guy that called and WITHOUT THINKING went straight back to the office where I walked in to see them still fucking. This time I got a good look, Molly's mom has a great body and looks even better naked than with cloths. Molly's dad is sort of a bald, short nerdy looking guy but he has a big dick he pulled out just as I was taking a good look.

Molly's mom told me to expect anything working here in the office and asked me to have a seat while they finish up. They went back to fucking for a few minutes until Molly's dad cummed inside her pussy. I got to see everything including Molly's mom spreading her legs to shw him the cum dripping out.

They had me watch them again a few times while I worked there. Molly's mom was also fucking one of the guys who live in the trailer park who I got to fuck too. She told me about a this black guy she had fucked and how he has a 12 inch dick so I started talking to him at the pool. We hooked up one night and she was right that guy has a giant dick, it took about 10 minutes to get it into my pussy. He said Molly's mom actually told him to be sure and get with Molly so she could enjoy the big thing.

That place was crazzzzy!!

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