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10 pm and here I am... feeling horny today and I can't get to wank because my girlfriend is upstairs and moody as ever.

I'm in the living room and its late. I'm sure that she would hear me if I decided to pump my cock in my hand lol. I love to wank and the feeling of my cock when it's hard is amazing. I don't think I can go to bed without spunking though so I have no choice, I have to do it.

11.23 pm She's just turned out the lights so I'm going to wait for 20 mins, will pop out for a cigarette!

11.33 pm I'm outside having my cigarette and I'm thinking is it wrong of me to be waiting for her to sleep and wank when she is? We have a very different idea of sex I have to say. Once a month if I'm lucky lol. My cock knows what's coming and is bulging in my shorts. My neighbours would get a real eye full if they looked out the window. I'd love to be watched wanking lol.

11.45 ok here I go.

Let me know if you want more lol

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