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"My MMF Fantasy"
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I start this fantasy by getting Yvonne dress in a ¼ cup red bra and matching crotch-less panties then I get her to drink several glasses of wine and smoke a bit to break down her inhibitions.

I start by putting on a blindfold and insert ear plugs so she won’t hear any conversation between me and Bill my friend, then I tie her arms to the bed. Bill knocks at the door at the agreed upon time I let him in and we both get undressed.

I begin by giving her a passionate kiss and shove my tongue in her mouth then I start to lick and kiss my way down her stomach to her pussy where I lick and tease her clit and use her rabbit on her all the while Bill is video taping the action.

I stop teasing and licking her clit I take the camera from Bill who then lays his cock on her lips and moves his cock around to let her lick and suck his cock he does this until he is about to blow then he pulls out of her mouth. Then he moves down to her pussy and begins to lick and tease her clit while I videotape him licking her clit and pussy.

I give Bill the camera and I place my cock on Yvonne’s lips so she can lick and suck my cock for a while then I take the camera and Bill moves between her legs and slowly starts to push his cock into her hot pussy and he fucks her slowly and until he cums in her pussy giving her a cream pie Bill takes the camera and I go and lick and kiss and clean all of Yvonne’s juices and Bills cum from her pussy. Bill then lays his cock on her lips for her to lick his cum and her juices from his cock. I then get between her legs and begin to fuck her at a leisurely pace until I cum.

I then place my cock on her lips so she can lick my cum and her pussy juice off of my cock. Bill and I take a short break by taking turns kissing all over her body. We then take a turn placing our cocks on her lips so she can lick and suck until we each have dumped a load of cum down her throat.

Then we both take turns fucking her as many times as we can. If she figures out she is being pleasured by two men instead of one and she is willing to let Bill fuck her and suck my cock at the same time until we cum again and then we would trade places and I would fuck her and she would suck Bill's cock until we all cum again.

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