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This took place around ten years ago when we bought a villa on the Greek Island of Rhodes south of Lindos. My husband David loves the Greek Islands, the Island we decided to buy a villa for us had to be Rhodes.

I am Susan married to David I was 49 at the time David was 56, I am a size 12 and 34dd bra. We also have a house in England we like to come home every now and again and July and August the Island is busy and very hot, so we head home for a couple of months.

David and I interviewed three ladies to clean for us Maria, seemed just what we wanted and came with good recommendations. I explained David and I like to swim and sun bath in the nude and was that a problem for her, she said no it was fine, I did explain if she had a problem we would cover up whilst she was in the villa working, she insisted it was fine and not a problem.

It was around 11am on a Wednesday morning, when I noticed Maria, looking out of the window to the patio area. I went over to see if everything was okay , looking out of the window I saw David on his back asleep on the lounger with a hard cock, I swallowed and apologised to Maria, she said no problem I like to see men like this I only wish my Husband could get hard. You are a very lucky lady to have a man with such a cock. Okay if she was fine with it so was I, She turned and said Mrs Susan do you think I could feel it, I have not felt a hard cock in five years and I miss it. Now Maria is an attractive 52 year old women who's husband is 67 years old.

You need to ask David, she said no I need your permission, Yes you have my permission. I watched as she went onto the patio and took David's cock in her hand, he jumped and said Maria, it is okay Mrs Susan said I can do this. Maria, started to wank David as I joined them I sat on a lounger watching the entertainment as David sat up and took off her top followed by her bra, nice pair I thought, he soon had her pants and skirt off, he played with her erect nipples and fingered her pussy, Maria turned and asked Mrs Susan is this okay yes enjoy. She wanked and sucked on him like a crazed women, when she said Mr David I need to fuck David bent her over the lounger and fucked her she cam and cam again David could not last longer and shot his load of cum into Maria, when the flopped out we all had a coffee naked.

Maria said it was great and could she and David do it again I told her yes however I will also want to be part of it, no problem Mrs Susan. I told her we would only agree if she stopped calling us Mr David and Mrs Susan she laughed saying it is a deal.

When Maria now arrives she strips naked and at times down to sexy underwear, she always makes sure we do not have visitors.

A few weeks later friends from England came to stay the month with us, I explained she was okay to strip and have sex and if she was fine with it we would all have sex together, why not that sounds okay. When I showed her a photo of Ric, portrait and nude she said oh we will have a good time.

We had a great time having girl on girl and fucking the boys, Maria still cleans our villa enjoying the extras she gets we also enjoy the extras from her.

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