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This was the next step in Alicia and I opening up our marriage. I am an Italian American and Alicia is African American. I described us in my initial story The Begining but here are the basics. I am 6'4" dark hair and olive colored skin. I have an athletic build and played basketball in college. From a manhood perspective I am fairly well endowed. But I soon was somewhat humbled after Alicia (5'8") 38-22-40 started her affair with our 50+ year old Italian landlord.

I was an International Business student on scholarship to Italy. Our landlord essentially seduced Alicia. Even though he was much shorter and leaner than I he had a personality and manhood that attracted and kept women coming back. I encouraged her affair with him over the two years we lived in the apartment below him.

We settled into life and both of us loved living there and the ability to travel the country. Alicia would rendezvous with the landlord once or twice a week and our own sex life was amazing. Alicia had majored in art in college and Italy was the place to be. She would often go to meuseums and art shows and come home and be so excited.

She eventually joined a local artist group once she could speak the language a little better. Fortunately unlike back home many of the locals spoke English. There were men and women fellow artist that also volunteered to model for the others for portraits. Eventually they convinced Alicia to pose and the fact she was also paid a small amount if a portrait sold was a nice bonus.

She made many friends but became especially close with a tall slender women named Gianna. They loved art and poetry and could talk about it for hours. Gianna at this time was a couple years younger than us 25. She is about 5'9" slim build with perky medium sized breast long legs. She is very pretty with long dark hair eyes that can only be described as sultry. They always seemed like her eye lids were half closed and dreamy.

We would often hang out together she would have dates but never a steady long term boyfriend. She would take us to different restraunts and clubs and we would even travel on trains to different cities. I felt an attraction towards her no doubt and Alicia would tease me at times. What I did not know is Alicia had confided in Gianna about our current open relationship. She did not specifically tell about the landlord but she did explain she had an occasional lover. By this time the landlord gave up on having daytime sex with other women at Alicia's request. He did have other lovers on some evenings.

Gianna was very receptive and also confided she had multiple lovers as well as experience with other women. Artist are such free spirits. This apparently sparked an idea in Alicia's mind. She laid out her plan with Giana whom accepted willingly. A short time later the three of us went into the larger nearby city. On the train ride home I had them sitting on either side of me resting their heads on my shoulders. After getting back to our town Alicia asked Gianna up to our apartment for some wine and snacks. Well living in a one room apartment meant we sat close. We drank wine and joked around a lot. Out of know where Giana pushed me on my back straddled me and leaned down and kissed me. I was caught off guard but soon began responding hungrily. I then felt hands undoing my belt and pulling my pants off. Alicia started sucking my dick as Gianna lifted her dress over her head. She leaned forward and fed her breast to me. Her eyes were closed and she began to moan.

Alicia worked my dick over feverishly and Giana spun around to join her in sucking me. I slipped Giana panties off and she straddled my face. Unlike Alicia's shaved pussy Giana's was well trimmed but hairy. They were driving me crazy and I began to tongue Giana with a gusto. She squeezed my head between her thighs as she came. Giana climbed off and straddled my hips an Alicia lined my dick up with her pussy. Giana lowered herself slowly and soon had me all the way inside.

She began riding me and gradually picked up the pace. Alicia moved to my side and kissed me. She pulled her dress off and removed her panties. Then she straddled my face facing Gianna. I gripped Alicia's ass and licked away at her pussy. Alicia and Gianna kissed and alternately played with each other's breast. I remember thinking eat this mister landlord. Gianna came loudly on my dick and climbed off. Alicia and I switch positions and I started fucking Alicia doggy style. Gianna slid underneath Alicia and began licking her pussy while we fucked. This immediately put Alicia over the edge.
Alicia in turn began eating Giana out and I felt the urge to cum growing. We are all moaning now. Giana started cumming and I pulled out and came all over Alicia's ass and back.

I fell back on the floor and watched them get each other off again. We cleaned up and stayed naked. It was late so we asked Giana to stay. We pulled our Murphy bed out and layed down me in the middle. I ended up fucking Giana again in a long missionary fuck. Alicia urged us on while rubbing my back and ass. Gianna and I both had intense orgasms. I rolled off and before going to sleep again I wondered if my upstairs landlord had been jacking off to our love making...

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