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"Hotel Experience"
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Before Christmas I was able to tempt the big man to a few hours satisfying my horny body.

I booked into the hotel and text him the room number. As always, the anticipation of spending time pleasuring the big man had me wet and ready for him. I had no idea how long I would be waiting, stripping off I emptied my bag and reviewed the selection of toys I had brought with me. I love using them, making him watch knowing that it excites him.

I had promised stockings, suspenders and very little else but it seemed strange waiting for him in a nearly naked state. Slipping my blouse back on I settled on the bed with a drink and flicked through the channels on the TV. Nigella had barely finished stuffing the turkey when there was a knock at the door. I looked through the spy hole, I have no idea who else would be knocking but it seemed like only moments since I had sent him the room number.

Although it is years now, the very presence of him in the room still sends butterflies through my body. He wants to shower and walks away from me. I need him to let me undress him, I want to, in my fantasies I get to, I need to undo one button at a time and ease his shirt off his beautiful body. I want to kiss his naked torso as my hands release his belt and jeans. I know I won’t get to, but I can watch and that will do. I know not to demand, I’m here to satisfy him. He showers and I drink.

This man has the strength to take whatever he wants from me, I would not stop him, I want him so much, but he is gentle and patient with me. His hands, his lips caress and encourage me to reach my full potential. He knows what I want, I love the taste of him, my mouth finds his hard cock as his fingers weave in my hair. Sucking and swallowing are so far up my list of thrills, taking his cock in my mouth, listening to him exhale as my lips grip him gives me an amazing sense of control. I do love the control, I am the madam, he is my bitch and giving up my control is not easy for me.

As he pushes me back onto the bed his lips find my hot wet pussy lips. This man had amazing talents ladies trust me! He has me trembling as wave after wave of orgasm washes through me.

I love hotel fucking, the freedom to be vocal, anonymity gives me an extra buzz, the hotel staff are not stupid and know that I’m checking in to get fucked. I’m a cock sucking whore but I am the madam in charge.

Too many drinks, a lot of fun with the toys and a lot of fucking later he has my arse plugged and ticks another box on my bucket list. As I gush over him I bite my lip so as not to scream. This man who allows me to use and abuse his body, who satisfies me in every way has made me gush. He has taught me so much about my own body, he has made me the madam I am, he makes me wet with the sound of his voice and now the thrill of his body in me has given him what he has been wanting, his bitch squirting.

Next time will be even better, I'm going to be his gushing bitch.

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