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I Thank You for your votes and apologize. This is my follow-up to my first story, so excited to see it posted but realized how many details I left out! This happened about 15 years ago and the memories came flooding back after posting. I promise my storytelling will get better, but please allow me to go back and update a bit and give more vivid details of the night.

Again, Chrissy was attractive but not a high maintenance model type. She had an exhibitionist side but not in a slutty way. I was more of a voyeur and that turned her on. She loved sucking my cock in the backroom at work, knowing I was a bit nervous and we might get caught. But we had talked about it and she had never been with more than one guy sexually, that's why this scene freaked me out.

We had joked about it a bit in the car ride, she told me she had only flashed a few times but it turned her on. I laughed and admitted I was a bit turned on and that must have been her green light. We were all quite buzzed and when she was in the mood she was extremely horny, but she had never done anything like this. She usually dragged me into another room, whatever.

But the thought of those other cocks wanting her got her to not only take off her top, but start kissing the first guy to sit down next to her and go right to sucking his cock. When she asked me to fuck her I guess that was like me giving her permission as I pulled her pants off of her.

Again, it was surreal, but seeing her naked, bent over sucking a cock with her ass up waiting for me was wild. Her pussy was so wet as I entered her, and hearing her moan with a cock in her mouth as I held her hips and thrust full in...

Yeah, I came quick and watched her head bob up and down so fast as he held the back of her head while she played with his balls. He came about a minute later, she took her mouth off of his cock and jerked it, watching the cum spurt out as he cried out and kept stroking it as he spurt out the last of his load.

She looked at me in a shocked, dazed glare, she was pretty fucked up still holding his prick, and I smiled not knowing what else to do at this point. She smiled back and rolled off the couch onto her back and spread her legs, knees up, and started rubbing her pussy looking up to see who was next.

One guy had his pants down so fast and was on top of her as she mumbled "Fuck me...fuck me harder..." and the last guy knelt over her face as she grabbed his ass to lift her head up to get his cock in her mouth.

I hope that was a bit better, I don't know whether to be so graphic or tone it down. Please let me know. I truly appreciate feedback and comments!!!

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