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My name is Micah and the time I was 26 years old and married to Alicia also 26. I am a third generation Italian American 6'4" athletic and well endowed 7.5 inches and fairly thick. Alicia is African American 5'8" tall with medium dark complexion. With a perfect smile and 38-22-40 body. We are both fit and spend a lot of our free time working out together.

We met in college our sophomore year. I played basketball and she was a cheerleaders. We soon married after graduation and even though I was good at basketball. I was smart enough to know I would never make it to the NBA. So I decided to go for my Masters degree in International Business. I was afforded the opportunity to take my studies abroad. Specifically, Italy.....I speak fluent Italian and this was a dream situation as this was a fully funded scholarship.

Alicia was ecstatic as was I. I had family fairly close to where I would be going to school . I also found out I could make some additional money as an assistant basketball coach at the school. We finally departed the states and arrived in Italy where we were met by a school representative and driven to our accommodations. It was a suburban town with marvelous old style buildings and cobble stone streets. The place was a three story apartment bulding within walking distance of shopping restraunts and bars.

The school was a short distance away and I would catch a bus everyday. We were introduced to the landlord. He was about 5'"11" slim build with slightly graying hair. I assumed he was mid 50s. He was friendly with us and unabashedly looked Alicia up and down clearly making her uncomfortable. After an awkward moment he led us upstairs to our apartment. We were immediately caught off guard on how small it was. It was essentially a galley kitchen, livingroom/bedroom and a small bathroom.

Well it was for two years and free of charge so after the shock I was humbled. The landlord told us his apartment was right above ours if we needed anything. He gave Alicia another leer and departed. We unpacked and decided to explore the town. We were hooked immediately. The sights the people....the food! Being able to speak the launguage helped a lot but many of the locals spoke English and that was great news to Alicia.

We had settled into a nice routine. Although my days were long with classes and basketball practices. Alicia kept busy traveling into the larger city to sightsee and visit museums. She majored in art and was in high heaven. The one vice was our landlord. He was single but would often have different ladies over at his apartment at all different times. Some younger some older in age. There were times Alicia would be alone at home and he would be having loud sex at home right over her head. Often he would have sex in the afternoon and again at night when we both could hear them. The Alicia would run into him during the day and he would leer and make comments in Italian. Basically she was creeped out.

I explained to Alicia it would not be forever. She asked me to tell her what comments he was making and I prettied them up before telling her. Time passed and we were having a great time and Alicia even stopped complaining about the landlord. Then one day my two afternoon classes were canceled so I had a few hours before basketball practice. I decided to go home for a bit. I arrived and Alicia was gone. So I made a lunch and sat down to eat.

I then immediately started to hear the tell tale sounds of the landlord getting some ass. The moans increased accompanied by a squeaky bed. It started slow and then turned frantic. I cold not believe how long he lasted and there were only brief pauses I assumed as they changed positions. I knew he annoyed Alicia but I envied the old guy. I slipped into the bathroom and jacked off to them fucking. He finally came very loud as did his date. I headed back to school to coach the practice and returned home and Alicia and I went out to eat.

During our conversation Alicia brought up the fact she asked some of Italian friends what some of the words our landlord used toward her meant. Needless to say they gave her the accurate dirty version. She was not happy when she heard the interpretations. I apologized and told her I would speak to him. She said there was no need she took care of it. I was stunned and asked her what she did. She said she confronted him and gave him a peice of her mind. He apologized and now they had an understanding.

A couple weeks passed and it was exam week and I forgot to tell Alicia there would be no practices. I thought I would surprise her and do an early dinner. I arrived at the apartment and Alicia was out. This was normal as staying couped up in a one room place would drive you crazy. So I decided to go talk to the landlord and make sure he was being more polite to Alicia. I went up stairs and as I approached his door I hear voices and then a woman moaning. I was about to turn around and I heard in perfect English. God yesssss fuck me! I stood in stunned silence......and listened more closely. She started moaning loudly as the bed began to creak. He started talking dirty in Italian and the he would translate it into enlist. "Take my cock"....."Slut"......the more he spoke the louder she moaned. She came with a yell I have heard many times and he followed soon after.

I was standing there with clenched fist knowing I could bust in grab him and throw him off his balcony. I was furious.....but also rock hard. Neighbor down the hall exited their place and broke my trance. I turned and walked down stairs. I sat on the edge of our bed with a thousand thoughts going through my mind. One was tossing her off our balcony. As I calmed down I remembered the time in college I cheated on her and she eventually forgave me. I was still hurt but suddenly felt humbled.

She came in a short time later and was surprised I was home and asked how long I had been home. I looked straight at her and said long enough to hear you perfect English from upstairs. Her eyes got huge and her jaw hung open. She immediately busted into tears. I didn't yell I simply got up and hugged her tightly. After she calmed down. I told her what I heard and how enraged I was initially. Then I told her how it also turned me on. She looked at me like I was trying to trick her. Finally, I told her how it humbled me from when I had cheated on her and what she must of felt like. More importantly the fact she forgave me. She had plenty of other guys willing to take my place. Yet she loved me and took me back. We layed there hugging each other and cried together.

We eventually fell asleep and woke in the morning less emotional and talked. I asked her to explain how it happened. She didn't want to at first but I insisted. She said sometimes when he had sex upstairs she would listen and masturbate. But when she would see him she just thought he was a pig. She said she didn't believe my translations and asked a friend. When she found out what he was saying she was furious.

So she went upstairs to confront him and he invited her inside. She immediately let into him and told him she was not a fat ass whore.....or big lipped slut. The more she talked the more smug he got. He just smiled and said nothing. Alicia finally gave up and started to leave and as she opened the door he slammed it shut. He spun her around to face him an pressed up against her and the door. She is strong but he was stronger. She started to scream and he kissed her.

She finally stopped resisting and asked to leave. He remained pressed against her and she could feel his dick. He calmly told her she was amazingly beautiful but would not apologize. He started kissing her neck and placed both hands on her bubble butt while keeping her arms pinned. She pleaded for him to stop. Then he started asking her if she ever heard him fucking and how much the women loved it. She told him yes and she felt her nipples growing hard and pussy getting wet.

He asked her is she wondered how an old man could have so many girl friends. This time he placed her hand on his dick. She wanted to pull it away but it was big.....bigger than mine. By this point he wasn't restraining her. He unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt. He walked away and pulled down the Murphy bed. He stripped while Alicia just stood there in her bra and panties. He laid down without not saying a word.

She new she should have grabbed her clothes she was free to go. She looked at her clothes on the floor. Then the pig landlord on the bed stroking a huge dick. She reach behind her back and released her big ebony tits dropped her panties and layed on the bed. She said she mostly licked him as he was to thick to suck. I asked if he went down on her and she shyly said yes. I asked if she came again a slow yes. I am rock hard now. So no turning back. I asked how they fucked. She said he fucked doggy at first and then in different positions. I asked in what position when he came again reluctance. She answered she was on top riding him. I asked did he make her cum more than once. She dropped her eyes and quietly said yes she lost count.

I then asked her what day it was and she told me. It was her he was fucking the day I came home because of the cancelled classes. I laughed as I remembered I beat off to them fucking. She asked me what was so funny and I told her. Then I asked her how long she had been fucking him. Again she shyly responded once or twice a week for the last couple months. I was stunned but weirdly more turned on. She said any more than that and I probly would have noticed or she would have been to sore to have sex with me.

We made breakfast both in our own thoughts. Finally she asked if I was going to leave her. The look in her eyes showed she was hurt and scared. I hugged her and led her to the bath room ran the water and we both climbed in and had passionate sex. Afterwards she said she would not see him anymore. I thought for a moment and then told her that is not what I want. She looked at me and asked what I meant. I told her I was super turned on and I wanted her to still have sex with him. She immediately said no. I asked did she enjoy it? She answered yes. I asked if she would like to continue and after a long pause she answered yes but not if it affected our relationship. I told her It wouldn't and I wanted her to continue. She said she would think about it. We started kissing again and during the sex that followed I would ask her if his dick was big and did she love his dick. She went wild and came harder than ever as did I.

Afterwards I told her no more secrets and she agreed. They continued to fuck a couple times a week over the next year and a half. He never knew that I knew and would always give me a smug I am secretly fucking your wife smile when he would see me. A few times Alicia would tell him I was away with the basketball team. I would send her upstairs and listen to them fuck and again in the morning.

This was the start and we also had our first MFF experience in that small Italian apartment. That is another story I will tell soon.

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