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I’d really like to write about something here at Watchersweb that I’ve never told anyone about before. For the past year or so I’ve been working secretly for an escort agency. A friend in Raleigh, NC, yes you Pony :-) has encouraged me to be brave and tell about it but I’d better not use my real name because not even my long time boyfriend knows. So I’ve called myself by the name the agency and clients use for me, ‘Deanna’. The thing is, although I have a normal full time job which I enjoy, I simply do escort work because I enjoy it, I’d stop if I didn’t but I do.

A client has to pay the agency as much as £150 for an hour with me, although actually I don’t really do it just for the money (although the money’s nice!) I do it because it’s a huge thrill, I love sex and I love going to a hotel knowing I’m going to be paid to have sex. Some weeks go by when I don’t see anyone but then I can see 3, 4 or 5 men in a single week, occasionally I’ve gone straight from one man to another. I see clients directly after work before going home and even sometimes at lunchtime I’ve gone to see a client for sex in a hotel before going back to work without anyone knowing. It was so easy really.

Just a little about me, I live and work in the UK, I live with my boyfriend, my real job is reasonably well paid, I enjoy it and the people are super, but despite all that I enjoy being an escort. Becoming one was very easy to arrange, I looked online, went for a short interview, some sexy but fairly innocent photos were taken to show to their clients and that was all really. The next thing I knew I got a call about a week later saying where to go, who to meet, and I spent an hour with a total stranger in a 5 star hotel, both of us naked almost the whole time! Naturally the first time I was a little hesitant and I didn’t know quite what to expect but it went much better than I ever could have imagined, I did everything he wanted, oral, masturbated him with my boobs, he fucked me, I was paid and I left ...... it was so simple and I knew I wanted to do it again.

I’ve worked for perhaps a year now and seen many many men, I don’t even know exactly how many. Mostly I visit businessmen in hotels, and although you hear so many horrid stories it’s perhaps because I’m working at the higher end of the market that nothing bad has ever happened to me thankfully. I do oral, regular, massage, masturbation, sometimes I use toys while they watch, I let them cum on me if that’s what they ask for. Most often they want to do it on my face (watching too many porn films in hotel room perhaps, lol) but I actually enjoy that, more than they probably realise. If the person is clean and well groomed, and only if I feel a connection to them, I’ve taken extra payment for anal sex too. I’ve visited two men at once, a married couple in their home, as a sort of birthday present from the husband to his wife and he filmed the two of us together. I have another client who amazingly has a sort of secret ‘dungeon’ in his home, .... where I should explain I was paid to tie HIM up, not the other way round. I found out I was hopeless with a whip lol but I tried my best and it was certainly quite an experience! It’s all been amazing, I would never have thought it could all be arranged so easily. And the money, WOW, I can earn as much in one hour as I can in a full day at my real job, much more sometimes if the client is paying for ‘extras’.

Unfortunately I was once hired by a man who recognised me from work – it’s a long story but thankfully he promised not to say anything. He was actually one of my bosses but from a different office. THAT was embarrassing; especially because he made me stay in the hotel with him for the hour he’d paid for and in truth it was the one time I really didn’t want to. But I wasn’t able to say no, I did what I was paid to do and left as soon as the hour was over, I remember I was in such a rush to leave the hotel I still had his cum in my hair and on my cheek. Thankfully no-one noticed me.

But that was really the only bad experience, I’ve enjoyed almost all my other clients and I always try my best to make them enjoy the time they’ve paid for. I like to think I’m good at pleasing them now and always try to get better each time.

Sorry to go on a little long now but thank you for reading :-)

I'd better not say now how I first got into this type of work because in truth it’s an amazing story but if anyone would like me to try to explain I’ll do it next time. Please feel free to ask. Actually it started in the most amazing way I can hardly believe it myself now! I’ll stop now but thank you again everyone who’s been so kind as to read this little thing. I’ve put my name here as ‘Deanna’, which as I said, isn’t my real name.


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