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"Caring Neighbour Pt 2"
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Dorothy's throat was raspy and soar so I mashed up both our vegies and served it to her with warm milk ,I know it sounds a little bland but I am 19 a guy and out of my depths, so to me it was a perfect solution I had the 2 steaks , half way through her food Dorothy put her spoon down and sobbed I asked her what was wrong , she said it was stupid of her to try and end it all ,but she was afraid with out David with her. I asked why are you afraid didn't David leave you provided for . she shrugged and in a light voice said of course he did . but I have no idea what will become of me , I'm to old to start over again . I let out a humph I looked her straight in the eye and with out a word of a lie said Dorothy you are a lovely woman and any man would look after you given the chance, she blushed a little and turned her shoulder as if to hide her surprise , I though this was a good moment to change the subject so I told her the pool looks great the green was gone and the PH test said it was fine to swim in the pool , she then shocked me saying she had never been in that pool it was her husbands pool and off limits to her . this took me be surprise , I though for a moment, should I ask or not but curiosity got the better of me ," Dorothy you make it sound like you were not allowed in the water is that right ", She nodded and said some things are mans things and women have no right to them .I blurted out with out thinking bull shit , She inhaled and said I always swam as a child but not since I married , I asked her if she would take a swim with me tomorrow she said no I haven't got a suit to wear , I told her if I take care of the swimsuit would she join me for a swim . she thought long and hard ,I interrupted her thoughts with my not to subtle yep yep you will uhummmmm you will wont you . you see its no longer a guy pool its now "Dorothy's pool". she raised her head and shoulders and nodded yes , I said its a date then .

Now teary girl eat you food and then we'll call your doctor so you can see him when we go to the mall tomorrow to get your swimsuit .

ok , the call was made and the doctor agreed to see Dorothy in the morning at 1030 am . I said its time for you to get some rest , she said thanks and looked like she wanted to ask me something, I halted for a second and Dorothy whispered embarrassed sorry you had to be the one to find like that today , I said I'm glad it all worked out well and just to put a smile on her face I winked and smirked at her in a sly way , saying it was a pleasure , she blushed and answered me with a blushing little grin , It melted my heart she was so very cute at that moment . I stopped at the front door pointing I'm across the street and the room on the left with the light on is mine if you need anything at all knock on the window .Im a light sleeper so ill come to the window if you knock , she lent forward and hugged me and kissed my cheek and whispered you are a life saver my friend , I teared up and told her get some sleep Ill see you at 9.00am sharp . the bus leaves at 9.30am . we cant be late I waved and closed the gate thinking Dorothy is so alone but hopefully a little happier now . Mom asked how Dorothy was I said better but she could call her some time to talk and get to know her better she was just feeling blue, after half her life had just disappeared with the death of her husband , it must be an unimaginable shock when he controlled her life .

Sun shone down the street as I walked out the door and headed across hot black road to the white picket fenced yard I looked at my handy work and saw I missed a patch of weeds in the garden bed under a window , I bent down to pull the clump of green weeds and was startled by Dorothy putting her open hand on my head , saying hi I wasn't sure you might wont to troll the mall with me all day , I hushed her and took her hand and said shall we get going the bus will be there soon .

the bus arrived shortly after we sat down in the wooden shelter , when we got to our seats we sat together , I asked her how she slept she said it took her a while to fall asleep but after she had fallen asleep she didn't stir till her alarm at 7.30am

I probed further and asked her if she was feeling a bit better about her situation . she nodded a few times and told me she knew that I had my own life to get on with and that some older woman was a drag to be with so she wasn't holding me to anything more than a doctors appointment , the swim and shopping for a swimsuit was to much to ask of me so she was letting me off the hook . I say ohh you aint getting rid of me that easy lady and anyway You still owe me a swim for fixing the pool she actually laughed so loud that the guy across from us looked over to us to see what was so funny . I put my arm over Dorothy's shoulder and winked at him. he turned away knowing I had caught him looking . to my surprise Dorothy took my dangling hand and held it until we stopped at the mall .

Dorothy went into the doctors surgery and in a few minutes came out and explained she was to have therapy for her depression and to take her pills but in the prescribed measures and quantities .

I said lets get you a swimsuit that turn heads and will make you go beat red , Dorothy looked shocked but didn't utter a single word .

we went to the local surf shop checked out bikini's but Dorothy said she was to old for such scant styles I gave in and said ok you choose a suit , Oh my god I looked at what she wanted a one piece with what looked like a tennis skirt tacked on the front, I screamed no no never . I coerced her into a compromise a white one piece with a navy panel from the armpit to hip on both sides the neck line a little deep but not plunging , I told het that I thought it was mature but still a little showy without being cheap or saucy . I payed while she changed back into het skirt and blouse . this got me a telling off as well after Dorothy calmed down I joked that if she didn't like it when it was wet I could keep it and wear it . she looked my way and laughed That Id love to see well you had best love it then I joke or that nightmare will be all yours .

we ate lunch I had burger and fries Dorothy had a cheese sandwich she was still a little sore as we ate the guy in the next booth glanced my way and when Dorothy went to the bathroom he made that huummpf sound to get my attention I looked at him as he said is your mom dating boy . I said the lady is dating sir and she is dating me , he scratched his head and turned around in silence saying lucky kid I agreed with a to right pops loud enough for him to here .

Dorothy came back and I told her about the guys conversation in a soft voice she giggled and kissed my lips saying babe lets got home and slip into the pool in that cute little suit you talked me into .

All the way home Dorothy chatted and filled me in on how here husband had more or less owned her telling what to wear what to do and he put her in her place if he thought she was to scant or to loud for his liking never hitting just controlling with looks and stares and long silent pauses of disapproval . I felt so lost listening to her talk about a guy that I waved to many times, a guy my mom said was perfect husband material .I thought what goes on behind closed doors is nobody's guess. what was more amazing was that Dorothy kept this 1950's ideology and excepted it as normal . I was not about to judge her but I judged her husband for his overbearing dominating way.

We got off the bus at the stop . I said to Dorothy its been a long day if you don't want to swim ,Ill understand she looked like someone ran over a puppy dog ,Hey Im just letting you off the hook. she replied the hooks set go get your trunks boy . I chuckled and said yes mam , I stripped down and put my trunks on grabbed a towel and headed back out the door . I scooted across the road and down the side of the house put my towel on the grass next to the ladder in the pool I went up to the patio and dragged a deck chair down for Dorothy .

As soon as I had settled on my towel ,I heard the screen door slide open I craned my neck to see an angel in white , now if I hadn't seen her naked the day before my mind was desperately trying to read every curve and movement my god that suit lifted tucked and extenuated every inch of her form her breasts were pushed up high on her chest her nipples firm and pointed with I presume excitement her legs so long and white ,the waist drew in and the crotch of the swim wear made her legs look even longer. she saw me looking and tried to hide behind her towel in her hand , I sat up and patted the deck chair next to me she came down and looked at me shyly questioned me what do you think its to skimpy right?, I swallowed and tried to think of a way to answer her with out sounding to brazen but my pause made Dorothy think I hated it , she shrunk down and my mind went to thinking this how she would have reacted if her husband might have hated it ,I saw her reaction and just spoke my mind you look sensational the suit is so sexy on you ,but I might need a cold dip in the water to avoid embarrassment .This brought a huff of derision from the short athletic Dorothy but as she turned to place her towel on the chair oh those legs and ass had me mesmerized I just stoped stared and fell silent .she looked back at me from around her shapely thighs and smiled . "Sexy hey " well a lady could be conceived as a worst thing .

Dorothy was in a dilemma all of a sudden it was dawning on her, that she after all her life of being with only one man was finding this young man , so warm and caring ,as apposed to a husband that was so over bearing and demanded complete obedience the man never let her choose anything she wore or for that matter how she entertained her self the man picked on every thing in her life and to others was the perfect husband . and then here was Peter smart soft of heart, brave enough to rescue her and call help when she was falling into a pit of depression and despair when the world just seemed to be to large and foreign and just plain overwhelming perhaps not a hero but he was there for her and making her feel emotions that she hadn't felt in the longest time, seeing her as an attractive a vibrant woman her body was aroused and her heart was lifting her chest as it beat with nervousness. she looked at him not as a young man but as a handsome man . as she peered at him from the deckchair she took in his form tall over six foot tall , short clean hair cut he had the body of a swimmer large chest bicep's not huge but still bulging abbs were tight and his swimming costume was tented at the front with a throbbing gift that she couldn't quiet make out through the satiny material . her voyeuristic dream was ended sharply with Peter calling out Mrs Finn come in the water is fantastic .

I couldn't help notice that Dorothy was checking me out so I thought it was time for her to try her pool I jumped straight in ,the cool water taking my breath for a moment I swam to the pool edge so I was facing Dorothy and called out Mrs Finn come on in the water is fine, she walked to the pools edge and squatted in front of me putting her fingers in the water stirring them back and forth to test the water ,mmm she said nice and cool.

I pushed off the wall and stopped mid pool Dorothy sat on the edge with her feet dangling in the water , I swam back to her stopping beside her ( wondering how she would react if I put my hand on her thigh ,

I couldn't bring my self to so I hid my intentions with playfulness . I took hold of her foot and pretended to pull her in she shrieked and leapt forward into me as she went under I grabbed her and caught her in my arms treading water she laughed and laughed . I asked happy? she said " you have no idea how good this is , I smiled and said yes I do , she looked puzzled . I let her go and swam to the shallow end of the pool and sat and watched her swim about diving to the bottom and after a while she swam and stood in the shallows And to my surprise her swim suit was see through I could see her erect cold nipples the moon shaped areolas pink and large her naval looked like a smile and looking down I could see her pubic region was now shaved clean my cock stirred in my pants as I leered long and hard at this mature woman on display to just me . I stood up walked towards her and as I got closer she smiled . I moved inside her personal space and took her in my arms turned her facing away from me I snuggling into Dorothy's back my cock nestled into her back , I placed my hands on her stomach and whispered in her ear you look so lovely I feel so lucky to be with you . she said she felt the same way , I kissed her neck and lifted one hand to her breast, cupping the cool material covered globe my nerves were electric , she gasped but didn't move away , that was the moment I told her that her suit was totally see through and that I enjoyed the sight . she looked down at her now excited bosom and in one smooth motion cupped my hand holding her breast, her nipple firm and growing in my palm her breath laboured as her passion rose I could have stood there in heaven the cool water lapping at my waist my hot rigid cock straining at my racing swimsuit .and that body folded in my arms tight and safe warm and wanting .

Dorothy's hand fell to her side she turned her wrist and slid it between our bodies I felt her did her fingers brushing my thighs then her palm holding my thigh just below my swimmers , she rolled shoulder back into my chest and her hand rose up my thigh , my penis stirred to a semi hard shaft and then Dorothy took it softly at first rubbing through the lycra material, then as my cock became tall and rigid thickening she folded me small fingers about it and started to stroke it through the material. my knees buckled as passion just took me .

my right fingers pinched at Dorothy's puckered nipple, my left hand held her stomach to keep her in place , I knew in seconds I would be cumming ," unlike a porn video this was emotions it was a young man with a fantasy woman old enough to be his mother, beautiful and kind looking like no mature woman should in a young boys eyes stunning and lust worthy, it the woman next door fantasy for real and he was in love and totally overwhelmed. "

His breathing became short but fast his head swam in the moment and then his body gave in and his cock erupted the in the her hand in the pool and in a lost world all he could hear was is heart and a long slow groan as he came down from a huge orgasm.

his hand made contact with my breast ,I was overcome with lust he slowly manipulated my nipple my pussy started to twinge and I couldn't control my desire my hand felt for his thigh as he told me he could see through my swim suit and he wanted what he could see ,this set me to fire, my hand found his erect and still growing cock, I haven't desired something as much as I desired that huge cock in my fingers I guess he was as aroused as I , because in moments he was cumming long and hard my fingers wet with his juices the water with its small white cloud of cum drifting from his swimmers and to hear his arousal was fantastic I had spent my whole sexual lift being told what to do and waiting to see if I had pleased my husband ,now here I was acting on my own causing a young stud to have an amazing orgasm with just my hand Just fantastic. I was breathless as he turned me to face him his hot soft lips crushed against my own his mouth open and wet his tongue slipping slowly into my mouth ,in all my days I had never participated in such a lust filled exchange my nipples was aching as he drew me to him my pussy was so damp with my juices they felt slick and hot I prayed he would still want me as much as I him.

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