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"Trucker In Florida"
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Long haul trucker here with my second contribution to the website.

My current wife and I used to stop at different swingers clubs around the country. We were never into swapping partners but always had a great time meeting people to watch fuck or to watch us fucking.

A while back I had a trailer going to Orlando and the wife used her connections to get an invite to a private swingers party at a nice home on the water.

There was no way I would show up to a party in that neighborhood driving an 18 wheeler. We were thinking of taking a cab or Uber so the wife called to check with the people giving the party to see what they recommend. The lady giving the party told us to save the cab fair and their daughter would pick us up at our hotel.

We said that would be great and about 9pm the daughter called and said she was outside. We walked out and there was a gorgeous little 22 year old brunette sitting in one of those 4 door Porsche cars. We hopped in the back and as we drove up out to the beach house we asked her if she goes to any of the parties and she said sure, she will be there tonight. We were thinking wow that's some open minded parents!

We headed in the house with the daughter who was now out of the car and looking fine in some jeans and a crop top. She introduced us to her parents and told us to look around for her at the party. It was a good party, some people were fucking in some of the bedrooms and there was a group thing going on out on the patio. My wife gave me some head out on the patio just to make our contribution to the party.

We had been there about an hour when we finally found the daughter upstairs wearing some expensive looking lingerie and walking around on a bed in a giant bedroom talking to 4 other couples sitting in chairs. We walked in and she said there were already too many people but if we wanted to watch go grab 2 chairs from another bedroom so we have somewhere to sit so I did that. We figured she was going to do a strip tease or lingerie show.

The door was shut and she started taking off the lingerie revealing a stunning little body with a pair of real nice.. real tits, a tight little ass and tanlines showing she tans topless. She walked around and introduced herself before getting up on the bed and spreading her legs for everyone. She had one of those perfect pussies like my second wife. After a few minutes she said she knows what everyone is waiting for and her friend Darren was on the way up.

Darren was a nice looking black kid about the same age as the daughter who had with no doubt the biggest dick I every saw anywhere. She told everyone no cell phone cameras! and started sucking that huge dick which barley fit in her mouth. The real challenge was when she got up on the dick and could not get it in her pussy until they got some lube. They fucked every which way so everyone could see. One of the couples told her they had watched her parents fucking downstairs earlier and she said "that's why I am not downstairs"

This show did not last more than about 15 minutes but watching that girl handle a huge cock was had everyone in the room excited. Darren was pushing into the pussy from the back before he shot a load of cum on her behind and up her back... that's when she said "OK I'm ready!" Then one of the ladies who was sitting with her husband went over and licked that cum off her back down her ass and cleaned up on her pussy.

That was the end of the show.

We talked to her later and she said her parents know she fucks at these parties and that it fine with them. We asked if her parents ever watched her do anything and she said no, but that her parents have had sex with some of her friends and that her mom had hit on Darren including offering to fuck.

guess it's all good

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