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Well, I am David at the time of this story I was almost 20 years old and had just returned from Malaya with my Battalion in 1970.

My mum had two friends May and Lucy, I had known them all my life from being a baby, from about 10, I would join in with them to play cards bets were small change. This was a Wednesday night get together and we all dressed for the evening, nothing over the top I would wear shirt and tie and the ladies dresses. Time goes on I joined the Army, and mum and her friends continued their weekly card evening.

After the long flight we returned to our UK base we had some admin to sort out then on leave for 6 weeks. We got the train to London then from King Cross to home in Yorkshire. I knew I had the house on my own and arrived on the Tuesday Afternoon it was so good to be home and be able to get a night's sleep in my own bad. I was just getting out of bed the next morning when i knock came to the door, looking out of my bedroom window I saw my mum's friends, give me a minute and I will be down. Being half asleep still I went down with just my bathrobe on forgetting I had an hard on.

I opened the door invited them in and asked if they would like a cup of tea, May said David maybe you need to put something on 'what' your cock is sticking out. Oh sorry the laughed and said do not worry it is not an issue.

May had brown hair and eyes, eyes that look like deep polls she was a 34d cup, Lucy was a red head and a 32d more or less the same height 5foot 2inches and in their late 40s, I had fantasised over these women for years many a time I would wank fantasising I was fucking them.

We want to know if you want to play cards tonight or is it off with your Mum being away, well I have no plans to go out as i want to chill for a few days so yes we can have a few hands. Lucy said tonight it is her turn to host the games, no problem I am happy with that. I asked 7 as usual yes that's right.

I said I would buy a bottle of wine or two, May said shall we make tonight more interesting, how I asked well instead of playing for coppers, let's play for items of cloths, Lucy said yes that would be fun, I thought a dream come true, well David are you up for it or not, yes I am game of course I bloody was.

I arrived at Lucy's place about 10 minutes early, we had a chat, I was eyeing up the ladies whilst Lucy poured the wine. We decided the game tonight would be solo one of our favourite games.
I noticed they were wearing stockings, I said can we play a little different, what do you mean well are you wearing stockings and suspenders yes they said, well can you not take them off but you will be credited with three items, if that is what you would like yes we can do that.

We were under way and I was not doing that well due to the three credits the girls had taken nothing off, I only had my trousers and pants left before I was naked, Lucy lost the next hand and off came her dress, oh my wonderful as she stood in her white lace undies I could see a little red pubic hair and her nipples through her bra. I lost the next hand and I wanted to make sure are we playing until I am naked first or until we are all naked, May said until we are all naked would be fun what do you think Lucy, she smiled saying she was not that far off so she was fine with it.
I removed my trousers they could see I had an hard on, looking at me they smiled, May lost the next hand and removed her dress, I was amazed to see she was wearing the same undies as Lucy it was easy to see Mays pubic hair through her lace pants. Lucy lost the next hand off came her bra, firm tits with erect nipples, do you like what you see David she asked oh yes very much so, this made her smile.
I lost the next hand, I played I did not want to take off my shorts after a few come on you have lost get them off, okay okay.
Down came my shorts exposing my hard on, how big do you think it is May said to Lucy at least 7 inch, nice and thick, very nice.
Well I have nothing to take off now so I am just playing until the girls are naked or so I thought. I lost the next hand and Lucy was the winner, I asked so what now I am naked yes but there is a forfeit and Lucy said I get to feel you cock for one minute. Wow this is fun, Lucy said he is leaking had a close look at the pre cum, you are a naughty boy, what did they expect I have two half naked women in front of me and one is almost giving me a wank. May lost the next few hands and was naked all bar the items of clothing we agreed they did not remove, seeing her pussy lips was fantastic, I won the next hand and May lost, she asked what is my forfeit, I never expected her to say yes to this one, I get to rub the end of my cock on your pussy lips, Lucy looked laughing and said she had made the rules, may lay bent over the table with her ass in the air and I started my minute of wanking her with my cock, very difficult not to push in her but the night was young and if I played my cards right i would fuck Lucy and May. Lucy lost her next hand and off came her pants, I had never seen a red head naked and her pussy hair was amazing it was almost invisible as I could see her pussy lips.

Lucy lost the next hand and I won, this was getting to good to be true she lay on the floor with her legs open as I insisted I get two minutes this time and it should double each time, as I wanked Lucy's pussy, I thought I would try and see what she would do if I pushed it into her a little, I pushed the head of my cock in her, May was nodding her approval as I looked to Lucy she smiled and her left leg came behind me and forced my cock in her, come on soldier give this old bird a dam good fucking and I did just that , May was playing with my balls and said come on David fill her up she is loving it, she said oh my god I am cumming as she screamed out I shoot my load pushing my cock as deep as I could in her I wanted my spunk as deep as I could get in her as my cock dropped out of Lucy's pussy May sucked my cock clean of cum.
May said if we have a drink and a break can you go again as I want fucking, oh yes I can go again in a few minutes.

This was the start of a new era of cards games, my wildest fantasies come true.

I was amazed when they confessed mum knew about this and mum and my dad had also played this kind of game often with additional male friends, mum and dad were swingers.

When mum and dad returned, mum asked if I had enjoyed playing card with May and Lucy.

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