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"Do You Want To Have An Affair?"
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It was many years ago when I traveled for work. Then I was a financial consultant for a large national healthcare company and helped hospitals manage finances. We were in the process of installing a new financial package for a local hospital. Late one night working with the local accountant the conversation turned to sex (today that could be called sexual harassment).

Donna was a few years older than I was, tiny no more than 5 feet and maybe 95 lbs, a cute face, long brunette hair and as soon found out small 30A tits. She was married as was I and had two teenagers. I on the other hand was married with one kid and in my early 30’s.

As we talked that night about sex and thing we liked about it, she out right ask “Have you ever had an affair?” when I said no, she said she had not either, but then she said “Do you want to have one?” I thought about it a few seconds and said I would, do you? She said yes. So, I got up and kissed her and said let’s go to my hotel room.

Her husband worked shift work at a local factory and that night was working so we drove to my hotel and began a hot affair that lasted almost a year every time I was in town.

The first night was full out let’s fuck our brains out. She went to the bathroom and came out naked to me waiting on the bed naked with a boner that needed some work. We kissed and I sucked her tiny tits causing the nipples to stand tall, I moved my hands down to her full bush where they easily went in. My cock was so ready and she was also. My dick entered her hot wet cunt and we fucked like rabbits who needed release which came quickly for both of us.

Over the next year about once a month I was in town and our affair continued. Sometimes she would drop her husband off at work early in the morning and come to my room for a morning session, other times we would sneak away in the middle of the day for a quickie, and sometimes it was at night. Each time it was fun and pure fucking sex. She tried oral for the first time on me which I loved and she loved giving it to me.

One time when I came to town, she told me that she and her husband had gone to a porn movie and she thought to herself as she watched the movie, I have done that each time something new happened on the screen. Just not with my husband. She would buy new sexy lingerie and wear it for the first time with me and then her husband.

The final trip was sad as I knew we would end the affair that had been so much fun and such raw sex. Completely uninhibited. Over the years, I have had two other affairs, but the first was the most fun as it was completely unexpected and so raw.

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