Kenworth - USA
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"Some Fun On The Road"
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Long haul trucker here with my contribution to the website.

My current wife and I actually met when we were married to different people as swinger's.

Now my last wife (#2) was also married when we met and she had three grown daughters all of which were down right hot. During the years I was married to her it was a privilege to see those girls running around the house and pool. I did think they knew we were swingers but it does not matter.

About the time those girls headed to college myself and wife #2 were not getting along and we both found someone else. I continue to keep in touch with everyone and when one of the girls from my previous marriage needed help moving into a new town with her boyfriend I came over with the truck.

I had not seen her in a couple years and she was looking good in some short shorts and a t-shirt I could see right down into. After the last truckload the three of us sat around and eventually she asked about our swinging when I was married to her mom. I explained that we were part of the swingers lifestyle but never swapped or did anything like that. We went to the swingers party or club to let people watch us have sex, that was our little vice.

She said that's what she had heard from someone else and that she and her boyfriend are interested in trying that but were not sure where to start. I asked them if they had ever done anything with an audience and they said not really.

I told them look, if you can practice putting on a show for a few people then you can certainly do it for a group of people at a club. They agreed so I told them I would call a few friends over and we can get this done. I called three friends who used to frequent the swing clubs and we drove back to my house where my current wife is so that made a total of 5 people.

That girl was naked in no time walking around the living room and spreading her legs for us. She's about 5'4 and 105 pounds with perfectly symmetric round tits, a shaved snatch and long brown hair. Her boyfriend was a short guy but pulled out about an 8 inch pecker that went in her mouth so fast I asked him to pull it out so I can get a video of it going in.

They fucked for us right there in the living room in the middle of the day. We made some suggestions on how to position themselves so everyone could see and my wife reached over a couple times and pulled that cock out just to watch it spread those pussy lips as it went back in. We told them people want to see that cum so he unloaded on her tits which she rubbed all over.

They put on a great show and will be a welcome addition to the swingers community in the town they moved to.

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