Lol, I hate outing my age on this, yes I'm 45 but don't feel it and hope I don't look it!! Love the gym and exercise, so finally got persuade to do some saucy photos for you all here on WW, we have been fans for ages. I hope you like, and more will follow
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"Flashing Outdoors"
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Flashing Outdoors #0
Well hello! What took you so dam long hehe Just what we needed ... a stunner of a woman! xox
Flashing Outdoors #1
Gorgeous but the shorts would look better on that forest floor!
Flashing Outdoors #2
Age is just a number babe ... You are as old as you look and feel and I would say you are about 24? Hehe
Flashing Outdoors #3
Flashing Outdoors #4
Flashing Outdoors #5
Whatttt? There's a perfectly round booty behind those clothes too?
Flashing Outdoors #6
Flashing Outdoors #7
Oh give us that gorgeous white toothy smile you wear so dam well!
Flashing Outdoors #8
Flashing Outdoors #9
YUM YUM YUM. Thanks for sharing! xox
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