J Walker - California, USA
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"The Neighbors Complained"
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I worked as a GS supervisor at a beach front hotel in California. With the beach and girls in bikinis it was a nice place to work.

My job put me all over the property visiting with a bunch of the guests. I had many interesting experiences so I will tell about one them.

One afternoon a guest called from one of our suites on the reporting a smell of weed inside their room. I went to the room, checked the vents and determined it was coming inside the balcony door from an adjacent room.

I knocked on the room next door and it was answered by a beautiful girl wearing only a towel, another girl sitting by the window and enough smoke to remind me of an old Cheech and Chong movie.

I explained to the girl who opened the door that I was there to talk about the weed. She looked a nervous until I told her I smoke myself, the hotel does not care, it's the neighbor room that's bitching about it.

She was relieved and as stood at the door yelling back to her friend to put the weed away the towel she was wearing opened up and I was looking at a perfect tanned and toned body with big boobs and a nice little pussy hair strip.

She did the ooops! but took her time getting the towel back in place. I just said to be sure and put something on before going to the beach or the neighbor room would bitch about that too.

I went back to work but made sure I got down to the beach level later where they were both looking amazing in their swim suits. The second girl who I really did not get a good look at earlier was just cute as can be in a tiny yellow bikini.

As they headed back toward the elevator I stopped to say hello and the girl who answered the door introduced me to her friend. I told them no more smoking in the room but if they DID want to smoke I would let them up on the rooftop deck for a while. The rooftop deck was part of a penthouse suite that was being remodeled and no guests could get there. We agreed to meet at the elevator at 2pm.

They showed still wearing their bikinis we got up on the roof and smoked for a while until finding some booze in the outside bar. Both girls ditched their bikinis in favor of tanning nude and after some discussion one of the girls started sucking my cock. She was just way to cute to have a dick in her mouth and her friend was just as cute when she came over and sat where I could finger her incredibly tight pussy.

I asked her if my dick will fit in her pussy and while her friend held the shaft she lowered herself sliding it in. That's when I asked her how old she is.. 21. She ask me how old I am...55. That must have been something she was happy about because she spread her legs and told her friend "look I am fucking a 55 year old guy!"

Her friend was guiding her up and down while licking my balls until she wanted to try the dick and they switched places. The second girl's pussy was not as tight but she was so covered in tanning lotion that it was difficult to tell.

After fucking for a while I pulled my dick out and tried to get it in her ass. She tried a few times also but said it was not going to fit and asked her friend if she wanted to try and she said hell no!

When the really hot girl started sucking my dick again I gave her no warning before shooting mouthfull cum that she began to swallow and then spit the rest on her friends pussy and boobs.

Then I went back to work.

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