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We are at our lake house for a week with friends from up north, 4 couples plus us. First full day there we take everybody on pontoon in AM. Come back gals all sunning themselves on the swim platform, guys fishing and sitting around.

We had dinner plans at great restaurant in town so about 4:30 the guys go up to house and get ready ahead of gals. We now sitting watching golf match on TV, gals come up to take their showers. Two of the women are in master bath getting showers (very nice shower) Wife goes in other full bath downstairs to shower, comes out with towel wrapped around her carrying her bathing suit. As she is walking by love seat I am sitting on I grab towel and she is now naked in front of all 5 of us (gals in bathrooms). I expect her to put towel back on but she stands there and says well you guys have seen it all enjoy as she twists around a couple times and heads towards master bedroom. My friends were in awe, asking about her bald pussy (two of them had seen it before) and saying what a great body she has for 55 year old.Telling me how lucky I am.

Girls ready, we go to eat, everybody in shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. We get back, we are sitting around and one of the gals has game called Left-right-center (dice game) wife and one other gal sitting on floor, we are playing in FR on coffee table. After a few drinks and lots of laughs taking a pee break wife motions me to come in bed room. I go she tells me that while sitting on floor she has view up "M's" shorts and he has a big dick and huge balls. I say so?? She says I am going to find out bt you will have to help me. (we have open marriage)I say OK and she says we can discuss later. We go back to playing game and when we quit and went to bed her shorts were wet from looking, she went for my dick immediately! She told me of plan for AM.

Next AM I am fueling jet skis, get one done and she turns to M and says I will give you lesson on how to control it. They jump on and she behind him and off they go. I now am fueling other two and have to teach others how to use them. One of the guys and his wife take off me telling them watch for landmarks because they can get lost on this lake in a heartbeat. I get last one done and take a wife out showing her how to operate.

Everybody is back and we are sitting on dock and now they are getting worried about my wife and M being lost. I tell them that wife might get lost for a short but will figure it out by landmarks. After about three hours (just before lunch) they come back in. We go up for lunch, wife calls me in bedroom as she wants to shower and get dressed. She takes off swim suit and cum running out of her, she says come fuck me before I shower. She is so full of his load yet I slide right in. She tells me know that he put huge load in her pussy and then she gave him BJ after about 45 minutes and he blew his nuts again. On that I blew my load in her used pussy. She managed to have him fuck her with his big dick one more time and she also managed to give him BJ another time during the week. His wife left me cold so I never made a move on her.

We had many great times at lake house over the years.It just got to be to much work for us. We have great memories. Some of the bst are ones riding the jets skis, she would take her bikini top off and just wear the life jacket, even without bottoms at times. Always good for Fun days!

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