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A promotion had taken me from that affluent area of Houston to Dallas and kept me there for twenty years and as I sat out in the parking lot of the remodeled yet same store I was a manager of before, I had to take a deep breath as the memories of my past crept into my mind. The visions of those frequent visits by Courtney and her mother Janice, coupled with how they always flirted and brushed those soft natural titties of theirs against my arms. I again had been given a promotion from District Manager to Regional Manager while proving myself at the age of forty in Dallas. I walked into the building to perform an interview for a promotion to be my first and was greeted by the new manager, who I knew was a female and yet I had never met her so when I stepped through the door, I was more than pleased as my eyes took in her beauty. The smile was first, and what a beautiful smile it was as she stood there with arm extended to shake my hand and introduced herself as Amy. As my huge hand smothered hers and slowly closed around the softness of her skin, I saw the slight glance down by her. My masculinity showed strong and yet gentle as I returned her handshake, then slowly her eyes moved upward. As I looked into her green eyes, I saw the sparkle of the excitement which must have been anticipated by her and this meeting and then slowly my eyes took in her face and the gentle cascading of her blonde hair and instantly the thought in my mind was beautiful.

As our hands lingered in hold, I lowered my eyes from her face, to her crisp white blouse that was impeccably pressed and to my immediate pleasure, the breasts that quickly caught my attention. As later I found out, they were indeed very real and moreover they were thirty fours. Not wanting to linger any longer, I let go of her hand and took a step to the right, out of the doorway and traffic glancing around the store quickly in an effort to note the changes that had taken place over the years. I saw the window for an office, one way vision I noted, out to the floor so that no one could see in and then the other office window that was above and to the left, just above anyone's view in and yet with that same see out not in window. As I stood there in that moment, I heard the Amy ask if I would like a tour. I smiled down at her pretty face and said sure Amy; I would love a tour of your store. Your store too, she quickly said as a sly smile came over her pretty face and then she quickly moved toward the deli and began our tour. She led me around the perimeter and once or twice I was given the opportunity to check out her body as she walked in front of me. Those long legs of hers were accentuated as the tight black pants clung to her and offering a perfect look at her tight little ass as it swayed gently under the tight material. Her gate as she walked was slow and deliberate and with her every step on the tiled floor, I was given a reminder that she was built solidly. Her as cheeks quivered slightly with each step and as she turned on occasion to look over at me, I caught just a glimpse of her soft breast as it gently jiggled beneath that crisp white blouse of hers.

I fought often as a DM and now in a Regional Manager, with the lust that I had inside of me and often had to turn down the offers that I received from female employees as I visited the stores. So as Amy pushed open the door that led to her backroom and held it for me to pass through, I took the opportunity to face her and slowly brush past those soft beauties of hers and say thank you Amy as I felt just a light touch. The smile on her face was present as she held the door and then as I passed by it dimmed a bit but just as quickly returned as she stepped past me and showed me around the area. I saw the receiver, also a woman and then the dairy man, or boy if you will, and introduced myself to them both. Karla was the receiver, a shapely woman of fifty and the young boy was Kenny who I was later told was twenty four. Turns out later that young Kenny had this thing for Karla and she loved teasing his young ass. So as I shook their hands and followed Amy toward the stairs after the tour, I could not help but notice the spot on the wall where I secretly wrote the initials C&J. The memories of Courtney and Janice almost instantly filled my mind all these years later and as I walked through the doorway into Amy's office. I saw the old pictures on the wall over the filling cabinet that had my staff and Courtney in it and I smiled as I stood there looking at it and then heard Amy say, this way to your office sir. We walked down the hallway to the steps that led up to my new office and as she opened the door and held it, I stepped past but this time with no contact. I stepped onto the soft carpet and then saw to the right my huge desk and a leather sofa with a couple of nice leather chairs in front of the desk and then realized as the door closed, all of the sounds were muffled to silence. I looked around the room and saw the bathroom, complete with a shower and then the refrigerator and more. A closet to hang spare clothes in and most of all, room for my own additions. Amy had stepped to the window and was telling me that she liked my view better from up here and as I stepped up behind her, I saw that she was leaning into the window and that her nice ass was all pushed out, offering me a great look at what I considered now to be a petite booty.

I guess I took a little long to join her and as she turned to look at me, she caught my eyes just making their way up from her ass and at that moment, our game was in progress. A little red in the face, she quickly turned back to the window and asked if I liked this view. I was quick with the reply and told her that the view is perfect for me and then as I stepped beside her, she nervously looked over and up at me then said I hope everything is satisfactory for you Mr. Passion and as the last sound of my name left her lips, I reached over and put my hand on her shoulder and said everything is just perfect, now let's get some work done. May I see your Personnel files; I would like to go over them so I know everyone in the building. Right this way Brad, she said as she turned and led me back down toward her office. She went over the files with me explaining how long and what each person did and then as I opened up the final file, I saw the name and the picture of a young girl that looked just like Courtney. Beautiful face, excellent smile and that was about all I could see so I read on about the name and then saw the emergency contact and my heart skipped a beat. Courtney Smith it said as I read it and then slowly, I closed the file and asked for the schedule. I saw that Natalie was on spring break and was due back next week so I quickly put everything away and told Amy that I would be in my office today making up my schedules. I had been about to write a schedule when I thought I should check and see the past schedules and when Natalie worked so I went back down to the file and found Amy gone to the floor so I checked out the files and learned that she was the morning book keeper and worked five AM to Noon daily M-F. Perfect I thought as I headed back up and made my schedule to match that and then leaning back in my chair I smiled to myself and wondered if this was really Courtney’s daughter?

The week passed and to my dismay, no sign of Courtney or her mother and no Natalie until the phone rang and I just happened to answer it from the Manager’s office. It was a sweet voice on the other end and when she said hi, it’s Natalie; do I come in at six Monday? I said hello, this is Brad and yes you do. Brad she asked in a slightly upbeat questioning tone? Yes Brad, the Regional Manager, I just arrived this week and I will be operating out of your store now. Are you the Brad that ran the store, the same one that is in the picture in the office? Yes I said with a slight laugh, am I infamous? Boy I'll say she said as I heard her cry out Mom, it is Brad. My heart was in my throat as I pressed the phone close to my ear and tried to hear what was being said and then as I stood there, a softer voice came over the phone and my breathing stopped.

Is this my old store manager? You could have knocked me over with a feather as I swallowed hard and tried to answer yes. The word stuck in my throat and a weak yesss sifted through the line. Well I'll be she said and then quickly she told me, this is Courtney, do you remember me? The smile formed on my face while I felt my cock already beginning to grow in my pants , as I cleared my throat and said how I could forget you. The giggle on the other end of the line was so her as she said Mom, it is him. In the next instant, I heard Janice say well hello stranger, it's been a long time. Yes it has I managed to say as I stood there with visions of her beauty filling my mind and then in a very subdued voice she asked if I was still married? No, she left me I said and as I waited for her to respond, I wondered if she was still the hot cougar I came to know? The next question told me she was still on the prowl as she asked if I was available for lunch one day next week. I said sure and said how about Thursday and she said how about Monday, I don't think I can wait that long. I laughed at her and said fine as she picked the place, a new one, just down the road that I saw on the way in today. We will be there waiting Brad and then just like that they hung up the phone.

Monday, I thought would never come as I tapped on the doorway and was let in by the night manager and slowly walked over to the door that lead to the office. I tapped on the door and then waited for it to open for a minute or two. I was about to knock again when a voice behind me said, you must be Brad. I turned just in time to see Natalie standing there at the first step, dressed in a tight black skirt, a white blouse and a smile that lit up the day. An exact image of her mother I thought as she remained there just looking at me with her hand on her hip and a pot of coffee in the other. I said yes I am and you must be Natalie huh? She was up the two steps in a heartbeat, her perfect soft boobs bouncing with each step and at my side pressing them into my arm just like her mother did all those years ago as her free hand reached behind the back of my arm and gently squeezed as she clung to me the best she could and said, my grams and mom have told me all about you. "All", about me I asked as she clung to my arm, pressing those titties of hers into my bare skin letting the warmth of them stimulate my blood and quickly bring it to a slow boil? Why yes Brad, you are their main topic of conversation when we talk about sex, young Natalie said as she pulled her hand from my arm and put her arm out straight to show me the keys for the door hanging on the pink coil ring wrapped around her small tanned wrist. Open the door for me will you Brad she asked as she held that arm out in front of me and waited for me to take the keys.

With my suit jacket and spare shirts in my left hand, I reached up with my right to take the keys and felt my forearm brush over her titties from under them right over her nipples and then as I reached for the keys she said ohhhh and kind of shivered as she stood next to me, saying they were right. As I took the keys, I glanced down at her pretty face and gave her a questioning look and then as I turned the key in the lock and pushed open the huge door, she eased up to me and brushed herself against the front of me as she eased past and into the office. Placing the coffee down on the warmer in the office, she turned back and held out her hand to shake mine and then the other for the keys. I handed her the keys and shook her hand as she said nice to meet you at last and then before I could move, she was in my arms and hugging me so tight. My Mom told me to give you a hug and my Grams said make it a good one as suddenly the hug became more. Her soft young breasts pressed firmly into my crisp shirt I could feel the warmth of them and then I became aware of her legs. Long legs just like her mother I recalled as I saw the image of us hugging in the full length mirror on the wall. With her arms around my waist, I felt her hands move as one slowly inched downward as the other move up my back as my own went voluntarily around her young shoulders and softly I held her there in my arms. Oh did they now I said, as her young eighteen year old body clung to mine and then as she tilted her head back she smiled up at me and said, oh yes Brad, they said to make this hug a hug to remember. As young Natalie smiled that same sexy sly smile her mother did when she first flashed a glimpse of her titties to me, I felt her hand move down over my ass and tenderly she gave it a squeeze as her other hand eased up around my neck and then gently pulled downward. Before I knew what was happening, she was on her tiptoes and about to kiss me on the lips. I pulled back slightly and then saw that look in her eyes as she let go of my ass and put both hands around my neck and gave me a hot wet passionate kiss that I would indeed remember for a long long time.

Natalie was a good kisser, just like her mother and grandmother and as I stood there twenty years later kissing Courtney's daughter, I could not keep my eyes open as they closed down tight while I recalled how first I had kissed her mother. As her young talented tongue darted into my mouth, I snapped back to reality and then felt her legs part some as she repositioned them on either side of my leg. While this hot young girl I have never met before kissed me in that office, I could feel her pressing herself into my thigh and slowly she began to rub that pussy of hers into my leg. About the time I felt my cock begin to get rock hard, she stopped and then as our lips parted, she smiled that smile and asked, "Think you can remember that"? I laughed at her and said of course I can and then stepped back and asked where are the cups? You can cup these any time you want she said as she put her young hands under her boobs and lifted them up in offering.

I gazed down at the twin set of beauties she offered and then softly told her that I just may take you up on that one day, but for now, where do we keep the cups? She frowned and asked don't you like them as she kept working on them in front of me, then as I reached down and held her soft face in my huge palms, I kissed those pouty lips and told her that we better get some work down first don't you think? Oh yeah, well anyway, I just wanted to show you that my Mother and Grandmother showed me how to do stuff too. Stuff I asked, knowing all too well what she meant but wanting to make her tell me. Yeah she said as she smiled that smile, you know don't you Brad, how to kiss, how to tease, how to suck a cock, how to tease an older man, and as she spoke, she eased into me and then deftly put her hand right in my crotch. I was afraid we would be interrupted so I told her we will have to make sure we are alone to do those things Natalie and as she gave me the lower lip again, she said oh, alright and then she quietly found two mugs and poured us a cup. I hid out in my office all morning and was looking forward to lunch when a knock on the door got my attention. I said come on in and then smiled as Natalie walked in with a second cup of coffee. As she took the two steps up, I could see that the short skirt was right above her knees and that her legs were indeed tanned like her mothers. Long and tan they were as I gazed at them watching them glisten with the hint of oil or lotion she must have used this morning.

I stood from behind the desk and that was a mistake as my cock was rock hard from the thought of seeing her mother and Janice in an hour or so. Her eyes were quick to see my condition and as I stood there I saw her looking and then it hit me so I turned away from her and then told her to sit the coffee on the desk. I was facing away from her as she stepped to the desk and then bent over slightly to put it down and asked if I had a coaster for it? I had forgotten I put it in the side drawer of the desk so I turned around just in time to see her bent over like that with her tight ass all flared out in the tight skirt as the black stretchy material clung to her bottom and accentuated her every young curve. My god I thought as I gazed down at her ass and thought it was Courtney's ass and so wanted to touch her. She just stayed there as she looked over her shoulder and watched me looking and then with all the intention of a tease, she spread her legs a bit and let her ass sway back and forth slowly as she whispered her sultry question. You like my ass Brad? I was nodding my head yes before I could think and while I stared in disbelief at her tender ass, swaying beneath the dark skirt, her hands eased to the sides of her skirt and slowly began to pull it up. My mouth opened slightly to tell her to stop that and nothing came out as more and more of those strong young tanned legs came into view. When just a hint of the bottom of her ass was showing she paused and asked me softly, almost in a whisper, if I wanted her to show me all of her ass? Lost in lust I just nodded yes as my head turned slight to the right and I watched as she pulled that tight skirt up over her perfect ass and showed me the best looking young ass I had seen in years, separated simply by the white thong that ran down between her tender young ass cheeks. Her brown tanned bottom looked as if the thong accentuated it, as her hands stopped pulling and then slowly eased down to spread her lovely tight teenaged cheeks. While she spread her cheeks slightly, she eased her feet apart more and then bent down to where her titties were touching on the desk, revealing almost all of her hidden assets.

Young Natalie was trained well by her mentors and she knew it as she jiggled her ass cheeks for me and then pulled them slowly apart to show me her hidden pussy lips. Trimmed and trimmed well, I could just make out the slit of her tender trim as her talented finger eased under the strap of the thong that ran down the crack of her sweet young ass and disappeared where I wanted to go so badly. I was just staring at her as she showed off that soft pussy of hers to me when another knock on the door brought us back to reality. I reached over and patted the young beauty on the ass and said cover up, cover up quickly and just like that she pushed her skirt back into place and moved to the left of the desk as I eased around to the seat and tried to hide my raging hard on as a voice said it is Amy Brad, did you get your coffee yet? Natalie took over like a pro and quickly eased to the door and opened it with a smile and said his boss lady, I just gave him a cup, and you need one too? As Natalie glanced back toward me she winked and tossed me that smile so I said thanks Natalie, I needed this and as I held up the cup of Joe, she scurried down the steps and headed for her own office. Amy too was dressed in a tight skirt today and looked even hotter than last Friday when I arrived. It fit her like a glove, much like Natalie’s and as she took the two steps up, she hollered at Natalie to bring her a cup then walked to the chairs in front of my desk and sat down.

The chairs were situated perfectly for my pleasure I guess as she sat down and very slowly crossed her legs. The slight flash of white skin let me know that she had some kind of legs as the short skirt rode up on her thighs and gave me a good look at what she had to offer. Natalie was right back with the coffee and then went back to work but not without a look back at me and a big smile and wink as she put her hand on her ass and mocked the word, later! I went over numbers with Amy for half an hour and then had to show her a plan I had so as she reached over and put the cup on the front of my desk, I just watched her uncross her legs and rise. In my mind I was thinking lust filled thoughts about this young store manager but knew it should never happen as I watched her slowly ease around the desk and place her left hand on top of it, flashing that wedding band for anyone to see. I was showing her the plan when she leaned down and across the desk for her cup and as she did that left breast of hers grazed over my arm and then slowly she came back the same way she went. She could have just straight up walked around and picked it up but as she pulled it back across my arm, she moved her face toward me and softly smiled as asked, like your coffee?

As she remained bent over, but with her titty just above my arm, I said sure, the coffee is great. She smiled then began to tell me that she heard about me when she made manager of this store, so I asked oh yeah from who? Oh the customers mostly, but one employee in particular. Who I asked unprepared for her answer, not knowing that she knew Courtney at all. Courtney, Natalie's mother she said with a slight smile that made her mouth quiver a little as she remained close to me. All good I hope, I said as I fought the urge to quiz her about it and to my amazement, she just told me. Oh she loved you very much Amy said as she began to straighten and then stood there beside me. Putting her left hand on my shoulder, she patted me lightly and then said she thought you were the greatest and in fact, her mother backed that up too. Really I said as I took a sip of coffee and tried to think about those good times we shared. Oh yes, Amy said they told me all about you. Did they now I said as I slowly turned my chair toward her and looked right up into her green eyes. Standing there with the light behind her, she looked the vision as the crisp white blouse stood out as it disappeared under the tight waistband of her tight black skirt. Her hand left my shoulder and went to her hip as she tossed it to the side and stood there with this look on her face. I asked her point blank, so tell me Amy, what did those two beautiful women have to say about me? Amy supprised the hell out of me as she eased toward me just a half step or so and then bending down she put her hand on my leg and let it slowly ease upward. When it was just midway up my thigh, she moved it over the edge toward the middle and by then her face was right in front of mine. She slowly licked her soft glossed lips and flashed a sly smile as her fingertips lingered just inches from my crotch and then said, now wouldn’t you like to know? Then laughing she said I will see you later Brad and left me sitting there with my rock hard cock about to burst from my pants.

Noon came and none too soon and as I headed out the door, Natalie called out wait for me. I looked back to see her beautiful breasts swaying with her every move as she half walked and ran toward me in the parking lot. Mom said I could come too; can you give me a ride? Sure I said as I opened her door and let the young thing in. My new truck was huge and as she melted into the soft leather seat, she said niccccce and then fastened her seatbelt. I slipped in and drove us down the road to the restaurant and found a spot out back to park, away from the rest of the cars. As I eased into the spot, up pulled a new BMW and it parked to my left. I glanced down and there sitting in the passenger seat was Courtney's mom Janice. If time ever held women in place, it was now as I gazed down at her beauty and recalled that same face being a vision of beauty as she smiled up at me and blew me a kiss. I glanced over to Natalie just as she was exiting the truck and caught a look at her fine legs and then just like that I was getting out myself and opening the door for Janice. When I took her hand she pulled me downward and simply tossed her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her soft lips on my neck were a turn on as they lingered just long enough and then slowly she let her hold on my neck go as she took my hand in hers and quickly before anyone could see, she turned slightly in the seat, slipped my hand up between her legs and gave me a little scent to remember her by. The woman was flawless, beauty reigned supreme as she flashed a smile that would stop any man’s heart and said remember this lover as she shoved my fingers up under my nose. I inhaled her scent and smiling said mmmmm god how I have longed to taste where that "Cums" from I said as I winked and kissed her on the lips. I assisted her out of the car and was amazed with her body, trimmed and fit, no saggy arms there and toned, dang I thought as I gazed at her in amazement then felt a pair of hands slip around my waist and knew instantly it was Courtney.

I slowly turned round in her arms and as I did I let my arms brush over her titties as our eyes met and sparks flew but when she flashed that smile of hers, I was once again lost in lust. She pulled me into her and gave me a kiss right there in the lot while her mom and daughter watched and it was no friend kiss. It was filled with passion, tongue and all and when young Natalie said wow mom you two must have really got it on. I heard her talking and yet had no intention of stopping Courtney as she kissed me with those soft young lips and then began to pull tighter and tighter to me before at last our lips parted and she simply said, oh Brad hold me. I held her tight as she stood there trembling in my arms and then before I could speak, she whispered to her mother, fuck lunch, let's just go home. I felt Janice's hand go around my waist and heard her ask can we and slowly I let Courtney ease from my grasp and then looked down at my watch. I had half the day to work and Natalie with me, how could I just go from here I thought and then suddenly I felt Courtney's hand unzipping my fly and deftly hauling out my cock. Damn she was good at that I remembered as she stood there against me so her daughter could not see stroking and milking my huge cock in her tender hand and then it hit me. Courtney was now a MILF, just like her mother and as she gently worked on my cock, I thought about it and then slowly set forth the plan. We would return to work on time, then Natalie would leave at one thirty as scheduled, I would leave just before her and wait here in the lot for her and she could lead me to the place. Perfect Janice said as she eased her hand down there too and joined her daughters hand as she stood on her tiptoes and told me that I was about to have two MILF's and a daughter this time.

I was so fucking horny that I about came right then and there but the two ladies knew how to cure that so as they tucked my dick back into my pants and zipped me up, they said see you in an hour and just like that they slipped into the beamer and left us standing there. We had fifteen more minutes or so to get back and as I started up the truck, Natalie asked what's the hurry? I looked over at her and said what do you mean and then watched as she eased that tender young ass of hers off the seat and pulled her skirt up. I expected to see a white thong and instead I had a clear view of trimmed pussy hair and a tan line that broke right over it. Did you expect to see this she said as she reached under herself and tossed the white thong right up into my face? I caught it with my left hand and held it close inhaling the scent of her young cunt as she positioned herself in the huge seat, back to the window and legs spread as she began to finger that pussy of hers. She coyly asked if I liked to eat young pussy as her talented fingers slid in and out of her tender young teenage snatch and then all soft and sexy like she told me that we only have a few minutes before we need to get back. I bent down over the console and inhaled her sweet scent, I knew it was now or never. When my soft lips touched her pussy lips for the first time, she said ohhhh out loud and then eased down into my mouth as I began to go down on that tender pussy of hers. I was doing her good when her long tan legs began to tremble and then I felt her entire body begin to shake as she clung to my head pulling me into her tender trap hard. I sucked down on that hardened young clit and got it right between my lips for a minute or two then heard her moan even louder. She was whimpering words of eat me, eat my young pussy good Brad when I glanced up all I saw was Amy standing right at the window. I just froze right there with a mouth full of Natalie's cunt and stared at her as she smiled down at me and not until then did I see her hand cupping her breast. I let that tender young pussy of Natalie's slip from my mouth as I watched her toying with her tit and then while Natalie told me how good that was, Amy just stopped what she was doing and smiled that smile, raising her eyebrow a little in that ah ha gesture and quickly went to her car. I watched her drive out of the lot then tossed the thong back to Natalie who pulled it back on. Thoughts filled my mind as I drove us back and wondered just how long I would have my job.

We got back on time and Natalie headed for the ladies room to clean up while I headed for my office to wash my face and get the pussy juice off my face and as I stepped into my bathroom, I did not see her. She was to my left on the sofa as I bent down to turn on the water and felt her hands go around my waist. Pulling me back she said I will clean that up for you Brad. I turned around to see Amy standing there naked and she was drop dead gorgeous. Blonde hair on top blonde hair on the bottom and trimmed to perfection as it stood out with her tanned skin. I just stood there as she stood on her tiptoes and began to kiss and lick the pussy juice from my face. As she got more and more of a taste of Natalie in her mouth, she began to warm up and then she told me how long she had wanted to taste that girl’s pussy. Seems Amy loves women and the younger the better she told me as she licked her lips and then told me in the next breath that she loved big cocks too. She was indeed a petite woman with a smallish waist and yet she possessed those long legs. She was all over me as her hands quickly found my belt and then the button and zipper of my pants and while I watched her push my pants to the floor, she just looked up at me and said give me what I want and I will never ever tell a soul what I saw today. With that she opened that mouth of hers and all but swallowed my dick down her throat. Deep throating me was a breeze for her and my cock was nine and half inches long stiff and hard. Her talent and skills were more than I could take as she sucked me in and then looked up at me with those green eyes and winked. As my dick slowly emerged from her mouth she held it in her tiny hands and asked, do we have a deal boss man? I looked down into those cock hungry eyes of hers and nodded my head yes as that tongue of hers circled my flared mushroom head and then slowly she sucked it down inside of her hungry mouth once again. I was so fucking lost in this that I failed to see Natalie come into the office until she eased around the corner of the bathroom and stood there smiling at us. While Amy's head bobbed up and down my shaft, I watched Natalie pull up her skirt once again and then push that thong down to her ankles and deftly step from it. With her pussy exposed to me she began to finger it and then I felt my hips begin to respond to Amy's head job. I reached down and held her golden locks tightly in my hands as I began to move in and out of her mouth and when she felt my cock poking against the back of her throat, she tried to pull back, but I held her tight then told her she wanted it, she is going to get it and with that I began to move faster and faster into her face.

As I face fucked the hottie manager, Natalie was fingering her own pussy and that got me over the edge as I shot my load deep inside the petite blondes mouth and as she sucked down my last shot, I released her and told her that she was getting the best of two fantasies today, look. As she slowly turned on her knees, she saw Natalie's bare pussy right in her face and with one motion, she was on her. Kissing her young fingers sucking on them to get the juice from that long slender one she used and then as she looked up into the young girl’s eyes she told her that she wanted to eat her pussy for sooooo long. Come get it boss lady she said as she stepped backward across the carpeted office to the sofa and sat down. Legs spread she waited as Amy crawled over to her, her perfect ass left unprotected and exposed to me, she simply pushed the younger girl down on the sofa and crawled up on top of her and went down on that fine young pussy. Natalie was into it big time as her boss went down on her and paused over and over to tell her she tasted so fucking good. Then to my surprise Natalie told her that she wanted to eat her pussy too. I was standing there about ready to tap that pussy of Amy's when Natalie and Amy maneuvered around and began to sixty-nine each other. As the two of them ate pussy, I saw that manager’s ass in the air and wanted it bad so I eased to the end of the couch and took hold of her petite little hips and pulled her toward the edge. The two of them adjusted as I tugged and when she was in position, I tapped that pussy and tapped it good. Shoving half of my cock into her cunt I then pulled it out and then half again and out, over and over I teased while the two of them went down on each other. I glanced at the clock and it read twelve forty-five, we had forty-five minutes so I slammed my dick into that soft married cunt and then it hit me. Another MILF, or was she? As I fucked that cunt of hers I asked her if she had any kids and as she tried to answer, her voice was muffled by the muff she was eating.

I kept at her until the two of them came and then as was about to shoot my load, I told her I was going to cum. She looked back at me and said no babies, I cannot have any babies, give me all of your cum Brad, fill my pussy with your hot cum. I was giving her the last shot of my hot jissm when she looked up at Natalie and said we have to do this again. Amy slowly looked back at me and said, my husband does not want kids, he wants me to keep my pussy tight for him so he can get off. I smiled at her as she cried and told her story and then as I felt the last of my cum spurt from my cock, I heard her tell me that she would leave my cum inside of her tonight when he fucks me and see if he can tell the difference. Laughing we all dressed and then Natalie headed for the parking lot while I retied my tie and then felt Amy's arms around my waist. Kiss me Brad she said as she eased around to the front of me and lingered just there for the moment. I kissed her softly at first then with more passion and then just like that she let go and stepped back and softly told me that this will be our secret, don't worry about it at all, no one will ever find out, as long as you give this to me now and then and as she said this, she tugged on my semi hard cock tucked neatly inside my slacks.

I was in my truck heading for the parking lot in ten minutes and ten minutes later, I was following that tender young trim to her home. We headed down a familiar street then made a turn and just like that it came back to me as we turned down a long driveway. I was just realizing that the trees had grown some when we pulled into the front of the place and out came two women in bikinis. I was slipping the truck into park when Janice opened my door and stood there waiting for me to exit. As I looked down at her, I was mesmerized with her beauty and the fact that she was ageless. Fuck me I thought as she reached out for my hand and pulled me from the truck. I felt her arms go around my neck one minute and the next thing I know is we were kissing. It lasted for a minute or so and then I heard Courtney say, dang mom, I need some too and just like that, the hot young girl of twenty years ago was in my arms and she felt as soft and beautiful as she did then. As I stood once again in the arms of those two, I could not help but think about how I once upon a time ago fucked a MILF and her daughter and now, here I was with not one but two MILF's and a daughter. As we walked slowly into the house once again, I wondered if I could live up to the name that the mother and daughter had made for me and fulfill the lust that had been building all these years inside not only the Mother, but also the daughter and the daughters daughter.

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