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"My Naughty Wife's Massage"
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My Naughty wife’s Massage story (True)

After much persuasion from my husband, I had been for a “sensual massage” session with a man. It was supposed to be a tutorial session. ;-) Although I never had his cock in my pussy, we had done a lot of other sexual acts. I had used my well-oiled hands to rub him all over (paying special attention to his cock and balls and between his butt cheeks). I had sat on his butt with all my clothes off so I could rub my breasts all over his butt and back and rub my pussy on his butt. I had sucked and licked his cock and balls. I had lay, on top of him and rubbed my pussy up and down on his hard cock. He had caressed and licked my nipples and licked and finger fucked my pussy. And then I rubbed his cock with my pussy until he shot his wad all over our stomachs.

When my husband picked me up, I was wearing nothing but a sun dress and some sandals. We went to a local grocery store to pick up something. I had never walked into a public place like that feeling almost naked. It made me feel kind of naughty, which was a turn on. We got what we needed and went home.

We filled our soaker tub and both got in. After our soak, my husband wanted to know the details of my session so I told him as we lay in bed together. Hearing about it, seemed to turn him on and talking about it turned me on. Before the night was over, I had sucked his cock and balls, and he had licked and sucked my nipples and pussy. I rode his cock until I had an orgasm. Then I’m not sure if he came in my pussy or my mouth. But it was definitely the most sexually adventurous and naughty day of my life.

I’m a very lucky husband to have such a sexy wife…

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