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"Pool House"
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I moved into an apartment last year when I divorced my husband and that's when I met my downstairs neighbors Liz and Brad. A few weeks after I moved in they moved and went to work as live-in maintenance and household help at a large estate out in the country.

I keep in contact with Liz and last summer she arranged for me to come out to the estate and help her with parties or luncheons. I drove way out there a few times and helped serve coffee and sandwiches to a bunch of old stuffy people. The first few times I went there to work I got my money and headed home when the job was over. That was before I met the owner's son and his buddy who were visiting for the summer. They were both good looking guys and invited me out to the pool house to smoke some weed when I finished work.

I had to work almost two hours more than I expected and since I did not want to ask where the pool house I wondered another 20 minutes until I found the pool house way out by a second swimming pool. We sat around for a while talking and eventually the topic turned to sex. These guys both tried to convince me talked how much ass they score while I was thinking why are they here watching TV on a Friday night?

I decided to tease them a little and said my back was sore from working and one of the guys started rubbing my back. The other guy was sitting on the floor in front of me on the couch so I just wrapped my legs around him and he pulled off my shoes and was rubbing my feet. By that time the guy rubbing my back had his hands under my shirt and was working his way around front until I pulled my shirt and sports bra off.

That's when I told them both to get totally naked and they did. One of the guys had a really big dick and I gave him some head while his friend took off the rest of my cloths. I wanted big dick boy to fuck me so I pushed him down that way and before he pushed into my pussy his buddy was already in my mouth.

I was skeptical of their stories earlier but both these guys had experience, one of them was totally shaved and the other was groomed so they have been out fucking girls. I let big dick boy fuck me for a while and then they switched and I had big dick in my mouth where he started to cum until pulling out and blasting my boobs. That must have excited his buddy who pulled out of my pussy and covered my pussy hair strip with cum. We sat there for a few minutes before I let them take some photos of my cum covered pussy and boobs, but I checked those pictures to make sure my face was not in them.

I am going to work again in a few weeks, hope those guys are around.

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