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I have been going to the same dentist for several years with every six months being cleaning time and time for my dental pleasures. Kathy is the name of the hygienist and she is one woman with a body that just begs to come out from under that loose fitting smock and pants. It was the first time I went that I actually saw her entering the building dressed in her regular clothes and that was the image I envisioned every time thereafter.

I just pulled into the back parking lot and I figured she must not have seen me because of the way she was bent over taking stuff from her trunk. She was very provocative with the movement of her body as she was bent over at the rear of her car wearing some tight jeans that fit her gorgeous ass perfectly. To tell the truth, I could not take my eyes off of her as she slowly swayed her ass back and forth as if she were showing it off. With some difficulty, I let my eyes wander down over her perfect heart shaped bottom to a pair of long legs that seemed to go on forever toward the ground, but the pleasure I received was when I slowly gazed back up to that gentle sway of her ass was well worth looking at. I was admiring her ass when she reached up and seemed to be looking inside of her car for a moment while she pulled the trunk down and slowly turned to face me. Gorgeous was all I could think as I stared at her for a moment before she raised her left arm to push the hair from her face and then looking right at me she smiled and then turned and started walking across the lot and into the building. My eyes followed every slow step she took toward the huge glass door that led into the rear of the building, and then disappeared out of sight. Having never met her I had no idea she would be hovering over my face for the next hour, or for that matter, for every cleaning visit I would be taking for the next few years.

I walked in and registered then sat in the waiting area for my name to be called and within a few minutes, I heard her voice for the first time as she called my name and rose to find the same woman now dressed in her uniform and smiling at me as she said hello Brad. I smiled back and said well hello yourself as our eyes met and there was that “So did you like what you were looking at pause”, and then she turned and headed back into the dental rooms. I walked behind her and while I gazed at that beautiful image now walking right there in front of me, that vision of the jeans was awash as her bottom jiggled just beneath those loose fitting scrubs. She led me to the furthest chair from the front, leaving three between us and the only other one that was seemingly being used. I took of my glasses and looked for a place to put them when she reached out to take them and as our hands came into contract, she softly smiled and placed them on her small stand. Soft was all I thought as our hands touched for but a moment as she turned back to me my eyes had just moved from her waist to her breasts and even without my glasses I could see her breasts rise and fall beneath the loose fitting top she wore.

I had been without sex for months now and seeing a great looking woman like her got me a little excited so I carefully placed my hands together right on top of my crotch to cover my excitement. Kathy asked me to have a seat and as I sat and half laid back into the dental chair, she asked a couple questions with her body half turned from me and as she wrote the answers and put the pen down, she turned and smiled then softly said we should get started. I half smiled and she caught it and said what, so I looked her right in the eyes and said I think we already have to which she tilted her head to the side and smiling she donned a mask and sat down on her stool right next to me. She pressed her foot on a button just there on the floor and to let the chair fall back and I was all but dumped on the floor. I heard her almost whisper, oh my god , I forgot and as she leaned toward me she apologized for the sudden move and told me the chair had been acting up some and a new motor was on the way but she had to make do for now. As she spoke, her mouth seemed to annunciate each word carefully as if in slow motion showing me that beautiful mouth of hers while also showing a glimpse down the front of her top. Now maybe it was just me but when she saw where my eyes were looking, so when she bent down to catch me, she pressed those breasts of hers firmly into the side of my face and after the apology; she giggled a bit and said I almost tossed you on your head. When I felt the warmth of her on my face, I was instantly aroused and calmed in one, so when she finally moved a bit toward the front of me, I felt her breast move right in front of my mouth and for the life of me, I thought this cannot be happening. She just paused there for a moment and it was all I could do to keep my mouth closed but that was not the end of her close encounters.

In her haste to grab me, she dropped an instrument on my lap. I felt it land but I thought it was just the mirror, but I was wrong, it was a pick and it fell tip down just in-between my legs at my crotch. I followed her eyes when she whispered oh shit and it was then I saw the pointed tip between my legs. So as I sat there with her soft breast right in front of my face and loving it, while Kathy just reached down to get the instrument and I could not help myself in making the comment. I smiled up at her and said well here we have a real dilemma don't we Kathy? She stopped reaching as her hand froze just above my crotch and looked down into my blue eyes and said we do? And just what dilemma is that? I could hardly believe myself saying what came out of my mouth as I said well the dilemma is which should you take back, the instrument or your breast? As she looked at her soft breast right in front of my face and then down at the instrument wedged between my legs at the crotch, she smiled and I noticed her breasts rising and falling as her breathing increased and with all the grace of a professional she said well I will take both if you please. I smiled up at her and said well unlucky me, and here I thought I was going to enjoy this visit after all.

Kathy just looked down into my eyes and said well did you now and glanced down the row of chairs and then back at me, I could tell she was nervous so I softly asked if I offended her and was more than surprised with what she did next. She bit her lower lip nervous like then slowly leaned toward me and pressed her soft warm breast against my face and whispered that she would not want me unhappy about her work. As I looked up into her eyes I could see the look of a women filled with indecision and so I was about to apologize again when I caught the movement of her hand and then felt it gently move down under my hands and come to rest right over my raging hardon. Her eyes suddenly opened wide in surprise and her mouth opened partially in exclamation as she whispered in my ear, oh my we do have a dilemma don't we Brad? I slowly tried to nod my head when I felt her hand squeeze down over my hardened shaft and firmly grasp it getting me to open my mouth in amazement just as she pressed again into my face with her breast. When she looked down and saw my open mouth, she turned a bit toward me and pushed more getting some of her succulent breast inside of my eager mouth cloth and all. It was easy to tell she was not wearing a bra and before I realized it, she slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft and whispered down to me that priceless question. Does this make your visit more pleasurable Brad? I nodded my head then and said ummm hmmm with my mouth full of her soft young breast and just then we heard voices coming toward us so she let go of my cock and leaned back up and deftly pulled the tool from between my legs as another patient and employee moved into the chair two doors away. The rooms were actually cubicles with chest high walls and quite large of which there were four and with two between us. As it turned out it was all the privacy we would need as Kathy leaned in close to my ear and whispered we must be careful.

Still aroused, I tried to hide my condition as Kathy told me to open wide and turn my head toward her so that the other employee could hear she was working. She inched her chair toward me and began to examine my teeth but also had positioned herself so that my face was right between her soft warm breasts. She whispered are you comfortable as she pressed into my face. I knew she purposely adjusted herself to do so and quite frankly I was in heaven with both of her soft mounds on either side of my head, so I nodded my head yes as she began her work. She softly giggled then pressed her arms into the sides of her tits and in doing so those soft pillows seemed to melt into my face as she lightly moaned and said me too. She cleaned on me for a few minutes and then looked over to the other chair and saw that the girl there had her back toward us so she very carefully put the tool down on my lap and brought her hand back up to her smock and undid the top two buttons while looking down at me and I watched her slowly pull the top of the smock back a bit to give me a glimpse of her soft luscious breast. Before I could utter a word, Kathy bent closer and whispered kiss them Brad. She had to tell me no more as I softly kissed between her breasts and then she spread the top open slightly more and showed me what I really wanted to see a pair of perfect areolas. Just the perfect shape and color to match her skin tone and as I went from one to the other nibbling and kissing for a few minutes she sighed and then she pulled back and said oh how I missed that. She finished cleaning my teeth in the next twenty minutes or so and as I followed her out, she paused just before the receptionist and said I hope you enjoyed your cleaning today; I will look forward to your next visit.
Six months later I was back for my second time with her and as she put the big around my neck in that very same chair, she settled into her stool and said I owe you an explanation. I was about to tell her no you owe me nothing, I am amazed by you when she put her soft hand over my mouth and leaned back into me again with those soft warm breasts of hers. I looked up at her with a questioning look on my face and she said she would explain later as she quickly began her work. I noticed the top two buttons were undone again and wondered how she had done that without me seeing it and was pleased she left the top undone so I could see those beauties clearly. Just like the first time my cock was growing hard and I heard her say well now, I see your dilemma is back. She got through the cleaning quickly and still had a allot of time and whispered that fact to me as she moved more toward the side of me that would block any view to us as we seemed to be alone today and asked if she could look at my dilemma closer? I looked down as her hand eased over to my crotch and when I nodded yes she used both hands to unzip my fly, slip her hand in to find I had not worn anything beneath my jeans today. Her had deftly wrapped around my shaft and with a smile forming on her face she said well you are a naughty man today aren’t you, as she pulled out my thick nine inch cock. Her eyes opened wide as she whispered to me that she had no idea I was built like this as her soft hands gently coveted my girth and slowly took a couple of strokes on it. My white precum oozed out the tip and glistened there for a moment before she passed her forefinger over it and then lifted it to her lips. When that soft pink tongue of hers slipped out of her mouth and licked her finger clean, then slid it inside I thought I would just lose my whole load right there. As I looked at her in disbelief, I could hardly believe what I had stumbled into with this beautiful married woman.

Kathy played with my cock a little more and then whispered that she would look forward to my next visit in six months as she tucked my cock inside, patted it then zipped me up as if nothing had happened. I figured she was done so I started to rise when I felt her press my shoulders into the chair and tell me that she had one more thing she wanted to check with my mouth. I turned a bit toward her and was in awe when she bent down and kissed me with the softest lips I had kissed in a while. Her lips just melted into mine and then opened slightly as that pink tongue of hers slid down inside of my mouth. I met her tongue with mine and together we tasted the sex she had sampled and I knew what to do with it as we nervously fought the urge to just get down on the floor and go after each other. When she pulled her tongue slowly from my mouth, she hovered just above my lips and whispered, just as I thought a great kisser too. She let me get up after that, but she said we still have about five minutes so I want to tell you that I am attracted to you like a moth to a light. I was taken by her honesty and yet what can I say I had only met her at our last visit and already she is being this honest and before I could utter a word, she said however I do love my husband and children and then with one more soft kiss on my lips she smiled and said see you in six month’s Brad and then said follow me as she led me down the hall to the receptionist. I figured it would be that long again until I saw her and as I glanced at the picture of her family in the picture she had pinned to the wall, I could see she was married indeed with two kids and a husband, but when the phone rang that next week I was pleasantly surprised. I listened as the receptionist told me that the doctor found a couple of issues that needed attention. As if in a dream, she asked what time can you come in on Tuesday. I was more than elated as I asked early or late and she said later is better for us, so I asked when the last appointment was and she set it up for me.

Tuesday came and when I heard Kathy call my name I was up in a second and walking toward her. When I looked at her I was more than pleased by the fact that she was in a simple blue dress with a low neckline topped with a full length blue scrub jacket that was unbuttoned and showing off her great looking thirty six size breasts. Just looking at her legs disappear under the knee length dress got me hard enough to cover up some to adjust myself and walk too. She walked me back to the other side of the office this time and into a room in the back corner, where she had me sit down, then told me that they thought I needed a crown. She said that the doctor was still in with an emergency patient and would be back her in about thirty minutes as she put the bib around my neck and once again pressed her soft titties against my head. I had so been looking forward to this and pressed back into her then looking at the dress I had more than one idea for her.

She was with her back to the door on my left as she remained against my face and whispered how she remembered me kissing her here as she put her hand up to the bare skin just at the top of her breast. She told me how much she liked that and then asked did you enjoy it too Brad? I nodded my head and leaned in to kiss her there again and felt her sigh as my soft lips touched her skin. I saw that she had closed her eyes and was into it and knew the time was now for our privacy of so few minutes. She placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me into her chest as I slipped my hand under dress and let my slowly moved it up between her soft inner thighs. I heard her soft whisper like voice saying oh yes oh god yes as my fingertips found her soft pubic hair and realized her pussy was damp and Kathy was without panties. She whispered just then that she had just taken them off for me in hopes that I would touch her and when she said that I slipped my middle finger just past her entrance and felt her soaked warm pussy lips and knew she was primed and ready.

I felt the heat between her legs as she spoke and as quietly as I could speak I asked her if she thought about me since that first visit. Kathy told me how she could hardly stand it these past few months and then after the second visit. I asked if I was all she would think about as she worked on all of the other men as I deftly found her swollen hard clit and using her juices I teased her over a little. Kathy was trembling when she whispered in my ear Ohhh Brad what are you doing to me, I hardly even look at the men that come here and I do have good sex with my husband but and as she paused to gain her thoughts, I asked but what Kathy, tell me. My thumb and forefinger were toying with her swollen clit when I felt he body shudder with a mini orgasm and then she whispered, god what you do to me and then just like that Kathy's cum began to run down onto my hand. She had cum for me within five minutes of my arrival and while she tightened her legs over my hand and said please don't stop, so I kept slowly and softly circling her now hardened clit as she took one of her breasts out and showed me her hard darkened nipple. As her body released yet another tremor, she asked if I also knew what to do with this. While I softly circled my well lubricated forefinger around her swollen clit, I began to nibble and kiss what this hot dental assistant was offering as she held her size thirty six c cup and told me that she has never done this before as my tongue wound around her now stiff nipple.

I sucked it into my mouth and gently bit down and then working it I toyed with her nipple, nibbled while toying with her clit until this hot MILF hygienist came again. I pulled my hand from her just in time for her to gather herself and put herself back together. She leaned down and kissed me then smiling she stood and was just going to tell me that she will let the doctor know you are ready, when he walked up behind her and said here I am. I had her cum all over my fingers so I slipped my hand into my pocket and then winked at her as she said she would be right back. She later told me that she had gone to the restroom and by the time she got there her cum was running all the way down to her ankle. Lucky for her she was alone and cleaned it all up before coming back to us. The doctor finished the prep work and told her to make a crown image for me because he had to get to a dinner engagement with his wife. She smiled at me and said no problem and told him to tell the receptionist that she could lock up tonight since we were so late. He did not even hesitate as he said good idea, I will tell her and with that he said it was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Passion, then said goodbye to the both of us.

Jennifer called out that she was leaving and would lock the door and with that Kathy and I were alone. As soon as she heard the lock set, she took off the coat, turned her back to me and said unzip me please and when that dress hit the floor and I got a look at her tight thirty eight year old body for the first time I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Kathy must have worked out regularly and kept herself trim and I do mean trim. As she stood there with her proud breasts standing out at attention nipples hard and ready my eyes slowly dropped down over her flat tummy to her trimmed pussy hairs and I took in all that was her. As she stood she slowly turned and with her flared hips so longing to be held, I looked at her and as she turned back facing me and said get up Brad. Her hands were trembling and eager as she undid my belt and took down my jeans, but when my cock just sprang out at her, she laughed and said so you were thinking about me too huh? I said you know I was as she undid the buttons on my shirt and pushed it over my shoulders slowly and pushed her soft hands up through the hair on my chest for a moment before she leaned in and began to kiss my neck and slowly press that heavenly body into mine.

I asked her what she liked done to her best and she told me that her fantasy has always been to sit on top of a man and ride them hard like a horse right here on this chair, how about you? I told her as she clung to me and reached down to find my rock solid cock, that my fantasies since I saw you in the parking lot, were to bend you over this little chair of yours and as my hands slid down over her luscious bottom then back up to her made for love hips, I told her I wanted to hold onto these perfect hips of yours and take you. She smiled and kissed me lightly then said that I mentioned fantasies, what else was it you wanted to do with me. As I held her soft bottom in my hands I told her it was for you to stand beside me naked and rub your soft titties against me while you work like you did before and whisper in my ear all that you need. As I spoke, Kathy had me sit back down in the dental chair, while she began to lean in and examine me. I felt the warmth of her soft breast’s against my face as she bent down to my ear and whispered that she wanted to do her fantasy first. I felt her hand slide down through the hair on my chest as I spread my legs wide and as her soft hand sifted through the hair on my chest then inched downward into my pubic hair, she said she thought I was very handsome and that ever since she saw me parked in the lot watching her get stuff from her trunk, that she wanted me to fuck her. She knew I was there and suddenly she felt a fantasy of old come over her so she told me that she bent over like that on purpose and worked her ass all the way to the door hoping that I would notice. I took her breast in my mouth as her fingertips brushed across the tip of my cock and then she whispered into my ear that she wanted my cock right now. She totally got into it and told me that her pussy was so hungry for a big cock that she could not wait. She kissed me with a new passion as she swung her long tan leg over to the other side and just like that she was on top of me locked into her fantasy. She knelt on that dental chair and I could feel her putting the head of my cock into her warm pussy and while she smiled down at me said she was going to love this as she lowered herself down until all of me was inside all of her. I was so worked up I thought for certain I would just blow but it was Kathy that began to ride me like she was slow loping on a horse and all too soon she exploded. As she bent down and kissed me she said oh my god do you believe this and it suddenly came to me that I totally could not have scripted this any better than it was happening. I shook my head no to her question and then I smiled and told her, now is it my turn?

Kathy bent down and let me take her titties in my hands while she reached around in front of her and wrapped her tiny hand around my rock hard cock. She squeezed it a bit as I worked her titties over good and got her to moan a bit of lust out at me and tell me that her husband quit touching her about a year ago and she is too afraid to find a lover what with all the drugs and god knows what out there and then she leaned down and kissed me hard and pulled back to tell me that she is looking forward to having me when she can is that alright with you? I told her yes it is just fine with me, you know I am available every six months or sooner if you need and this is a relationship built on attraction and lust is it not? She was nodding her head quickly up and down yes as she pushed herself up on her knees and then looking me in the eye she lowered herself down over my shaft impaling herself on me again. The look in her eyes as her mouth opened wide and those glossy lips puckered so tight as she said ooooooh it feels so fucking big compared to his and then just like that she settled into a rhythmic roll above me. Her titties in my hands and those nipples getting treatment in my mouth, first one then the other, Kathy was getting her fantasy fulfilled one more time before I bent her over that dental chair and took her from behind to receive my dental pleasures.

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