Jessica - Chicago, Illinois, USA
( 31 - 40 )
"Me Amy & Her Brother"
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Hi there, I’m Jessica, 33 and single. I am from Chicago and I really just want to share this with someone as I’ve never told a soul about it. It was in 2002, I was 19 and my 2 best friends were a brother and sister that lived 3 houses down, Mike, 20 and Amy also 19. We hung out every day that we were able to and spent all our time drinking, hanging out at the park with mutual friends or going to the mall. Mike and Amy were a little bit different and odd which is what I found appealing about them, we were like 3 outsiders and liked it that way.

Mike was tall and skinny, light brown hair, no facial hair. Amy was short, cute and petite, auburn hair just past her shoulders, green eyes and perky 32B tits if I had to guess. Myself, 5’3”, long straight black hair to the middle of my back with one blonde streak in it, blue eyes, 36C.

I was also on the quirky and different side just like Mike and Amy. Very open minded and carefree. The other kids thought we were weird for sure. It was the 3 of us against the world so to speak.

One weekend Mike and Amy’s parents were out of town. It was a Friday afternoon and I went to their house around 1pm. It was a dark, rainy and gloomy day. Perfect for staying in and partying. We had been drinking for a bit and feeling pretty good when Mike made a comment that we should party naked. Instead of being shocked, Amy and I thought it would be a fun idea. We each agreed to go to a room, get naked and meet back in the living room. We met back in 5 minutes and wow! Mike was really hung, even soft. Amy looked very sexy too, her pussy was shaved completely and her tits were firm and she had small hard nipples. Amy looked me up and down and said, ‘God, you’re hot”. I thanked her and returned the compliment and we settled back in. I sat on the chaise lounge and Mike and Amy sat pretty close to each other on the sofa. We drank some more and then Mike went and got some weed from his room. We did not smoke much but on occasion we liked to when we drank. He rolled one up and motioned for me to sit with them on the couch. We smoked a big joint and the 3 of us were in such a mellow and wasted state. Mike was between us and laid back against the couch and his cock was fully hard! It looked so big I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Amy noticed too and made a comment that his “dick looked yummy”. Normally there would be a weird reaction to that for most people but I had a feeling they may have been fooling around before. Even being brother and sister.

We were so obvious in drooling and staring at his cock that he gripped it in his hand and started waving it back and forth towards Amy and then myself teasing and basically seeing who would jump first. The sexual tension was so thick. Amy jumped first. She just bent down and took hold of his cock and started sucking it. My pussy was instantly wet at the sight. Her tongue licked up and down his shaft and then she took as much as she could in her mouth and throat. She began to suck his cock repeatedly in long deep sucks. She stopped and said, “Here Jess, have some”. I took his cock in my hand and went down on him, giving him the best blowjob I could. I licked all around the head and almost deep throated all of it. I glanced over and Amy had her fingers buried in her pussy watching us. Mike reached back and stuck his fingers in my pussy as I continued to suck his huge cock.

Amy scooted on the couch closer to us and put her leg on the back of the couch and her pussy was only inches from my face. She spread it open as if inviting me to lick it. I had never been with a girl before but was so turned on and I wanted to taste her pussy. I released Mike’s cock from my mouth and began to tongue Amy’s wet pussy. It tasted so so good. Mike made comments like, “Oh yeah. Lick that pussy” and words of that nature which turned me on even more. I moved so I was lying across Mike’s legs and had better access to Amy’s pussy. I held her under her legs and began really eating away at her pussy. She was moaning and writhing on the couch. She was extremely wet and I wanted to watch Mike fuck her. I stopped, took a few more sucks on his cock and told him, “I think you should fuck her”.

Mike got on his knees between her legs and entered her pussy. All the way, every inch was inside her. This in my mind confirmed that they probably have been fucking for awhile, how easily her pussy accepted that huge cock. He began pumping her and Amy took my hand and pulled me towards her and we began to make out. (I later found out that this was also Amy’s first time with another girl). We kissed and shared tongues as Mike fucked her good. Mike began grunting and fucking Amy faster. He shouted he was going to cum. I grabbed his ass and pushed him into her deeper. He came inside her and filled her up so much. When he pulled out I sucked his cock and then licked Amy’s pussy clean. I loved cum a lot and was in heaven. Amy regained her breath and said, “Get on your back”. I lied on the couch and spread my legs and she went down on me. I also shaved my pussy and she really went to town on me, licking my lips and darting her tongue in and out of me. She put two fingers in me and kept on fingering, licking and tongue fucking me. Mike was already almost hard again and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked him until he was totally hard again and Amy said, “Fuck her Mikey”.

He got between my legs just as he did Amy and pushed his cock slowly in my pussy. It took a bit longer for him to get all inside me but he did. He started fucking me slow at first. Then I wanted it hard and fast. I wrapped my legs around him tight and said, “Fuck me hard”. He began slamming his cock in my hard and fast, he got so deep I couldn’t stand it. I was moaning and making all kinds of noises you make when being fucked good. Amy was playing with my tits and watching Mike’s cock going in me. He fucked me for a good ten minutes, I came twice and he finally tensed up and filled me with a ton of cum shooting it all the way inside my hot pussy.

Amy licked me out and ate all the cum that Mike and myself produced from my pussy. Then we made Mike sit between us and we gave him a double blowjob. It took a while for him to get hard but he did and we took turns sucking him off and in between we kissed each other. When Mike came for the 3rd time we shared it just flicking our tongues on his cock and swallowed what landed on our tongues.

We partied the rest of the day off and on and the next day Mike fucked Amy and myself again cumming once in each of us. We had many many more fun times like this well into the next summer. Mike had found a girlfriend and stopped fucking us both and although Amy and I still played together it was never the same without Mike.

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