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"Nephew's Visit To Auntie Brandi"
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Day 1

My nephew Jacob was visiting for three days, a handsome young man at twenty years old. We have been close since he was a baby and over the years my sister would send him to visit my husband Hutch and I several times each year. When he reached his early teens I noticed Jacob looking at me much differently and had a feeling that he was conjuring erotic thoughts. My beliefs were confirmed when I would go into his room to tidy-up each day finding the distinct aroma of ejaculation and the bed sheets definitely needed to be washed more often than usual.

Even though Jacob was now truly a young man we maintained our fun Auntie-Nephew relationship. On the first morning of his most recent visit, Hutch left for work and I had just finished my shower and dried my hair. I always keep the bedroom suite door slightly ajar and, as I slid on a pair of nude pantyhose, I noticed a shadow outside the opening. I feigned attention to pulling the hose up and over my bottom while surreptitiously peeking towards the door and saw Jacob keenly watching me. I thought that I would make things a bit more interesting and, after I had the pantyhose properly on, I went to the bedside table with naked breasts bobbing, picked-up my hairbrush, and ran it through my hair being sure to display myself fully towards the cracked door. I set the hairbrush back on the bedside table where I keep a pump bottle of body lotion. I squirted an ample load of the lotion into my hands and massaged it over both breasts deliberately working each nipple into a perfect erection. Jacob was watching very intently and I noticed the door had opened just a bit more. After my breasts were abundantly moisturized I moved to my dresser and picked-out a sheer nude bra, the same color as the hose. I slid the straps slowly over my shoulders, again facing the door, pulled my boobs into the see-through cups, and reached back to fasten the hooks. At this point, I looked directly at the doorway and into a pair of eyes.

“Jacob, I’ve noticed that you have been watching me. Come in here this minute.”

He very sheepishly dawdled into my bedroom with his head down not looking me in the eye.

“Jacob, look at me.” His head slowly rose from glaring at the floor slowly studying every inch of my body-feet, ankles, knees, entirely visible vaginal lips under my hose, belly button, breasts with fully engorged nipples, throat, slightly parted lips, and finally my eyes.

“Jacob you have been a very bad boy and it’s time for your punishment.” I sat down on the bed with my legs spread. “Come here and lay across my lap. But before doing that pull your pants all the way down. You are going to get your butt paddled.”

He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants pulling them down to his ankles. Jacob’s gratification from watching me was readily apparent by the superb erection straining against the fabric of his white jockey shorts.

“Come here and let me see that.” He stepped in my direction with the sizable bulge tenting directly at me. “I see that you enjoy watching Auntie Brandi getting dressed. Oh, you are naughty. Let’s get you out of those shorts.” With that I reached forward carefully maneuvering underpants over his rigid dick. After pulling the shorts down to his ankles I gave him a smirk and walked my hand slowly back up his leg, stopping leisurely to tickle his balls, then brushed my fingernails over the shaft and head of his penis that looked like it could erupt any second, already seeping a full drop of precum. “Now lay across my lap so that I can properly discipline you.”

Jacob gently lowered himself across my lap, resolutely sliding his swollen cock and balls against my pantyhose and dropping them between my legs with his bare ass directly in front of me. I picked-up my hairbrush from the bedside table and gave him a swat, not vicious but so he could surely feel it, then another and another. Ten stern swats in all with pink welts showing on both ass cheeks. I could feel his hard cock prodding against my legs and decided it was now time to change Jacob’s punishment to pleasure.

“Oh sweetie, now it’s time for Auntie Brandi to make you feel better.” I began by squirting some lotion on to my hand and slowly, lovingly rubbing it over the rosy marks on his butt. Next I worked my creamy finger around his asshole, gently digging at it against his effort to hold tightly closed. (This gave me a wonderful idea for his next punishment!) I pumped more cream on to my hand and worked my way down to his balls and hard shaft. After affectionately fondling Jacob’s testes I began to slowly stroke his cock. It only took a few seconds before he moaned and shot a warm load down my leg, coating my pantyhose with his jizz.

After Jacob’s breathing returned to normal he pulled himself off my lap. I reached out and petted the satisfied cock dangling in front of me. “Oh Auntie Brandi that was so nice. I am so sorry to have been naughty.”

I gave him a coy smile, “Perhaps we can look forward to what your punishment will be tomorrow!”


Day 2

Again, I dried myself after showering with the door a bit more open than the day before. Walking to my dresser completely nude, I opened a lingerie drawer and pulled out a very tiny, sheer black lace underwire bra and slipped the straps over my shoulders, reached behind and fastened the clasp. Hubby Hutch loves this bra because my boobs literally spill out over the small cups. I pulled out the matching thong and turned so that Jacob could have the full-frontal view. I had taken a little extra time in the shower making sure that there wasn’t a hair left on my pussy and the lips were already sweating some drops of my love sap in anticipation of delivering Jacob’s punishment for peering at me from behind the half-open bedroom door. I heard him release a little gasp as I slowly ran two fingers through the very moist opening of my vagina.

“Jacob, is that you spying on me again?”

He stepped through the doorway with an obvious hard-on pressing to be released from his slacks. “Yes, Auntie Brandi. I just can’t resist watching you get dressed.”

“Well as you can see, I’m hardly dressed at all. I only have this tiny bra on and not even a panty. You are a very, very naughty boy. What am I going to do with you today?”

“I am very, very naughty Auntie. And can you see how much my cock is pressing to be set free because of watching you?”

“I certainly can. Why don’t you help him out? Drop those pants and undies. Let’s just see how much he wants to visit with Auntie Brandi again.”

Jacob didn’t waste any time pulling off his trousers and underpants and began slowly pumping his meat with a nice ballsack dangling freely below. I just gave him a sultry stare and smiled while slowly putting each foot into the little lacey thong and pulling it up over my pussy. I was sure to pull it taughtly against me so that a little cameltoe showed in the gusset, fingering the panty-covered slit to accentuate it even more.

“Jacob you are very naughty and I have a special punishment for you today.” I sat on the bed next to my bedside table. “Come here and lay across my lap with your sweet ass upwards so I may administer today’s special discipline.”

Pre-cum was again dripping from his prick and he enthusiastically positioned himself across my lap with his stiff cock targeted downward between my legs. I closed them gently to nuzzle his hardness and snatched my hairbrush from the drawer.

“I need to paddle you again for your naughtiness” and didn’t waste any time in delivering ten quick swats. Then, like the day before, I pumped some lotion on to my hands and rubbed it into his hunky cheeks thinking to myself, “This kid would make a great male stripper!”. As he relaxed and anticipated his pleasure I put more attention in the vicinity of his tight ass hole, slowly gaining access then working my middle finger fully in and out of his anus.

“Doesn’t that feel good honey? Have you ever had your butthole played with before?”

“No Auntie, but it does feel really nice.”

I continued the steady massage of his sphincter while he humped his hard cock between my legs. “I think that I need a little more lotion.” I pulled my finger out of his puckered asshole, pumped out more lotion and gave the handle of my hairbrush a generous coating, then gently slid it completely into his anus and began slowly pumping it in and out.

“I just love to be rammed in the butt, hope you’re enjoying sweetie.”

Jacob was now literally fucking my thighs while I did his ass.

“Oh God, Auntie. I never dreamed.”

It wasn’t long before Jacob was shooting his load down my leg, letting out moans like I have never heard before. I slowed the pumping of his asshole and again tenderly massaged his luscious cheeks, letting his cock go limp, gently swinging between my thighs.

My nephew squirmed to get off my lap and stood proudly in front of me with cum dripping from his now floppy penis and running down my legs. I scooped up a nice dab on two fingers and licked it off smiling seductively, then dabbed some more and slid my fingers into his mouth.

“Lick it up. If you are going to become a great lover you have to enjoy the taste of your own cum.”

While I kneaded his balls milking-out the last of his load, Jacob obediently did as he was told, licking my fingers clean of his jizz. Then I fed him another serving of his delicious goo.

Grinning, I looked him in the eyes, “I wonder what tomorrow’s punishment will be?”


Day 3

Day three had begun and again I took my shower, this time with the bedroom door fully open. I dried my hair totally in view of the hallway and made no effort to get dressed. I brazenly sprawled completely nude on the bed rubbing my clit and pulling my nipples, eventually plucking my favorite pink rabbit vibe out of the drawer of the bedside table. I could plainly see Jacob peering in at me from the hallway and that just turned me on more provoking a little orgasm while I imagined his hard cock in my hands.

I knew that Jacob was still in the hallway watching and started working myself with the vibe to mini cum number two and said, “Jacob, would you like to come in and watch?”

He didn’t hesitate and walked in completely naked. That was a surprise that made me even wetter. His cock was gloriously hard and he approached boastfully pointing his lovely boner straight towards me. I smiled invitingly, spreading wider, and concentrated the little outer nib of the rabbit vibe directly on my clit.

“Welcome Jacob!”, Hutch announced sitting buck-naked in a chair hidden behind the open bedroom door stroking his fully inflated cock. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. We’re going to do Auntie good today!”

Jacob was completely startled by Hutch’ presence but his hard cock didn’t lose any of its integrity. Hutch sprang from the chair and dived face-first between my legs, licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. I encouraged Jacob to come to my side stroking his young woody and pulled him up on to the bed on his knees, cock directed towards my mouth. I needed to be fucked and Hutch knew it. He moved up and pushed his hard tool into me initiating a blissful pounding of my vagina while I kept sucking Jacob’s dick. It didn’t take long for all of us to start a big, mutual climax-Hutch in my pussy, Jacob in my mouth, and me…just cumming!

After we caught our breaths, I said, “Jacob, do you remember me telling you yesterday that one of my favorite things is for my man to suck his cum out of me?”

Hutch didn’t need another hint and moved back down between my legs lapping up all of his jizz that flowed from my pink crevice. Jacob watched devotedly, his rejuvenated cock again totally swollen and suggested, “Me next Auntie Brandi?”

“OK honey. But remember yesterday? Today it’s Auntie’s turn for some anal stimulation. Let me get Uncle positioned nicely in my ass then you do me in the pussy. I want both of my boys at once.”

Still licking the remnants of cum from his lips, Hutch crawled on to the middle of the bed and positioned himself on his back with a nice, hard cock pointing towards the ceiling. I knelt down and began to suck on his wonderful manhood, spread my legs and said, “Nephew, why don’t you do me doggie style while I make sure that Uncle Hutch is good and hard.”

Jacob carefully spread my ass cheeks looking for my vagina and slowly pressed himself into my wetness. I let him pump in and out for a couple of minutes while I enjoyed licking Hutch’ cock and balls.

“OK, I’m going to move over and lower myself on to Uncle and get his cock nicely up my ass. Once he is deeply in me I want you dear Jacob to fuck my cunt. It will be up to you to do most of the work.” I squatted over Hutch reverse cowgirl and lowered my butthole on to his hard stump. It comfortably slipped into me and I slowly pumped up and down a number of times. “Oh Hutch, I don’t know if I have ever felt your cock so bloated.”

Hubby played with my nipples bringing them again to plump fullness. “Look how hard my nipples are Nephew. I think that I’m ready for you. Come on, let’s see what you’ve got!”

As he slid his meat into me I let out a little howl. I have had two cocks in me before but this was very special, two men that I love so much completely filling me. Jacob meticulously ran his cock as far into me as he could and it didn’t take long before all of us were cumming together without abandon. I was the first with the beginning of a nice string of orgasms. That helped provoke Jacob to shoot his load deeply into my vagina motivating Hutch’ eruption in my ass. The three of us continued to gently writhe together with both Jacob and Hutch adoringly toying with my tits.

Our breathing returned to normal and Jacob slowly pulled his partially deflated cock from me, wriggled-down and dutifully lapped at my pussy, slurping up his cum with several very audible gulps. Then he turned his affectionate licks to both my clit and labia, seeking every last drop of his seed. I ran my fingers through his hair and sighed, “Oh Jacob honey, that feels so nice.” Hutch was again playing with my boobs and I could feel his stiffness, still completely in my ass, growing back to full strength. Jacob continued to tongue my slit while I slowly glided up and down on Hutch cock. I have to admit that it was a turn-on knowing that Jacob would be licking Hutch’ balls when I moved upwards on his cock.

Hutch was squeezing both my boobs and Jacob’s tongue focused on my clit when my next big cum began to unfurl. I love to be eaten with a hard cock up my ass and I came big-very, very big. I just held Jacob’s face against me, enjoying every second of the wonderful pleasure being given by these two men. I could even feel Hutch begin throbbing inside of me and blurted, “Are you cumming again?”.

“Uh-huh”, he whimpered. After Hutch finished I released my grasp of Jacob’ head, still with his mouth firmly against my cunt.

“Nephew, come here and give Auntie a nice kiss.” He slithered up to my face, slowly pushed his tongue into my mouth and passionately cuddled me. It was so nice tasting his cum, my own juices, and a little bit of Hutch. As I rolled towards him, releasing Hutch from my ass I could feel my husband’s thick load begin to trickle out of my butt. Jacob and I faced each other on our sides and continued making out. I could feel his flaccid dick brushing benignly against my thigh. Hutch rolled over against my backside and I now sensed his mostly deflated cock insinuating itself between my ass checks while he nibbled at my neck.

“Oh boys, that was so nice. Let’s not let this be the last time that we have some adult fun together. But right now, I’ve got to pee. You want to watch?” That offer brought two big, voracious grins!

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