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So if you've read my previous story you know that Sue left me laying in the recliner and ran off to the bathroom. She comes back to the room with a warm washcloth and tosses it on my cum-covered stomach and softening cock. Sue says 'it's amazing how they get soft so quick' and giggles as she walks towards the couch and tosses a blanket on it.

Sue is topless and bends over facing away from me while she wiggles out of her running shorts. My view of her pussy lips was awesome. She turns around and plops her ass on the couch, knees up, and says 'now it's my turn and slides her fingers between her puffy pussy lips.

I began cleaning my cum off of me and figured she was going to masturbate in front of me. Sue is watching me do so and says 'hurry up and clean up that mess and get over here'. I finish up as fast as I can and as I get up from the recliner she giggles again and says while looking at my soft cock hanging, 'good thing I don't need your penis right now'.

Sue's comment tells me everything I need to know about what she wants from me, the use of my talented tongue. A little side note, I've been complemented by several women about my oral skills. I get down on my knees and approach Sue's now slick pussy lips. She uses her fingers on one hand to separate her lips and expose her clit. I was amazed at how swollen her clit was and I hadn't even begun. It must have been caused by her excitement of sucking and jacking me off.

I go straight to Sue's clit and give it one, long lick with the flat of my tongue. Her legs quiver and she says 'wow, this ain't gonna take long' and closes her thighs against my head. I capture her clit with my mouth and begin to flick it with my tongue. Sue removes her fingers from her pussy and grabs each of her tits, tweaking her little hard nipples while squeezing her amazing tits. She is moaning softly under her breath and opens her legs farther.

I can feel Sue's clit swelling up even more and suck it against my teeth and start to hum. This usually sends a woman into orgasm pretty quickly and Sue was no different. She starts to gasp and says 'keep doing that, don't stop'. I do as she asks and within 30 seconds she says 'oh fuck I'm cumming'.

Sue's pussy starts to spasm as she cums and I can feel my chin getting very wet. Just in case her clit gets overly sensitive when she cums, I don't lick her clit any longer, I just hold it against my teeth until I feel her relax and then take a deep breath. She puts her legs down and I remove my mouth from her pussy. With Sue's juices dripping from my chin she looks down at me and says 'wow, just fucking wow'.

When I get some more time I'll tell you about how she didn't keep our secret and told one of her friends about my "handyman skills". Don't forget to vote.

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