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"Caring Neighbour Pt 3"
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Peter gathers up his strength and slowly glides both their bodies to the pool side . he rests against the pool and admires the woman in front of him he see's there is a reluctance in her eyes and her body language , so he nestles up to her and asks is everything ok , she nods and says " my husband was a domineering lover he demanded and I obeyed or there was hell to pay so your soft and wanting attention is a little foreign to me . Peter thinks for a moment and says "Dorothy today Im am your slave you do and ask for everything you desire and I no only will but must obey you . she looks shocked and murmurs no I cant do that it's not right > I look her straight and strong in the face and say its what I want and its something you obviously need . she shakes her head and say s no I never liked being told what to do so I wont do it to you . I said that is where we differ I want you to be the mistress ill be the bad boy . She see's that I mean it and are adamant that this is what I want and will take no less . she smiles and says take off your swimmers and do it now , I do as I'm told sliding my suit over my hips and lifting over my swollen cock the cool water swirls about my scrotum my balls swaying in the current .Dorothy looks on as my cock comes into view she smiles and her arms are folded over her chest I'm guessing to give her a sense of strength and confidence in her own mind . she says take that man cock in your hand and show it off ,I cant hide my excitement as I have always wanted a mature fantasy woman to dominate me , I lift my cock up by the tip of the head the purple head pulsing between my fingers the shaft 6 inches and straining to point straight ahead thickens by the second , Dorothy tells me to get out of the water and lay on the deckchair .Moving to the ladder I climbed from the water as my ass left the water I felt a small hand caress it and in a stern voice Dorothy ordered me to halt , I froze in my tracks and Dorothy ran her fingers all over my bottom cheeks lifting pinching and to my surprise slowly she slid her little finger from my back between my cheeks and then she stopped short of my hole and licked my neck kissing her way to my shoulder and as she hit my shoulder I shuddered as her index finger slid over my anus my cock bounced an inch or two as a bolt of excitement shot from my ass to my brain returning via stomach and back to my balls causing my cock to stream a string of clear slick pre cum that dripped like an elastic from the eye of my to the water it drifted on the surface and then Dorothy scooped it up and drank it with a small amount of pool water

Peter looked like a choir boy innocent and young but I knew he was a little devil . for what I had just done I felt really guilty the boy that had been so comforting so much of a friend to me , I know he lead me to it ,but I'm more than twice his age and he is a neighbours son , I knew better than to get involved with such a young man . but I'm going to say I was vulnerable and weak but the truth is I'm just aroused frustrated and feeling for the first time in my adult life like I can have what I want . and Peter is what I want .
I look at him and he sees my guilt I feel like he should go and I should get back to being a lonely old woman .
But then he says some thing that surprises me he requests that I take control of him, I tell him I cant ,he sulks and almost pleads for me to have him anyway I will , I ask him is he aware of what he is saying ,he says its what he wants and what I need , I think he can read minds because in my head I wanted to play with this little stud, so I said to myself you have been a good wife obedient and never talking back in ands out of the bed you have always done as your told and never complained about your husbands one sex act routine. David's Idea of sex was climbing on top of me missionary position and 3 minutes of humping until he came and then he pretended to snore and drift off to sleep,
I tell Peter to hop out of the pool as he reaches the ladder I'm right behind him I wait until his ass is clear of the water I take a deep breath and sternly tell him to stop he does and in a moment of earth shattering nervousness I reach out fingers shaking palms tense and twitching I place it under him grasping his behind its so soft and hairless its smooth and I can feel how strong his legs are as I feel muscles at work keeping his body still I caress his ass feeling bold and randy I slide my finger into his ass feeling his asshole tense and close with my passing finger my breasts are now throbbing as they never have I didn't know how my breasts could feel like this with out any attention to them my every breath made my nipples twitch my pussy was just so wet I could have guaranteed that my juices were seeping from my swimsuit and Im still no sure it wasn't , I became totally aware of the musky sent of sex being emitted from my crotch. I reach between his thighs and grasp his balls they are huge and his sack feels so full of lust his cock isn't in sight and as I bend lower I can see him pulling it with his spare hand I look at this act and in a matronly voice say let aunty Dorothy do that for you my boy .
and so the game has begun . Peter replies ." yes aunty" he lets go of his bobbing cock and sits on the pool side he sits back hands behind and almost laying back . I have him spread his legs , thighs splayed wide his cock and balls are at my mercy , I lean in and take his cock in my hand its girth is so full it fills my clenched fist the head beautiful and purple is so hard its wont fold back and as I try Peter gives an whine of pain and then he says again please aunty I feel bold and spank his solid member he tenses and groans with each smack , he asks Aunty could you suck my willy please in a childish voice ,( I have never done any thing so kinky before and) I am repulsed by the thought of his pissing cock in my mouth , I say Is that what you wont me to do , he shakes his head in the affirmative , I dip between his thighs and to my surprise in a moment I lick and kiss his muscle the odour is intoxicating , I know he will pay for this later .
I run the tip of my tongue into the eye of his crown the pre cum is so smooth and salty, feeling his hand on the back of my head and I pull back look at him like an old headmistress and tell him keep your hands to your self .Ill take my time and you will be patient .Taking hold of it I pull his cock so hard tears well in his eyes, now do as your told or Aunty will just pack up and send you home . Peter whimpers sorry and sits back once more .
I Know what he wants is a great blow job, but my ignorance about the act will probably ruin the perfect job so with a little coaching my best will have to do . ..

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