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I was nineteen and working late cleaning up the store and headed down to the shoe department. As I walked by the entrance to the storage room, I thought I heard something so you can imagine my thoughts as I was supposed to be the only one in the building. Slowly I pulled the curtain that covered the doorway back and armed with my broom handle, I eased around the corner. I did not see anyone but heard a noise back around the corner.

Figuring the worst, I slowly worked my way down the hallway and was about to jump around the corner and attack the intruder when she turned and saw me and was so startled that she fell off the second step of the ladder. It was Nancy, the shoe department manager and she was trying to get ready for inventory and decided to work late. As she fell back, I dropped my broom and caught her in my arms. Nancy always smelled good and always did have this great smile for me as I came around to take care of her department. She would wear these long skirts that you could almost but not quite see through and then those breasts. She would wear a next to nothing bra that allowed them to bounce and sway naturally and I have to tell you that they were all hers.

So Nancy, as she fell back, dropped the box of shoes and then as her arm went out, it wound up around my neck and shoulders. She was half turned and those nice breasts were pressed against my chest as she said Brad you scared the crap out of me and began to laugh. I held her in my strong arms for an eternity it seemed laughing with her and when we finally had a pause, she looked up at me and said I could put her down now. I sheepishly apologized and set her on her feet then tried to step back but the space was so tight that we were only a few inches apart and as she saw my reaction, she placed her hand on my chest and said thank you for catching me, I could have hurt myself.

I looked down at her and saw that her dress was still caught on the ladder and I could see her legs all the way up to the white of her tan line in the mirror just behind her. I had always wondered what she looked like under those long skirts that went to her ankles. While she walked around the store from time to time, I would gaze at her ass as she strolled away and notice the bounce as well as the nice figure that she appeared to have. She wore glasses and while she was not the most beautiful woman in the place, she did offer the warmest personality. Her hand was still on my chest as my eyes gazed into the mirror and took in the athletic tan legs and then I saw the faint glimpse of white between her ripe ass cheeks and at that moment, I felt my cock stir. I wanted to tell her about her skirt but I was enjoying the view so much that I simply could not.

I asked her what she was doing here this late and she told me about inventory so I asked her if she needed help? She said that would be nice if I could assist her with the top boxes so I very casually reached around behind her and unhooked her dress and let it fall to her ankles and as I did, I had to lean into her and I caught the scent of her perfume. I inhaled it slowly as my hand let go of her skirt and when she felt the skirt fall down, she said oh my god what did you see? I pulled my face back in front of her and looked her in the eyes and knew I could not lie so I told her that I saw her long tan legs a glimpse of the white where her legs ended and her nice round ass began. Did you see my ass she asked with a questioning frank look on her face and fearing termination and slightly trembling now that I had been caught looking at a department mangers ass, I said yes mam, I did see your beautiful ass and the white of the thong you are wearing.

Amazingly, she was smiling by the time I told her about her ass and as I looked into her eyes, I could see the sparkle in them so I looked at her mouth and she was smiling. She asked, you saw all of that and said nothing? I was honest and told her that what I saw was what I had longed to see from the first time I watched you walk away from me. She kind of turned her head to the right and looked up at me and asked if I liked what I had seen. I said of what I saw I did and before I could say another word, she asked if I would like to see more? I nervously nodded my head yes and she began to lift her skirt slowly upward revealing those legs again and as I looked into the mirror I saw her beautiful ass come into view.

She asked if I would enjoy looking in the mirror or see her in person and so I looked down at her and told her that there was not much room and she then looked down between us and noticed the bulge in my pants. I had this raging stiff cock that was trying to get out of my pants and all I could do was stand there unable to cover it up. She was mesmerized by me by this point and as her hand slowly slipped from my chest to my waist and then down between us, I felt my heart skip a beat as she lightly rubbed my crotch and then felt the hardness of my cock thru my pants. She asked if I had gotten one of these before looking at her and I told her lots of times. She asked why I had not told her and I told her that I could get in trouble so I kept it a secret. She asked if I could keep other secrets and I told her yes and just then, she started to unzip my fly.

She looked up into my eyes and told me that we could never tell anyone about this and that even if we do this some more, we must keep it a secret. She was married and I knew her husband but when her soft hand worked my cock out from my under shorts, I forgot all about him and only wanted her to touch me. She told me that I had a nice sized cock and asked how big it was so I told her that one time I measured it when it was all hard and stuff and it was nine inches long. Her hand barely wrapped around it but she had small hands and when she stroked it one or two times, I felt all funny inside.

She asked me to step up on the ladder and turn around so I did as she said and as my body turned toward her, my cock was right even with her face. She took ahold of it and started kissing it all over and then licking it some. I jerked at that touch and felt funny again and she asked if I had ever had a woman do this and I told her no. She was the first woman to suck on my cock and when she heard that, she smiled and licked her lips then slowly licked it up and down while her busy hands undid my pants and let them drop to my ankles. She asked if I had ever seen a woman's breasts. I shook my head no and she asked if I wanted to see hers and when I nodded my head yes she told me to undo her blouse as she went back to working on my stiff cock.

Nancy was skilled at what she was doing for sure as my knees began to shake on that ladder as my trembling hands undid that blouse. I slowly moved it away from her titties and then saw the see thru bra and she told me that it had a hook in the front. I tried to find it and she paused to undo it for me and then when those gorgeous tits of hers popped out into view, I told her how beautiful they were as her hands grabbed a hold of my hard cock and she began to bob her head slowly up and down on it. My hands found her tits and began to massage them slowly and tenderly at first and then she told me to kiss them so I bent down and kissed first one nipple and then the other as she worked my young cock over. She asked if I had ever fucked a woman before and I told her no and her eyes again light up. She worked on me for a while longer and let me play with her titties a lot too and then she asked me to trade places with her in the tight area we had.

I stepped down and she took my place but one step higher. She lifted her skirt high and pulled her panties down and asked if I had ever seen one of these before as she rubbed her bare mound and let her finger slip between her pussy lips. I said no and then she said well you have never tasted one either have you and I shook my head no. She said well you will have to have your first of all of those things tonight so let’s get started.

With that she eased up one more step and that had her just above my face. She took one foot off the ladder and placed it over my shoulder and on an empty shelf. This allowed her to spread her leg wide for me to see and then she told me to kiss her here pointing to her pussy. I closed my eyes and leaned in to kiss her pussy when she told me that I should look at when I am eating pussy. She told me about how she needed to be stimulated and made wet inside and that I should lick it and use my saliva to make it slippery and wet. Then I should kiss and suck on this thing and she showed me her swollen clit and said use your finger like this as she used her finger to go around and around it. She said you try and when my mouth began to work her over, she held onto the ladder with one hand and the back of my head with the other as she pulled me into her waiting wet pussy. In no time she had me doing her like she wanted because I am a fast learner and before I knew it, I felt her legs shaking and trembling as my mouth began to move with her and I started using my tongue on her clit then the flat of my tongue to lap her wet pussy. She pulled me to her and pinched her own nipples hard as I continued to eat her pussy and then she told me to stop and work on her titties. I did as I was told and all the while, she was fingering herself. Then when I had her nipples all hard her all excited, she turned around and lowered herself down the ladder steps but not to the ground. Instead, she held herself up and told me to get right up behind her as she let herself down on my long hard shaft.

She reached back and took a hold of it with one hand and then guided it into that wet pussy of hers and for the first time in my life, I was fucking a woman. She let out this moan and I thought I hurt her but she assured me she was alright as she placed her hands on the ladder and lifted herself up and let herself down on my rock hard member. She was going faster and faster now and then all of the sudden, she shook violently and then told me she was cumming. She shook a lot and shuddered too and then held real still, then leaned back and told me that she felt really good and was glad that I came back here. She asked if I had come yet and when I told her no, she said that she would take my cherry first and with that, she took my cock in her pussy again and concentrated on just me. She worked up and down and began to grind her ass on my cock in front of me as my cock responded to her every move. She stopped just long enough to turn around and lower herself down and wrap her long legs around me then her hands still on the ladder she told me to suck her titties and when I took them in my hands and put them together and began to make love to them slowly licking, circling, biting, nibbling, and in general just having my way with them, she told me that I was a natural lover. She wrapped those soft legs around my waist and then let herself down while telling me to put my cock in her pussy. I slid right inside of her with ease and as she ground up and down on my cock I sucked on her titties for nearly fifteen minutes.

She was encouraging me and telling me how good she felt and then I felt the reaction she was looking for. She was pumping up and down when I felt the surge inside of me and felt myself cum for the first time. I tensed up and felt myself explode up inside of her deep. She smiled at me and held my neck real tight and then we kissed like I have never kissed anyone before. My lips were in control as I kissed her passionately and deep and then her tongue broke thru and I was startled until she showed me how to do that. From then on, I had it down pat as I French kissed her and then slowly began to sink to my knees in front of her as I spread her legs and went down on her slowly there in the backroom of that shoe department late at night.

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