Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure, or pleasuring yourself to the pictures whichever works for you. Feel free to comment in the comments section and be descriptive. Have fun .
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Wife #0
Good morning Wife, it's a pleasure to have you back with us for another round of fun. I love this up shot, those nipples are standing proud.
Wife #1
Wife #2
That butt looks very spankable ... hubby, go on, I would love to see a hand print on those cheeks.
Wife #3
Wife #4
That-a-girl ... you just lay there in the sun and allow mother nature to caress those girls with her warm breath.
Wife #5
This would have to be the tip of the iceberg and wouldn't you love to wrap your lips around it and make her back arch? Thanks for sharing with us lusty lady, it was a pleasure.
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