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"Electrical Upgrade"
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Wow .. some of these stories go on.. and on with all sorts of language that sounds like it's been copied from a "wish list" and not a "been there ..done that" list.

I am an electrician and was hired by the owner of a strip center to upgrade the electric in each of the 20 business he rents to. One of the tenants in the building was a hair salon owned by Mr. Asshole and Mrs Pussy. (those are not their real names)

The hair salon needed major electrical upgrades so I made arrangements with Mr Asshole to do the work in evenings after they close. Since Mr Asshole did not trust me he decided to hang around in the evenings while I worked. After listening to him complain every night he told me his wife would be coming in to watch the shop all next week.

I had not met his wife until I showed up around 5pm the next week. Mrs Pussy was about 40, toned, tight, big fake boobs, bleached teeth, hair extensions and a spray tan. Nothing real but everything looked great. The first night I was there we fucked and then we fucked some more the next few nights.

I only had a couple of evenings left to finish the work when Mrs. Pussy told me a client who I will call Mrs. Hot was coming in to get her hair done. While Mrs Hot was getting her hair washed Mrs Pussy had me pull off Mrs Hot's shorts and stick my cock in and fuck her pussy. Mrs Hot had a tight little slot and while I was fucking her Mrs Pussy reached down slipped a soapy finger in Mrs Hots ass. Mrs Pussy tole me to try sticking my cock in that soapy asshole so I did, i fucked it for a while before filling it with so much cum it was dripping out onto the shampoo chair.

Mr Asshole called my boss to complain the electric work took too long.

what an asshole

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