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"Caring Neighbour Pt 4"
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Dorothy slowly sank between peters strong young cool thighs her lips quivered as the purple soft head was enveloped by her nervous lips as she lowered her head Peter breathed deeply and long his excitement was almost extreme and his scrotum swelled with his cum .he knew he wasn't going to last long , how could he this want porno on a computer it was emotions feelings and above all it was real . her lips were soft warm and the suction was smooth and strong Dorothy's tongue bathed his cock head lashing over the crest and eye of his member causing electric pulses of lust and excitement to build in his stomach watching Dorothy sucking his penis Peter lifted slightly and as he did Dorothy took her left hand and cupped his balls they hung low and swelling in her palm , peter couldn't help it he thrust his cock deeper into her throat and in an instant Dorothy closed her hand, Peters balls ached as her grip held him in place ,Dorothy looked up and winked at him and then waved her right index finger at him , what a sight a lady mature and strong lips pursed about his cock stopping him in his track's , peter closed his eyes partially to swallow the pain and partially to surrender to his lusty capture .

Dorothy released her grip and kissed his sack to say sorry but she had made her point , she had been given control and was not about to surrender it . Peter could no longer fight her power he relaxed and was engulfed in her game Aunty Dorothy was in control her long pink tongue danced all over his shaft leaving long wet trails of saliva glistening in the falling light . her right fingers gripped his swollen member stroking with long slow strokes at the same time the young man groaned and shifted on his bare ass as his orgasm started to grow deep in his stomach her fist now stroked faster his breath raspy and rapid betrayed his need to cum and as he said Aunty I cant take any more .

Dorothy shocked him by falling onto his agonising cock her nose buried in his pubic mound her bottom lip sucking the base of his shaft and her throat hot on the crown of his cock and with that and in that moment he erupted his balls solid and throbbing released like they had never done before not in short shots shooting long and sharp but one river of cum a stream as if he was being drained Dorothy looked from her place of passion to see the boy with tears in his eyes desperately trying to stop the shivering shakes of a convulsive orgasm that never looked to end, but end it did as he fell back laying flat on his back with Dorothy slowly clinging to his waist kissing his hip as she licked the slippery load of lusty cum from his now relaxing manhood . .

Peter placed his hands in her arm pits drew her up over his still racing chest pulling her face to him. he kissed her long and passionately . Dorothy hugged him close and at that moment she knew this was love . and this boy almost a man was who she wanted to spend her life with .

Unfortunately outside influences didn't see it as love but just a rebound of lust . and a boy infatuated with a mother figure , in time the boy would become the man and go his own way but the woman will always be grateful thankful and be in his debt but most of all she will have a warm and loving memory of time spent in the company of her neighbour to keep her smiling .

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