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"Its More Than Sex, It's ASSex"
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This is a continuation to my story ‘Its Just Sex honey’, so you might have to read it first for this one to make sense.

I wriggled my ass on to the bed, wet hair moist pussy. I could still feel my colleagues dick inside me and now my hungry husband waiting on the bed buck naked at full mast with wine and strawberries. I think he was trying to make up for the lack of attention lately and Boy what a day he picked. My mind was going crazy with the hard unattached sex I just had and how my plan for flirtation had ended up in sex, crazy FUCKING SEX.
My husband directed me towards a gift box. I opened it and found a sexy set of lingerie with a collar and string, the bra was just straps no cover for the breasts, panties had a small patch of cloth and only strings (you can find the outfit in my Homemodels Sub). I wore it and thought ‘SEX GAMES’ this Is exciting. I came close to him on the bed and he caught hold of the string and pulled me closer on all fours. I tried to get a glass of wine, but he turned me around and said ‘That’s for later’. He moved the piece of cloth covering my crotch, kissed my asshole and pussy giving it a nice spit filled lick and then he used the string as a whip on my ASS. I squirmed in pain and pleasure. With every whipping my ass cheeks clenched and my pussy wet. I was moaning, finger in mouth begging to be licked, kissed on the Ass pussy, something wet. I wondered in between moans whether it was the Universe punishing me for my earlier sexcapade or was it rewarding me for something. I tried not to think of it and enjoy this moment.
After few more whips he stopped and put his finger in my asshole and used the whip on my clitoris, believe me I was cumming, lots of cum, could feel it running through my pussy… Fuck! I had no idea he had this planned, this was a genius idea best oral fucking sex. He got his finger out and just as I was about to suck his cock he asked me to do a 69. He moved on top of me and I took his dick in my mouth, while he used my vibrator in my pussy licking my clit. I sucked his balls and dick, but then the strangest thing, he made me lick his asshole. The moment I licked he moaned and ducked back making me push deeper inside with my tongue. He went crazy on my clitoris with his tongue while fucking me with the vibrator. This was all too much for both of us and we both came, my juices flowing down the vibrator shaft and his all over my boobs. He moved over just as I took his cum in my finger and licked it seductively and one more fingered cum for him to taste. We kissed finally and had the wine.
After a few moments of rest, he was ready to go again. This time I got my tiny vibrator. He saw it and I think he almost blushed ‘How Sweet’. He spread his legs and held the string around my neck, I again bent down but this time didn’t go for his dick but dove straight for the asshole with my tongue as deep as I could go, he opened up his legs giving me access and let out moans of pleasure. I used the vibe on his balls and dick and he was literally spasming. I kept at it for few minutes and he pulled hard on my collar and I looked up to see him sweating and in extreme pleasure. I realised he was about to cum and wanted me to STOP. I tried to touch him, but he asked me to wait for a few minutes, so that he could regain his composure. I fingered myself till then so as to not loose my high. Few minutes later which seemed like forever, he asked me to hump him like a cowgirl.
Who am I to deny woman on top, I moved on top of him and planted myself on him, he holding onto the string around my neck and I started to hump him up and down while he whipped my very hard nipples. I kept at it for a few minutes and he erupted in me giving out a loud cry. I kept going at hoping to cum again, but his dick deflated and it just wasn’t the same. We were sweaty, we were smiling, we were happy, his dick and my pussy sore and spent. He kissed me Good night and fell asleep.
I stayed up for a while thinking of the events and how the day had unfolded. I guess the Universe gave me an Early Christmas Bonus in SEX.
This effect simulation of his asshole had on him was unbelievable and led to many more awesome love making sessions.
I would also like your COMMENTS if there are other straight men who have the same effect when their assholes are simulated.

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