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Her Hotel Sexcapades With 8 we go. Hopefully, you have been waiting for this one, the "cherry" on top of the ice cream, so to speak. By far, it is the most erotic of the stories in this "series" that I have shared with you and YES, it is 100% true. I'll tell you ahead of time - it is LONG. But, hey, playing with 8 guys is a lengthy "engagement", right? ;)

Now, just a reminder, I may not get every detail right because I was not there. This comes from what she has told me about this encounter but, again, it IS true! I hope you have enjoyed the stories before this one and that they have allowed you to get a "peek" into how sexy and sexual my wife really was (and is)!

If you haven't already read the stories you might want to do that now so that you can see how my wife would "get herself into" these situations - willingly. You can read how she would purposely "present" herself in a way that would pretty much guarantee attention and flirting if there was any to be had. And, in this particular situation, she said about 4 guys got on the elevator with her and, as in the other situations, began to look her over from head to toe but, as expected, began to focus their attention on her unbuttoned and opened shirt.

She said that there was not anyone else on the elevator except her and these 4 guys and the "bold flirting" came from them pretty quickly which didn't faze her a bit. She was flirting right back and it wasn't long at all before they invited her to their room telling her that they had some more of their buddies with them and that they were part of a construction crew staying at the hotel. When she asked them what floor they were on, they were on the same floor that she was on and she told them that she MIGHT drop by later. Of course, when she said that she gave them a smile that just about made them drop to their knees. (SHE knew she would be going down for a visit but she wanted to leave them hoping and wondering).

After about an hour or so (she had some paperwork that had to finish up for her work first) she decided it was time to see how much fun she could get out of this situation and, she told me, that as she got into her "sexy outfit" (those yoga shorts and that tight, low-cut shirt) she was already wet. She didn't worry about the ice bucket or even about using the "where is the ice machine" excuse for this one. They had invited her, she knew there were several in the room and she knew they would be "happy" to see her.

They were about 6 rooms down the hallway from her and, as soon as she stepped out into the hallway she saw one of the guys standing in the doorway looking down the hall toward her room. Once he saw her start walking her way she said he disappeared for a moment but that she could hear him announce to the others, "Hey, here she comes!" and then he (along with a couple of more heads) was back in the doorway. She smiled and gave a little way and she said it was kind of funny that she saw SEVERAL hands return the wave. From the best as she could tell, there were 3 guys in the doorway but, from the elevator earlier, she knew that there were at LEAST 4 guys and, from what they had said, even more. Just the thought of that made her nipples really stand out even more than usual (look at her pics and you can see how prominent they are even "at ease"). So, yeah, by the time she got to their room, her pussy was wet and her nipples were about to rip through the fabric of her shirt. (Do you think they were happy to see her?)

When she got to their door, they were all wide-eyed and one of them said, "So, are you coming to see US?" and she said, "Well, of course I am!" and she proceeded to slide in between them to enter the room, making sure to rub - front and back - against them as she did so. On this one, she did not have to ask anyone to shut the soon as she walked in, one of the guys closed the door behind her and, to her surprise, as she got into the room she saw that there was an adjoining room, with the door open and, as she began to count, there ended up being 8 guys in the room, all excited that she was there. The music was already going pretty loudly and it looked as if everyone was already well on their way to a good time.

With this group there was no asking or waiting for permission to start touching. The way they looked at it, they invited her, she showed up dressed "ready for action" so it was a "green light" as far as they were concerned. Of course, even though she hadn't actually said it, that's exactly how my wife was approaching this situation. She said that, as they all filed in, they began to form a circle around her and, as more of them crowded around, it moved those closest to her even closer...basically pressed up against her from all sides. She said she immediately began to feel hands all over her ass, her back and, yes, on her tits - through her shirt at this point but she said that lasted for about 30 seconds max because of the way the shirt was made. As low as she had it pulled down it didn't take much at all for her tits to pop out of the shirt and the feeding frenzy began with hands all over her tits. Once her tits came out of her shirt, it was like a switch was flipped and someone began to pull up on her shirt from the back to try to get it off and, without hesitation, she raised her arms up, giving them the signal that she was ready for it to come off!

She said that, at the same time that her shirt was being peeled off of her that, from the front AND the back, hands began to pull down on her shorts and, even before they got pulled down, hands started going inside to touch and play with her ass and pussy (again, no panties) and that it was just a matter of seconds before her shorts were pulled down below her ass and pussy. She did have to say to the mob......"Hey guys....whoa...hold on a moment here...I need y'all to back up some". She said there was one guy that seemed to be more "in charge" of the group (she didn't know if he was a foreman or what) that spoke up for her and told them all to give her some room.

They did and she told them to just find a seat somewhere so that she could wiggle out of her shorts the rest of the way. Well, that got their attention and they all sat on the beds, chairs or whatever they could find. As was already explained in an earlier story, in situations like these, the guys always have their shirts off and are either in shorts or their underwear and this was no different. As a matter of fact, as she looked around the room she said (with a twinkle in her eye and a sly grin on her face), "Looks like I'm way ahead of being naked here so you guys need to strip down!"

You would have thought she fired the gun for the start of a race as they all excitedly got up and began to get naked. Of course they were all wanting her to see their cocks as they popped out and they were ALL hard and at attention. She DID make comments to all of them as she looked around and complimented their cocks. Naturally, most of them didn't sit back down after they got completely naked and she began to go around to each one to "examine" their cock a little closer. They all began to rub on their cocks as she would walk up to one and say something like, "Well now...what do we have here?" as she would reach out and begin to touch his cock and get really close to them. As she touched his cock, he immediately leaned over and began to suck and kiss her tits which caused her to automatically lay her head back as he did so. Another of the guys could not resist watching her from the backside and seeing her incredible ass and he came up behind her and positioned his self to where her head could lay back on his shoulder and his cock naturally started rubbing against her ass. The first guy was still sucking on her tits and she was now stroking his cock. She then took her other hand and brought it back around behind her and got the other guys cock in her hand and began to stroke on it. She LOVES having 2 cocks in her hands.

If you've read before, you already know that it's almost automatic for her to then drop to her knees and start licking and sucking on BOTH cocks...taking them alternately, one at a time and, within a matter of moments, she was deep throating them both while massaging their balls. At one point she was stroking both of them and then, looking around the room seeing all of the other guys stroking their cocks she said, "I need more!" and about 3 of them crowded in around her to where she was now in the center and was surrounded by cock. She took turns rotating around and sucking and deep throating the cocks before her. As she moved on to a new cock those that she had just sucked kept stroking to the point that, before she could get back around to them, some told her that they were about to blow their load. She quickly said, "Just a second...lemme' turn around" and she would turn around and open her mouth for them to aim at her mouth. Of course, they would squirt all over her face and tits and, before this little session was over she had either jacked off (or had them jack off as just described) 5 of the 8 guys that were in this "circle" and she was covered in cum. She would take cum with her finger into her mouth and look at them and say, "Mmmmmm....tastes so good!" As much as she licked the cum like that there was still much more left and she told them that she was going to go clean up a little and that she'd be right back.

As she excused herself into the bathroom (leaving the door open), she could hear them talking about how hot she was and she heard one say, "I can't wait to fuck that pussy!" and then several of them agree. She smiled to herself and she prepared to go back into the room. Now, the guys all had already been drinking beer when she got there and they still were when she came out of the bathroom. Some of them had cigs that they were smoking and my wife knows that there is just something sexy that guys when a woman wants to share their beer and cigs. So, as she came out, she looked around the room and said, "Damn, now I could use a drink" and she looked at one of the guys that she hadn't sucked yet and said, "Mind if I sit in your lap and have some of your beer?" (What do YOU think he said??)

With this guy, she straddled one of his legs facing him (with her tits close to his face), took the beer out of his hand and took a nice swig and then said, "Ahhh, that was good". She reached down and started to rub on his cock as she stuck her chest out a little to give the guy a little hint and he began to devour her tits. After a few moments of this, she took his beer again, stood up, turned around and began to wiggle her ass against his cock until, yes, it began to slide down on his throbbing cock. She began to look hungrily around the room and found another that she had not sucked yet and wiggled her finger signaling to him to come over. He stood right in front of her, she handed the beer back to the guy that was fucking her and she swallowed the cock in front of her. She didn't want to have to clean up so much so she got this guy to come pretty quickly and she swallowed just about every drop but, purposely left just enough so that it would dribble out of the corner of her mouth and run down her chin. Then, looking up at him with that sly grin on her face, she wiped it off with her finger and then licked it off. And, yes, the movement and excitement of her sucking the one guy and him cumming led the guy that was fucking her to fill her pussy with his hot cum. FULL. As she stood up, his cock popped out and, with it, his cum began to flow down her leg. He grabbed a t-shirt that was laying on the floor next to him and helped wipe her up a little and then she fixated on the one remaining guy that she had not interacted with yet. It was "the foreman" (that's what we'll call him for the rest of the story). He was sitting on the edge of one of the beds, cock sticking straight up, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer with his eyes glued to her naked body.

She went over to him, standing between his legs, her tits right in his face. She looked down at him and asked if she could have a drag and he said, "Sure" and let her take the cigarette from him and put it in her mouth. (My wife doesn't smoke but can handle this type of situation...she knows how to smoke but does not do it in her "daily life"). He began to take her tits into his mouth and ran one hand around to her ass and began to squeeze. With her other hand she took the beer out of his hand which freed it up to also reach around back and grab her other ass cheek. As he sucked her tits and squeezed her ass, she continued to drink his beer and smoke his cigarette. He began to spread her cheeks and toy her ass hole with one of his fingers. She softly said, "Oh shit...that feels gooood!" and he began to slide his finger inside her ass hole. She finished off his beer, gave the can and his cigarette to a guy that was sitting on the bed next to them, looked down at "the foreman" and said, "Now it's YOUR turn" and slightly pushed back on his shoulders so that he would lay back on the bed.

She immediately climbed on top of him and began to lower her pussy down on his awaiting cock and he began to thrust his cock in as far as it would go. She leaned over so that he would continue to suck her tits...she was lost in the moment. She began to feel hands on her ass and she looked back over her shoulder to see a guy bury his face into her ass and begin to lick her ass hole. She went back to facing "the foreman" and said to him, "Kiss me" and they began to kiss passionately as the other guy continued to eat out her ass hole. As they continued to make out she began to feel the guys cock against her ass and she broke the kiss long enough to look back and say, "YES, FUCK ME!" and the guy worked his cock into her ass at the same time that she was getting fucked in the pussy by "the foreman".

Camera phones started coming out and guys started taking pictures and even some video. My wife was so turned on that she didn't care and would even look right into some of the camera phones and smile. (That's why I said before that if this begins to ring a bell for you, I'd love to see some of the pictures!). She started putting on a show for the cameras and her extra "wiggling" along with being double-penetrated caused both guys to cum at the same time and her own orgasm had all the other guys getting turned on and ready for another round.

Since she was going to have cum coming out of both holes she asked if someone would get her a towel and one guy eagerly jumped up and provided a towel for her. And, for sure, once the two guys "unplugged" their cum gushed out from her ass and her pussy. Even after wiping up with the towel a little she made another trip to the bathroom to freshen up a little more.

When she came back out of the bathroom this time, most of the guys had their cocks back at full attention and a couple of the guys had lit up a joint, which got my wife's attention. She began to dance and tease as she would go to one guy and drink some of his beer, make out with him some, kiss and rub on his cock and then she would go on to another guy and do the same. When she got to one of the guys that was smoking a joint, she sat on his lap with her legs draped over his and asked if she could have a drag. He obviously complied and she took a good hit and took it all in. After a few hits, she ended up sliding down between his legs and started sucking his cock but not to completion. She moved on around the room from guy to guy doing the same type thing and, yes, shared the joint with the other guy that had lit one up. By this point, the beer combined with the joints had begun to really get her into that "feel good and don't care" zone that I talked about in the last story.

One of the guys had stretched out on the bed and was stroking his cock so she climbed on the bed, ass in the air and began to lick and suck. She looked over her shoulder behind her and saw that 2 or 3 of the guys had their camera phones out again and was filming her ass with her pussy clearly visible to their cameras. She smiled and said, "Make sure you get a close up of this" and then she proceeded to climb on top of the guy and slide her pussy down onto his cock. She then leaned over so the guy could suck on her tits with her knowing that this would also give a prime viewing to the guys with the camera phones. Of course, she made extra effort to make sure they got a good shot of her pussy sliding up and down that cock. After doing that for a few minutes, she got back off and re positioned herself to suck his cock, again made sure the guys had a good view and began to finger her soaking wet pussy while the guys took video or still shots. She then began to tap her ass with her hand as an invitation and looked back with that smile on her face. "Well," she said, "who's next?"

Almost immediately one of the guys shoved his cock into her "already-stretched" pussy and began to thrust away as she continued to suck cock. The guys were all starting to get a little wasted and, as she continued to suck the one guys cock, another guy that was "on standby" got impatient with the guy that was currently fucking her and told the guy to move and that it was his turn. And, sure enough, the one guy pulled out and the other guy picked up where he left off and, within a minute or two was filling her pussy with more cum. As she was starting to bring the guy whose cock she was sucking to completion, the guy pulled his cock out, his cum dripping out of her pussy and the guy that was fucking her before jumped back in, sloppy and all. She felt the guys cock that she was sucking begin to twitch and then she began to enjoy a mouth full of his cum as she swallowed and milked every drop. She looked up at the guy with a look of satisfaction on her face and he pulled her up to him so that he could kiss her...with his cum freshly on her lips and, though swallowed, in her mouth. Doing so caused the other guy to have to pull out (again) and he said, "Shit! I need to finish this fuck!" My wife held up one finger while she continued to kiss the one guy, indicating "just a minute".

When they finished the deep kiss, she basically just rolled over to her back, pussy fully exposed and, yes, the cum continuing to ooze out of her swollen pussy. She looked at the guy with that look on her face and said, "Well, go ahead and finish" and he got on the bed and slid that cock right back into her pussy and began to fuck as hard as he could so that he could be sure that he would finish the job this time.

Now, honestly, at this time, my wife says she has no idea how many beers or parts of beers she had had and how much weed she had smoked but she said that she, too, was pretty wasted at this point. She told me that she really doesn't remember much after that except that she knows that, pretty much, one guy after another came to her on the bed and fucked her some more. She said she doesn't know for sure how many times each guy fucked her or came in her mouth or on her, but she said that she DOES know for sure that each guy came at least twice and that most of the guys fucked her at least twice.

She remembers that "the foreman" did finally pull her up off the bed and told her that she needed to clean up and get dressed and that he would walk her back to her room. She remembers stopping on the way to the bathroom and getting felt up by several of the guys on her way as well as her deeply kissing them. She did get cleaned up and she did eventually find her shorts and shirt and her sandals and "the foreman" said it was time to take her back to her room. All of the guys were patting her ass and telling her what a great time they had and what a great fuck she was which, of course, she loved hearing.

"The foreman" walked her back down to her room, helped her get the door open and helped her inside her room. She told me that she does remember that she began to kiss on him and that they started making out and she knows that they did end up fucking on her bed before he headed back to the room with the rest of the guys.

She said that she did see a few of them in the morning but that she honestly could not remember what she did with who but that her pussy was very sore as a reminder of one wild night of hotel sexcapades!

Again, I know this was very long. But, I hope you enjoyed hearing this true story and that, when you combine them all together that it brings a big vote from you. PLEASE also take the time to leave a brief message...she loves to hear what you thought of her activities.

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