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I've been wanting to post stories for quite awhile, call this a "New Year's" resolution ;)
For starters, my ex-girlfriend Chrissy was not a stunner, but was quite attractive, wearing little to no makeup and her smile and beautiful green eyes lit up the room.
She was average build, not thin but not heavy, slightly chubby and curvy. That said, let me tell the story.
We went to a work-related party, bar people and customers, so yes, we knew how to party. As the night went on the crowd thinned out and there were about 8 of us left. We were running low on booze and cigarettes so we offered to make a run before the stores closed. It was at a customer's apt., one with an elevator that has a speaker and security camera in the lobby that is visible on the tenant's TV.
We get down to the lobby and we hear "Get a few pizzas!" Then "Show us your tits!" with laughter.
Chrissy didn't hesitate, faced the camera and lifted her top and bra flashing them. We heard a cheer and it kind of turned me on.
We get back from the store run and a few had left, it was just me, her, and three other guys. We threw the pizzas in the oven and the guy who's apt. it was at claimed it was no fair because the TV only shows black and white. She smiled and pulled her top down quickly giving them another shot.
They moaned that is was to quick and she's not a slut, but confident enough in her sexuality to not be shy about exhibitionism. The next thing I know she takes off her top and pulls her bra up over her breasts. She had a great pair of full B slightly sagging tits, beautiful full pink nipples and they stared until she pulled it back down and reached for her top. They started with the "C'mon!" and she unhooked her bra and took it off.
I was shocked, but I felt my cock getting hard as one guy sat down next to her and put his arm around her. They started kissing and she reached down to undo her pants. She stopped and looked at me and said "Fuck me..." as she undid his pants. She twisted so I could pull them off and she already had his cock in her mouth as I pulled them over her ankles.
It was surreal but such a turn on as her hot full ass stuck up and she spread her legs waiting for me to enter her as I watched her suck another guy's cock. I fucked her hard as she bobbed on his cock and came quick then sat back and watched as they all took turns on her.
If you enjoy, please let me know and I'll give you more details ;)

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