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First off thank you for the votes on my first story. It was my first time trying to write about my experiences.
So i continued to tease my young girl toy and try to get her modesty down a bit. Small steps like sex at park and going braless with those sweet young perky tits covered by little tops.
We used my friends house quite a bit for convenience and i get to show her off a bit.
We had ben talking and she had a couple hours after gym if i wanted to meet her at our play house. She just said needed a shower after gym and could use a little back rub because sore.
I stopped by toy store and got her little sheer thong to show off that sweet firm ass. Also got sum Tasty massage lotion as it was called. I went over and hung out with my friend till my toy arrived. She came in kissed me while i grabbed that sweet ass in her little gym shorts. She jumped in shower and i had left thong on sink for her to wear for me. She came out in towel and talked to us few minutes and said she was ready for her massage as only had so much time. She led me back to room so i pulled towel off so he could see her ass in new thong.
I laid her back on towel so no lotion got on his bed. We kissed a bit and i started rubbing sum of the Tastey lotion as it was called on her chest and boobs. It was getting so sticky so i added more. Made it worse so i called him in to get wet washrag to clean it off. He came in to her on her back and nipples hard and nice sheer thong. He said didnt like lotion? I said to sticky so he said taste bad? I said not sure and poured little on both nipples and said you try right ill do left.She had that omg look but we both licked then sucked her nips before she could chicken out. Her nipples are so sensitive and she just tilted head back and moaned. I quit sucking and said tastes like medicine and few seconds later he took his hand off her tit and gave one last lick to her now rock hard nipple. He said yea its not great but so worth it. He said he had some massage oil but hadnt tried it yet. I said get it and she quickly rolled over on her stomach.
He brought it back and i said u squirt it on and ill start. I started rubbing into her neck and back and told him to start at her legs. She reached out n grabbed my leg with a nervous look on her face. I just rubbed her shoulders as he started at ankles and worked way up. Her grip on me loosened as she started to relax. I told him to rub it in good as he was putting more oil on her ass. I let him rub her ass and pulled her legs apart so he could get to everything not covered by thong. We switched ends and i could see him rubbing down her sides getting sides of her tits in process. I said these are in way as i quickly pulled her thong off. She stiffened up briefly but i told him to take one leg as i rubbed other. Of course we had to spread her legs a bit to get to good spots. We could see how wet her smooth pussy was getting as we rubbed all the way up getting her lips and all of her ass. I said ok front now and rolled her over repositioning towel. Her nipples were so hard knowing she was completely exposed to two men twice her age
We squirted oil all over her tits and down to her pussy. We were squezzing her tits and pulling on her nips pretty hard. She just tilted her head to the side and mouth opened like omg this is hot. We were talking about how hot she looked all oiled down and he was as excited feeling that young firm body as much as i do. We rubbed farther down towards that pussy i know he wanted to feel again. I was still rubbing her tits and tugging on her nipples as i saw him rub down her thighs and open them up so he could rub her smooth lips. Her back started arching and i looked to see him rubbing her pussy all over. Her breathing got heavy so i said make her cum. He started rubbing harder and saw him lean down n push her legs apart and start licking her wet pussy. I could hear how wet she was as he was sliding fingers inside and licking. Im sure part was the oil but she sounded so wet and moaning. I leaned up and kissed her lips then down to neck. I pulled her oily nipples hard and pulled her hand up and slid thru leg of my shorts to show how hard i was. She was gripping my cock pretty hard with short strokes. I whispered in her ear how hot she looked all oily and lusty and i said cum for me baby as she gripped my cock hard and arched her back. I quickly put my lips on her nipple and sucked hard as she gave out her so fucking sexy moan and started cummimg. I heard him finger her harder and i said easy save sum for me. She was panting as i said switch spots. I slowly kissed around her belly and slid two fingers inside slowly in and out. Her pussy is so tight it was gripping my fingers as i slowly rubbed her gspot. When she was calm enuf i started licking her pussy. He was gripping her tits and pulling her hard nipples then sucking. Have to say they oil on body wasnt the greatest tasting but we continued like it wasnt there. I was looking up watching him kiss her neck but she turned head so no lips. I continued licking and saw him grab her hand and help it up his shorts. She would slowly stroke as i licked hard but if i slowed up she stroked faster like trying to catch up. I licked and started nibbling and sucking her clit while i rubbed her gspot. She started breathing heavy so i sucked harder and she came hard again. I licked up all i could and had her cum all over my mouth and chin. I climbed up and kissed her and let her lick my lips and suck my tongue. I glanced over n saw her stroking harder now in his shorts. I said you know you cant leave us hard and blue right? She looked nervous again and he said if she keeps this up i wont last much longer. I leaned in an whispered you want to taste your pussy off hard cock? She said oh yes so i rolled her onto knees at edge of bed. I whispered to him few strokes then put in her mouth. He pulled shorts down and pushed it in slowly. She arched her back and looked back n saw me standing with shorts poking out. He did 4 strokes balls deep then pulled out and pulled her head around. Only took her few sucks and he was grabbing her head and cumming. I was trying to position to fuck her pussy same time but he was done already. He said omg that was great and spent and going to shower. I put her on her back and pulled to edge of bed. Gripped her ankles and slid my cock inside her wet pussy. She said she thought i meant lick her cum off me. I said well i didnt say who as i started pounding ball deep and watching her sexy oily body and tits bounce every thrust. After we were done fucking i said well 2 off your bucket list. 4 hand massage and both nipples sucked same time. She said shes never felt so sexy in her life. I said well havent finished list yet.
Thank you for readin.

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