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There is a TV programme in the UK called Naked Attraction. It is shown on Channel 4, repeated on E4 and can be found on You Tube. The format of the show is as follows. Six men or women are naked behind screens, and the contestant has to select one of these people to go on a date with. The screens lift to reveal the genitals first, and purely from seeing either cock or pussy, one person is eliminated. The screen then rises again revealing the chest / breast area. Again another is eliminated. The screen again rises for face shots and so on. Eventually the contestant is left with two people to choose from, and he/she has to then get naked and show what is on offer. The contestant then chooses one for a date.
I regularly visit a client who is in her late sixties, and has a great looking figure. We often lightly flirt over coffee, and on my last visit, she explained that she had come home and found her husband, who is in his seventies, watching the programme. She had gone into the lounge, and noticed him shuffling rather uneasily and adjusting his trousers. Watching the naked ladies on the screen, my client thought her figure would compare, so left the room and went to her bedroom. I think they sleep in separate rooms, as she said she stripped off and admired her body in the full length mirror.
I was getting aroused listening to her story, and blurted out that I thought her figure was great and I'm sure she would win if she entered.
She thanked me for the comment and asked if I had seen the show. I said I had and thought I stood up pretty well to the guys. She said I bet I did and smiled.
I asked if she fancied playing the game and she laughed. I thought I had gone too far, and as I had finished my coffee, I got up to leave. As I don't wear underwear, my erection was visible through my trousers, and she looked down, smiled, and said she would like to play if I went first. I agreed, and suggested she went into the lounge, while I stripped. However, she said she wanted to undress me, so began unbuttoning my shirt. Once that was off, next came the shoes and socks, and her hand then reached for my trouser zip. There was a damp patch on my trousers from my precum, and she was flattered that she turned me on so much. She eased my zip down, slipped off my trousers, and took hold of my erect cock and cupped my balls. She gently stroked me, and then asked me to turn around so she could see my backside. Then I turned back, and she once again took my cock in her hands, wiping my precum from the tip with her fingers.
Much as I wanted her to continue stroking and playing with me, I was desperate to see her naked, so I pulled away and said it was her turn. She seemed a little embarrassed now, so I said if she wanted to strip in a different room, I was ok with that.
She explained that she hadn't been naked in front of anyone for sometime, and was a bit scared. I suggested that perhaps it was best if I got dressed and we had another coffee.
The room had one of those deathly silences, but she suddenly lifted her top, and slipped her skirt off. She was standing there in beautiful underwear, and she noticed my cock jerk as I looked at her. She asked me to help with her bra and panties and she was soon naked. Her breasts were pert with gorgeous nipples, and her pussy was neatly trimmed. I was stunned at how fabulous she looked and complimented her on such a great body. She moved one of my hands to her breast, and the other between her legs and shut her eyes. I gently played with her nipples while slipping a finger inside her really moist pussy. I could hear her moan, and she took my cock again and began to masturbate me. I knelt between her legs and started to lick her, and she tasted wonderful. She came in no time at all, and sat back down at the table. My cock was now at her mouth level, and she took me deep until I came. Her body shuddered as I shot my load and she came again. We sat quiet for a minute, savouring our moment of passion, before getting dressed.
She told me she hadn't had any kind of physical contact for a while, and having been married for over forty years, didn't really miss it too much. She owned some toys, which she used quite often, but said that what we had done today was beautiful and sensual. She said she would have liked to have made love, but that would have been a betrayal to her husband and to my lady.
I cant wait for my next visit, but maybe this will have been a one off.

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