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Continuing stories of Alicia and my sexual journey together. Start from my previous stories The Start, The Begining the Next Step and Alicia &I #3.

We departed Italy after my graduation. We were sad to leave many good friends but excited about the next chapter in our lives. Alicia and I would especially miss Gianna as she was more than a friend she was a lover to both of us. We new we would see her again but saying goodbye was still very hard. Alicia was not as saddened about ending her relationships with our landlord but I could tell she did have some feelings toward him. But he was a man whore and I was pretty confident he would be fine.

I was offered a job on the east coast which put us both a few hours from our respective home towns. My actual date I started work was about a month after we returned back to the states. So we visited my family first and we scheduled our visit to Alicia's home town to coincide with her highshcool reunion.

My dad is a building contractor and he put me to work while I was home. No freeloading with him. My mom is the house czar and appriciated the old world Italian recipes we brought back. I never new how different American Italian cooking was from real Italian cooking. Alicia spent most of her time with my sisters shopping and hanging out. We weren't able to have sex much over the two weeks at home which was frustrating for both of us. But even more so considering our lifestyle while in Italy.

We had not been home in the two years and had to answer a thousand questions. One time Alicia made me almost choke on my drink. When my mother asked how we liked our apartment living. Alicia answered with the apartment was very small and our landlord was very grumpy and had a big.......nose. The pause Caught me off guard and I panicked and choked my mom rushed to my aide while Alicia laughed hysterically.

We had a great time and my dad paid well for the work I did. We left to visit Alicia's family. Where my family is pretty conservative and business like. Alicia's is more about work hard play hard. Where I am the only boy with three sisters Alicia is the only girl with two older brothers. I wasn't even aloud to carry our suitcases in the house before her brothers dragged me to play basketball at a court down the street. The three of us would win a few bucks in pick up games every time I visited.

All of her family and extended family were in town to welcome her home. There was a BBQ picnic....and going out at night with family and friends. Again however we were still sexually stifled. I often found myself thinking about Italy. Alicia fucking the landlord our times with Gianna. I was horny all the time. I started thinking about if or when Alicia and I would get adventurous again. What I realized most was I wanted to watch Alicia have sex more than anything else.

We attended her HS reunion icebreaker and there was a good turn out. Alicia was popular at her school as it seemed liked everyone gravitated towards her. There were the occasional suprises like so many of these gatherings have. She pointed out the homecoming queen who now was the mother of three and very robust. Or the star quarterback who was now the local grocery store manager. She finally found who she was looking for. Tonya her best friend since elementary school.

Tonya is Blasian (black/Asian) about 5'5" and built like a brick house. About Alicia's build but more compact. Her Asian heritage made her look even more exotic. They freaked out when they saw each other leaving her husband and I looking around trying to act like we didn't know them. Ray her husband was a mountain of a man. He played a short stint in the NFL before a career ending neck injury put him out.

Ray was actually an inch shorter than I at 6'3" but twice as wide at the shoulders and sported a large but firm looking gut. We shook hands and even though I have large hands his felt like ham hocks. The girls mingled all night so Ray and I got to know each other better. Ray finished his degree and was now HS counselor and football coach here in town. Tonya owns her own hair salon. Alicia made plans to hang out with Tonya the next day so I invited Ray to join us guys at the basketball court.

For a big man Ray could play some basketball. He and I and my brother in laws went for some cold ones after we played. My brother inlaws boasted about how Ray was a one man wrecking crew at a rivalr HS. They also joked about how you didn't date girls after Ray because he wrecked them. I was was in tears laughing hysterically it at the same time I thought about him fucking Alicia. But I had know idea how to pursue the idea.

We met Ray and Tonya at the formal dance night of the reunion. Ray and I cleaned up well but our wives were stunning. Large breast tiny waist and wide thick asses both packed into mid length dresses with plenty of cleavage. We danced we drank. We would dance with each other's wives. It was a great time and flew by. After the event Tonya asked us over to their house and we accepted.

They had a very nice house in a quiet neighborhood. We went inside and were treated to drinks. The ties and shoes came off and Ray and I went into his man cave. He had tons of awards and trophies. Pictures of him in his playing days as well as his HS school team he now coached. The girls had been gone a while and I asked if we should go find them. Ray said naw then picked up a remote. When the tv came on I could see our cars in the driveway. Then he started switching cameras. Next was the back bedroom.....

Then master bedroom there they were both lying on the bed naked and kissing. We both just sat there not a word. Ray broke the silence with "that's hot". We sat there and watch for what seem like forever. Alicia and Tonya slowly went from kissing and fondling to a full blown 69. I was rock hard and Ray had pulled his dick out. He was not much longer than I am but really thick. The girls were really getting into it and both had cum at least once.

Ray pushed himself up and told me to wait there. As I continued to watch Alicia and Tonya who were now back to kissing. Ray walks into the bedroom and Alicia asked where I was. Ray pointed to the camera. Alicia and Tonya both looked up and smiled and waved. Ray had stripped and layed down on the bed. The girls went for his dick at the same time sucking and licking him while alternately kissing each other.

After a while Alicia got on all fours and Tonya guided Rays fat prick into her pussy. Alicia started pushing back and forth right away and started moaning loudly. Ray had his huge hands wrapped around her tiny waist as she slammed back on his dick. My heart was racing. Tonya was encouraging her husband while playing with Alicia's heavy tits.

Ray and Alicia were really into it now. Tonya rolled off the bed and left the room only to join me in the man cave. I was pantless and stroking my dick. Staring at Ray pounding Alicia silly. Tonya pulled my hand off my dick and knelt on the couch and started sucking me. I reached over so I could play with her ass and pussy.

Ray pulled out and grabbed some pillows and placed them under Alicia's ass. He pushed his dick back in and started stroking away. Alicia was spread wide to accommodate his big body as he pounded her to another orgasm. Tonya mounted my dick facing the tv. We fucked slow at first while watching. It became to much and Tonya and I went to the floor where I fucked her missionary until we both were covered insweat and she had cum a couple times. I put her on all fours and grabbed her big firm ass and started hitting it hard. I looked at the tv and watched Alicia suck Ray until he came. I pushed Tonya's head to the floor and stroke a few more times cumming deep in her pussy.

After resting a bit we grabbed some drinks and moved into the bedroom. We later fucked each other's wives again in the same bed. Alicia and I left their house early the next morning. Apparently this was planned get together initiated by Tonya. Alicia even had us a change of clothes and our over night kits already at their house. We got together one more time before we left. Ray and Tonya told us they played with other couples and had even visited some swingers clubs. We would end up getting with them more over the years and even visited a famous Las Vegas swingers club together. However that story is for another time.

Our vacation time was over and we left so I could start my first career job. But now Alicia and I knew we were both hooked on this life style. We settled into our big city town home and my great paying job. Alicia got her teaching certificate and started teaching at a local charter school. Our sex life was great and we settled into a monogamous lifestyle only for the moment.........

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