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"Visiting My Niece In Hawaii"
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My niece, Kara, is a knockout, even if she does look a little like my sister. At 28 years old and very much a free spirit, life in Hawaii was definitely her calling. She loves the beach and is pretty much a modern day hippie. While she just scrapes by in Hawaii, she wouldn’t give it up for anything. It is on a rare occasion that I get to see her anymore. So when I got the opportunity to go to Hawaii on a business trip, I took some time off to visit with her.

My work was to Oahu and she lived on the Big Island near Kona. So after a long week of work during the day and battling tourist in the evening when grabbing food, I was looking forward to the short hop from Honolulu to Kona. While I had been to Oahu many times, this was the first time visiting any of the other islands. It was a pleasant change of pace. Kona was much more relaxed and tourist free.

After my plane landed and I got checked into my hotel, I gave Kara a call. She said she would stop by after work. I set out to walk around Kona and see what was nearby. The town reminded me somewhat of a northeast village on the mainland, only at this time of year, much warmer! I found some nice restaurants and bars and had lunch. After some more walking around and watching an outrigger race, I went back to the hotel.

A couple of hours later she gave me a call and said she was on her way. She wanted to take me to the Kona Brewing Company for dinner. There was no way I was letting her take me to dinner, it was going to be the other way around. After all, I easily made twice as much as she did and work provided me a stipend to offset meal costs. Why wouldn’t I take her out.

When she pulled up in her jeep and stepped out, she looked incredible. She was wearing really short jean cut-offs and a bikini top. Her dark tan looked good with her reddish blonde hair. If she wasn’t my sister’s daughter, I would have taken her right back to my room skipping dinner altogether.

We headed out to the restaurant and had some pizza and beer. Then more beer. And after that, more beer. The evening slipped by as we talked about her life on the island and how things were going. She absolutely loved it there. It started getting close to closing time and so we headed back to my hotel. When she dropped me off, she asked if I was up for some sun and surf in the morning. I am in Hawaii, how could I not be. So we arranged for her to pick me up around 10:00 in the morning. I went back to my room not thinking much about anything else. Between the beer and still winding down from the week, my 46 year-old body was ready to hit the sack.

The next morning I was up and ready by the time my niece showed, 30 minutes late which for her was nothing unusual. She again had on shorts but with a t-shirt. It almost looked like she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. We quickly made it to a dirt road off the main drive and bounced around as we drove down to the beach. Looking over at her, her boobs were in full swing. I had no doubt she did not have anything on under that shirt now.

A few minutes later we arrived at a clearing, not another soul around. Trying finding that on Oahu. We had this small secluded beach, almost in a tiny cove all to ourselves, but I imagine that it would not last that long. Kara got out and grabbed a bag with a bunch of stuff in it and we walked down to the sand.

She looked at me and smiled. “I hope this doesn’t bother you, I always change at the beach.”

I responded, “Where, I don’t see a place to go?”

She laughed while shaking her head. With that she looked me straight in the eye and pulled her shirt over her head. Right there before me were two of the most beautiful boobs I have ever seen in person. The tan lines barely covered her half dollar size areola and her nipples were prominently jetting out at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Time seemed to have stopped.

“You like what you see, Uncle?” she snapped me out of my trance and had this very devilish look on her face. I swallowed hard, not able to say a thing. She then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down as well. After standing back up, she now stood complete naked in front of me, all 5 feet 2 inches of her. Again the tan lines were incredible. They framed a beautiful, complete shaved pussy. She kept her self in great shape and had that wonderful gap between her legs. She must have been planning this (duh) as her pussy lips were extended and it was truly a sight to behold. She turned around, bent over her bag and grabbed her bikini out of it. The sight of her little pucker hole and her pussy’s extend lips caused my cock to rocket to full erection. Still bent over, she stepped into her bikini bottoms then stood up.

“I see you approve of my choice in bikinis,” she laughed as she saw my cock tenting my board shorts. She then started putting on her top. “Don’t want anything to get burned now, do we.” She then walked over to me, jumped up on me (I stand close to 6 feet tall) clinging tightly around me as I quickly held on to her and she kissed me. Not just kissed me, she full on tongue fucked my mouth. My hands were all over her at that point. I wasn’t even thinking about her being my niece anymore.

She then dropped to the ground and quickly pushed me back, causing me to stumble and fall into the sand. She laughed as she ran to the water. That ass looked incredible as she covered the short distance. I quickly got up and was after her. The water was refreshing and I soon caught up to her. Probably more like she waited for me. We played around in the water for a while and then went back to the beach. We laid out a large blanket and laid down on it.

I reached over to her and started rubbing her legs. She literally purred from that. I broke the silence, “You know that you are my sister’s daughter and there are ramifications for the actions you started.”

“We are over 5000 miles from anyone that knows you are my uncle. I have always had a crush on you and right now is maybe the best opportunity I will ever get to have you. And as for ramifications, I hope you ram me a lot while you are here,” she added without hesitation. At this point, my hand reached the top of her legs and I started rubbing her pussy. “Since it is obvious by what you are doing you don’t care that I am your niece why don’t we go back to your hotel room and I can do things to you I have dreamed about for years.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. We packed up, she wrapped a towel around her, got into the jeep and were back to my hotel in no time. She grabbed her cooler and off we went to my room.

When we got to the room she pulled out several small bottles of wine, the small single size, for us to drink. I took the time to remove my board shorts and shirt. I then grabbed her, made short work of her bikini, picked her up, and carried her into the shower with me. It wasn’t long before we were embraced and kissing each other again, this time I bent over to receiver her mouth. We slowly washed each other paying particularly long attention to our favorite areas. I turned her around and with soapy hands started rubbing her ass and reaching between her legs going back and forth between her clit and her asshole. She kept thrusting back at me. I desperately wanted to get my cock into her but our height difference did not make that possible right then.

After we finished teasing the hell out of each other we got out of the shower and dried off. I then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. She wrapped her legs around my waist and as I walked, my hard cock kept slapping against her bottom. I turned facing the wall and pushed her up against it. She reached down with her hand and guided my cock into her pussy. She was so hot it almost felt like she was on fire. I began to thrust into her. She grunted and moaned with each push into her. Even for how small she is, this was a lot of work holding her up. With my cock still buried in her I turned around and walked to the bed.

I fell backward with her still wrapped around my cock. She sat up and slowly began to ride me. Her boobs were magnificent and reached up and started tweaking her nipples. This sent her over the top and she soon started bucking hard. I did not relent and kept up my torture of her nipples. She started to spasm and leaned back. With my cock still buried in her, her pussy began to gush, shooting a stream of her pussy juice across my belly and chest. She was my first squirter and I loved it. I ran my fingers through her juice and licked them clean. It tasted fantastic.

After her orgasm subsided, she fell on top of me, panting. “Holy shit, I have never cum like that before,” she managed to get out between breathes.

I just smiled. “I hope you have more in you. I still haven’t cum and I am aching to fill you.” She started to slowly grind her pussy on my cock. After a few minutes I flipped her over and started to drive my cock in and out of her. We kissed as lovers as I continued my assault on her pussy. After a few more minutes, I began shooting what felt like the largest cum load of my life into Kara. As I rolled to the side, she swung her leg over me to keep my cock in her. We kissed and held each other as we drifted off to sleep.

I still had 4 days left before I was to fly out. During that time, we almost never left the room except to get something to eat. She took leave from her job so that wasn’t an issue. I learned a lot about my niece in those 4 days. I found out she was a true slut. There was nothing she would not do with me. I filled every hole with cum. I introduced her to watersports and she loved it. We tied each other up. We poked and prodded each other. If we could imagine it, we tried it. By the time I returned to the airport, I thought I would have to have someone pour me into the plane I was so exhausted.

My niece is due to visit my sister this summer. I am hoping to take some time off from work and maybe go visit my sister as well, a small family reunion with two of us uniting more than the others.

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