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"Late To College"
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Late to College
This started just after my divorce. I was a junior at a local University. I was majoring in Fine Art. I was 43 years old at the time and I had made many friends with the younger students. This is the story of a lovely 20year old dancer/art student. Her name was Rachel and she was 5’5, 32b and about 90 pounds. She had dark brown hair and lovely brown eyes. She was a bit of a tomboy and a bit on the ordinary looking side. She was very shy and timid at first. I first met Rachel in the drawing room with a group of five other freshman girls. I was working in a computer lab at the time that was next to the drawing room. The group of young women were working on some still life homework and playing music very loud. I was asked to go talk to them to lower the music and noise for the computer nerds to work. When I first saw Rachel she was wearing a black wife beater shirt with jeans and her hair parted in the center and pulled back into a ponytail. She was quite cute with a shy smile on her face. Because I was over twice their ages, they mistook me as a professor. Over the semester I would wander into the drawing room and give advice on how to improve their drawings. Rachel seemed to be attracted to me but too shy to admit anything. We became close and talked quite a bit about everything. One day we were having lunch in a grassy area on campus and she asked about my marriage and divorce. Soon the subject turned to her asking questions about sex. This is when I discovered that she was still a virgin. She had a boyfriend before college but broke up because he was trying to pressure her into sex. As we grew closer she would volunteer to help me with projects for my final senior exhibit. I also helped her find work in the art office and as a model for some art classes. She never modeled nude for any classes just as a dancer. She would also join me on photoshoots and modeled for photos at times (never nude). After I had graduated and found a career, we stayed close. She started to model more for me for some extra cash. Starting out as pin up of steampunk styles then into leotards and bathing suits. She became very comfortable with me as time passed and finally asked if I’d like her to try some nude work. I was more than happy to agree. So off she went to the other room, soon she returned bare naked. What a lovely site to see. A slight brown tan with tanlines from summer. To my surprise she had a neatly trimmed patch just above her clit. There was a shine on her pussy lips where she had already become aroused. Her breast were firm and perky and very hard nipples that stood out like erasers, circled by a light brown areola. She asked me if it was ok how she looked and I was speechless. I stood there drinking in her beauty. I had seen her nipples through her tops many times because she hardly wore a bra. I had seen her nice firm ass in tight jeans or shorts, leotards and even a bikini. But this was all new and even more beautiful than I had seen before. She looked at me and again asked if everything was ok? This time I snapped out of it enough to say yes. Her face had a sudden blush and the shine on her pussy became obviously damp as she noticed the bulge in my jeans. We both ignored this the best we could as she started the first pose. With every line I placed on the paper my eyes soaked in her beauty. The aroma of her untouched pussy filled the air as I continued my drawing. She began to ask questions about sex and what it was like. She began to squirm on the stool she was sitting on. The stool was draped with a gray sheet. I decided she was moving too much and needed a break to stretch. When she stood up I noticed a very nice sized wet spot on the sheet. She didn’t bother to put on the robe I had for her. And came and stood beside me to view my progress. She was so close her hard nipple was touching my arm. This only increased the strain of my cock in my jeans. As she gently moved her nipple rubbed against my arm and she softly sighed. She said the drawing was amazing and she never believed that anyone could make her look so lovely. I turned to look at her and I couldn’t stop, we kissed. It started out soft and gentle with no other touching. Then as her lips parted and our tongues began a sexual dance my hand slid to her soft firm ass. Then the other hand slid over her firm taught belly and she moaned with a sexy sultry desire. She place one hand at the base of my neck and mashed her mouth to mine. Her other hand trembled as it touched my thigh. She pulled away gently after what seemed forever of the kiss. She said she couldn’t help herself anymore and needed desperately to become a woman. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bed. I removed my shirt and slide in beside her I kissed her softly and moved to the side of her neck kissing as I went. My hand slid from her stomach up between her pert breast her breathing became quick with soft sighs. I traced her tender mounds and gently teased across each nipple as I nibbled on her ear lobe and kissed her neck more intensely. Her body stiffened then began to shake. She moaned “Ohh my” as she felt her very first orgasm. I kissed my way down to her breast she was still shaking a little as my tongue tickled her stiff nipple and she arched her back and pulled my head to her breast as her other hand found the bulge in my jeans. Her eyes widened as her slim fingers traced the length. This was her first experience touching a man’s penis. As one of my hands squeezed and grouped her ass my other trace to the small patch of pubic hair. She gasped deep as my fingers teased closer to her uncharted female desires. I could feel the intense heat that was escaping between her thighs, the air was filled with her aromatic juices. I could not contain my wants and desires anymore. I kissed down her belly and nuzzled through the soft fur and I could see her stomach rise and fall with anticipation and desire. Her legs opened without any assistance inviting me into the uncharted area of her lust. I attacked her now very wet vagina with my mouth and tongue causing her to arch her back and lift her upper body off the bed her hands clasp my head and pulled me ever so deep into her wanting love treasure. Her body quaked as a more intense orgasm washed over her body like a tidal wave. Her legs shook uncontrollably as she tried to force my face as deep as possible into her electrified pussy. A Flood of liquid flowed out and through my beard and mustache. I worked feverishly to drink all the sweetness in. she collapsed onto the bed still shaking as I softly kissed her inner thighs. I slid up her body and kissed her passionately. At first the taste of her own nectar was a shock to her but then the taste and erotic idea of the situation took over and she greedily tried to recapture her own juices from my mouth. Without a thought she began to grind her pelvis into my bulging jeans. Then as the realization of her natural lust set in she asked me to remove my jeans and finish helping her on her journey to become a woman. A woman with lust and desire in her eyes and a body on fire, wanting to feel a man deep inside her for the first time. Soon I was naked and laying on top of her my shaft pressed against her clit. I reached down and slid my solid cock over her flowing wet pussy lips coating it with her juices. As I parted her lips and began my decent into her pussy for the first time she let out a groan. Then she thrust her hips into me as my shaft broke the veil of her womanhood. She gasp and moaned but did not try to repel from the entering of my cock. I slowly worked in and out and deeper with ease until I was fully inside her hot wet walls. I paused so she could adjust to the girth and length that filled her once hidden void. She began to work her hips so that I would begin the adventure to her next delightful orgasm. We kissed with an
animal-like passion as I thrust in and out of her wanting pussy. With every thrust she raised to meet me. She was tighter than any woman I had ever encountered in my life. Soon I was shaking and on the verge of climax myself. She begged me to fill her vagina with all my seed. She had been on the pill for a few years to help regulate her cycles. So as requested I exploded it felt so tight that it was like her hand was squeezing it trying to tear it from my body. Feeling my orgasm and the hot semen filling her vagina caused her to explode into yet another exciting and electric orgasm. This was too much for her small self as she lost consciousness for a short time. When she regained herself after awaking, we laid there kissing and holding one another as we both fell asleep. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and love affair for the two of us.

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