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Unexpectedly, I then felt both of Josh’s hands cup both of my breasts. He massaged them very gently, softly pulling them upward. I felt him move onto the side of the bed; his body weight shifting to a position on my lift side, just below my stomach. I could now peer out from under the pillow and see his and my reflection in the mirror. I braced myself, suspecting what my shy quiet son was about to do. No sooner than I had the thought did I feel his tender mouth kiss one, and then the other breast. He flicked his tongue against my nipple, sending a flood of lust through my mind and body. I struggled to maintain the illusion of being asleep.

I watched from under the pillow as he looked downward, probably gaining his courage to continue, or possibly to reassure himself that I was still asleep. He was frozen for a minute, then cupped my breasts ever so softly again. I watched as he leaned his head back and took a deep breath. I could feel his hard penis as it rested on my side.

He looked as though he was lost in the moment. I could tell by the slow, slight movement of the bed that he was breathing very deeply. He moved his hands from both breasts and placed them on the bed, leaning again over me. He hesitated, but then placed his mouth fully over my left breast, gently sucking it while again flicking his tongue against my rock hard nipple.

The magnitude of this situation was beginning to hit me. I was lying face up on my bed, wearing only a night gown, with both of my tits fully exposed to my son. I had on no panties…..a situation I wondered if Josh knew or suspected. If he suspected, did he plan to take this fondling to the next level? Tits are one thing, but Josh seeing my pussy was quite another. Almost as quickly as I thought it, a more devious and shocking thought came to me. What if I allowed him to continue?

I became lost in the moment. It had been so long since I had allowed anyone to touch my breasts, let alone suckle and squeeze them. I maintained my breathing though a lot of effort. Josh didn’t seem to notice my heartbeat pounding in my chest. It felt like it was resonating throughout my entire body.

I lay there for at least three or four minutes enjoying Josh’s tender fondling, suckling and nipple flicking. My mind was cycling through thoughts of pleasure and guilt. I really should magically awaken so that he would stop, but I chose to lay motionless, opting instead to enjoy the attention my sex-deprived body was now getting.

I continued to peer out from under the pillow, being careful to only open my eyes ever so slightly. My son was ecstatic. I reasoned there was no harm in this, as he needed to learn about girls at some point. And, considering how shy he is, he might have a very long time to wait for someone to help him. At least ten reasons formed in my mind that convinced me this was okay.

I watched as he slowly moved off the bed. I could not see where he went or what he was doing. My heart pounded. Seconds passed. What would happen next? My nipples were hard and missing the attention they had just been receiving.

Finally he moved to a position where I could again see him. He was walking over to the chair where I had thrown my bra and panties. He reached down and picked up my bra, moved it to his face and took a deep breath. I am sure it smelled wonderful due to the perfume I was wearing for my night out. He stood there, totally naked, with his dick exposed for me to see.

He held the bra with both hands now and continued to inhale the scent. He glanced over toward me, lying there, breasts exposed, and face hidden. I hoped he could not see my slightly opened eyes. He turned back to the chair and gently placed my bra on the back of the chair. I found myself continuing to stare at his stiff cock. Again my mind wandered. I found myself thinking of how it would feel in my mouth, and better yet, how it would feel inside me. Oh hell….what was I thinking??? I really needed to get control of myself. I needed to find a point of ending this, and a way to end this.

But…I continued to voyeur my son. My heart beat hard and my breathing was managed only by intense will. Just as I thought I was again regaining control of my urges and thoughts, I watched as Josh reached over to the chair and grabbed my little black lace panties. Up until now, I think he thought I was wearing them. His hands were shaking. His head snapped quickly to my direction, shocked by the revelation of me being nude under the gown. A devious smile crossed his lips.

He then took both hands and held the panties in the air, looking at the sexiness of them against the light. I glanced down to see his dick throb, and a glint of light from the lamp reflecting off of his pre-cum again. He reached down with one hand and began to slowly stroke his engorged cock. He used his other hand to put my panties to his face. Again, his head leaned back and he took a very deep breath. He placed the panties on his face, with the crotch over his mouth. My mind exploded with questions while my pussy pulsed with excitement. Had he been sniffing my panties in the past, or was this the first time? Was I seeing the crotch of my panties move from the flicking of his tongue? Was it now his plan to lick me? I felt a small orgasm release at this thought. I tensed my body, holding back any movement or sound that would make Josh aware of me truly being awake.

I had always imagined that young boys beat their dicks in a flurry of speed. This was not the case with Josh. He was slow, and moved from the top of his dick to the very end, leaving only one half of the head exposed on the upstroke. He repeated this slowly as I felt wetness seep from my pussy and down the crack of my ass. I started to wonder how I could maintain breathing and voice control if I had a more intense orgasm. I was close and I knew it. Should I stop watching? I didn’t think I could. Josh walked toward me, his erect dick pointing directly toward my hidden face again.

He stopped again about a foot from my face. He wrapped my panties around his dick and began to stroke himself again. I watched in wide eyed amazement how he jacked himself only inches from my face. As I watched, I realized that I had begun to open my mouth. I held it open for a few seconds, again thinking of how his cock would feel against my lips and in my mouth…..moving back and forth and sucking on it and using my hands to pump it at the same time. I tensed again and came at the realization that I was thinking of blowing my son. The emotion was intense, necessitating that I squeeze my eyes and teeth as much as I could. Another quiver ran through my body.

I began to try to regain my sense of right and wrong. How could I be thinking such things? How could I orgasm watching Josh jacking himself off? I lay there, quietly trying to decide what to do. I slowly opened my eyes. Josh’s dick was still visible, but he had stopped masturbating. He was motionless, standing beside me, presumably inspecting my body and deciding what he would do next. . Because he had found my panties, I was sure he was thinking about my pussy. I imagined that he must be hesitating because he realized this was a big step. Seconds passed with him standing in the same spot. I was perfectly still. Josh was perfectly still. He stood over me, slowly visually inspecting every exposed inch of me. My pussy tingled as the seconds passed.

As I lay there trying to imagine what he was thinking, he moved from directly in front of me downward. He disappeared from my direct view, but I could again now see his reflection in the mirror. I guessed this was it. My mind raced with thoughts of what he was thinking and what he planned to do. I remained motionless, my legs slightly parted, my covered pussy dripping wet.

My eyes widened…was I feeling something? I wasn’t sure. Was my gown rubbing against my thighs? I began to realize I was feeling Josh slowly pull my gown upward to my stomach, exposing my pulsating pussy. I had an odd sense of pride, knowing that I was shaved with the exception of the landing strip. I wondered what he was thinking as he uncovered me.

I felt the cool air on my pussy as it became totally revealed. The reflection in the mirror didn’t allow me to see exactly what he was doing. I could tell that his body was standing at my knees and that he stood transfixed looking at my motionless exposed body. I realized that even with him at my knees, I could hear him breathing deeply and slowly.

I lay there, frozen, trying desperately to control myself….and resisting the temptation to end this voyeuristic game of his. It was then that I then felt Josh’s warm, soft hand on my thigh. I uncontrollably clenched my entire body.

“Damn, damn, damn” became my only thoughts.

Josh quickly removed his hand, then stood there motionless. I lay there frozen. Was he going to continue? Was he going to go to his room? Part of me wanted him to stop, but another part of me was more excited than I had been in years. I closed my eyes and waited. I felt like trembling, releasing the energy within me, but I maintained control.

I am unsure of the time, but at least a minute passed. It was then that I felt Josh’s hand touch my ankle. I didn’t move. I smiled from knowing that he had chosen to continue. Seconds passed and he began to move his hand up my leg, spreading his hand wide as he reached my thigh. I continued somehow to maintain control. He gently spread my legs, separating them by eight or ten inches. I felt the wetness continue to seep from my pussy and again down between my legs, moistening not only pussy, but my ass as well. I could not hold back….I orgasmed from his gentle touch and the realization of being spread open, exposing me fully for his inspection. I controlled my body from shaking, but inside I was in ecstasy.

I waited impatiently for what he would do next. My raw sexual desire had taken over and I wanted this to continue.

“Terrible mother……horrible mother,” I thought. But, a mother that was having the best orgasms I had ever had, even constrained having to remain still and quiet throughout the experience. Or, was it partially due to being constrained?

I felt him move his hand slowly from my thigh to the side of my pussy. He hesitated but a few seconds before touching the landing strip and then moving downward to my drenched, twitching pussy. He began to rub me, slowly sliding his fingers up and down. I felt him then take his other hand and separate my pussy lips, exposing my clit. I felt the cool air on it….it was all I could do to control myself and not scream out. He slowly inserted a finger into my pussy, sliding it effortlessly the full length of his finger. I felt my pussy clinch as I orgasmed again. I focused all of this one to the action of clinching his finger. Every bit of strength I had in my pussy was used, gripping his finger like a hot, wet vice. He had stopped and had frozen again. I held the grip on him for what seemed like minutes, but were probably just seconds. As I lessened the grip, he slid his finger slowly out of me.

My mind screamed out “don’t quit!!!!”…….thankfully my mind only and not my voice. He only hesitated for a few seconds before beginning to again penetrate me. I could feel my pussy tighten again and milk his finger. I felt another orgasm build within me. This time he didn’t stop. I was nearing the point of not being able to control myself. I had to make a decision. Either I continue with this, soon losing control and exposing that I had been pretending to be unconscious, or I determine a way to stop it now.

Josh’s finger continued sliding in and out of me. The feeling was incredible, but I was regaining a bit of control. As I started to calm down, I decided I had to end this.

As I lay there, my son’s finger fucking me and my brain screaming out to me, I glanced in the mirror to see that Josh had moved his second hand from my pussy lips and was jacking himself toward my stomach and tits. I watched in incestual delight as he stroked faster and faster. He tensed his body and sank his finger deep into me and stopped, his hand pressing hard against my pussy. I watched as he arched his back and spewed sperm onto my breasts, my stomach and the top of my pussy. I came again as I felt the hot goo land on my body. My pussy was wetter than I could ever remember.

Josh stood motionless, his finger deep within me. His breathing was labored and deep. My mouth was dry and every part of me wanted to shake from excitement. Seconds passed…he slowly pulled his finger out of me, and walked shakily to the bathroom. I lay there, my head reeling from the experience. He returned with a towel and slowly wiped his sperm from my body, taking great care to not leave any. I could feel his hands shake as he touched me.

He pulled my gown down and then pulled the straps back onto my shoulders. He covered me and walked toward the door. As he left the room, there was a pause……but then he closed the door, ending the most intense sexual experience I had ever had.

I was exhausted. I fell asleep thinking of what just happened. My quiet, shy son had quite a learning experience. He had stripped me, exposed me, groped me, suckled my breasts, finger fucked me and jacked off onto me. I wondered what Jessica would say if I told her about this. Would she understand, or look at me as a monster?
I thought about these experiences all week. Josh had turned out to be a masterful liar. From the morning after his little adventure to Thursday he had managed to not say a word or give away that anything had happened. He appeared as normal as he had been Saturday night.
Time passed slowly. Finally, It was Thursday and I was still trying to decide if I would tell Jessica about it or not. I wasn’t sure how she would react, and what the fall out might be.

My indecision was overridden though when late Thursday night I overheard Josh relaying the events of that night to TJ. I guess he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. I always tried to give Josh his privacy, but in this case, I stood quietly in the hallway outside his room and listened to every word. My heart began to race as Josh told TJ the events of the night. The tone of his voice was a combination of elation and excitement. Detail after detail Josh described to TJ. I swallowed hard and my body began to tense. I listened intently as he described my pussy, my breasts and the excitement he felt as he saw me naked and when he touched me.

From listening to this one sided conversation, I realized that apparently it was the best night of Josh’s life (his words), and that TJ would do anything if he was included the next time I came home drunk. To my surprise, Josh agreed to this idea. I stood in shock as my son agreed to share me with his friend.

My mind was somewhere between excited and shocked. As the conversation continued, TJ and Josh determined that it would only be fair if Jessica was shared with Josh. Questions raced through my mind. Should I tell Jessica about Saturday night? Should I tell her about Josh and TJ’s fantasies involving her? Would I lose my best friend?

Finally, I decided that I should tell Jessica about everything.

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