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I called Jessica and told her I’d like for her to come over Saturday morning. I didn’t give her any details, only saying that I had something private I wanted to talk to her about. She agreed and mentioned that she would bring TJ along. She said they would be at my house within the hour. I heard Josh moving about in his room and called to him, telling him that TJ would be over in an hour.

I printed the first part of this story and put it under the center cushion of the couch. My hands were slightly shaking. I sat anxiously on the sofa waiting for my best friend….as least up until I tell her about my experience with Josh. I had no idea what reaction she would have.

Time passed incredibly slowly. Finally, I heard Jessica’s car pull into the driveway. I looked out the window to see her and TJ walking toward the front door of my house. Behind me, I herd Josh running through the house to meet his friend at the door. As I opened the door, Josh rushed past me, taking his friend and walking quickly toward the street. I presumed they were going to the park. Both yelled back to us, telling us they’d be back in a few hours. I reached out to Jessica and hugged her, making the hug last a bit longer than normal. She returned the hug and said “Let’s go inside.”

“Let’s open a bottle”, I suggested, motioning toward the bottle of wine that I had placed on the coffee table.

Jessica smiled and nodded, but remained quiet. I was biting my lip as I poured the wine. I guess it was pretty apparent that I was both nervous and deep in thought. We sat on opposite ends of the course, each drinking our wine in silence.

“Cindy…..are you okay?” She finally asked.

“Jess, something happened last weekend. I wrote it down because I’m too nervous to say it out loud. I want to tell you about it, but I am worried that you will think I am a horrible person. Jess…I don’t want to lose you. You are the best friend I have ever had.”

“Cindy, nothing you can say or nothing you did can change our friendship,” she said as she reached over to me and held my hand.
I reached for the wine and refilled both of our glasses. I desperately needed the wine to get through this. Plus it gave me a few more seconds to think about if I really wanted Jessica to know the details of last weekend. Jessica sat patiently…….quietly………not pushing me. Time passed as we sipped our wine and I pondered the repercussions of revealing the sordid details from seven days ago. Finally, I reached under the center pillow and removed the manuscript. Slowly, I handed it to Jessica with my trembling hands.
“Cindy…..honey……..nothing can be this bad” she said in her reassuring voice.

“Let me refill that glass before you start reading. You might need it,” I said slowly, in a soft tone. As I finished filling her glass, and mine, she began to read the story. I guess she felt she needed to reassure me soon into reading the first page.

“You do have cute tits,” she said, smiling and suppressing a laugh. A small wave of relief rushed over me. Maybe this would not be so bad after all. She continued to read.

She finished the first, second and third pages with occasional smiles throughout the narrative. Maybe she was complimented by my comments about her, or maybe I am just an incredibly great writer I thought. These thoughts and the wine were helping to calm me. I watched as Jessica continued onto page four. She stopped and smiled at me, reassuring me that everything was fine. She made another joke, this time saying “whittle bit….that’s cute”. She returned to her reading.

Remembering the content of page five, I braced myself as I knew Jessica was about to get to the part where Josh had come into my room. She reached out for her wine glass, holding it in one hand and turning the pages with the other hand. I watched as her eyes widened and transfixed themselves on the sequential pages. Her jokes and occasional stops were now gone. Her only actions were reading the text and sipping a quickly emptying glass. I reached over to the wine bottle, now well past half empty, and refilled her glass. She kept reading, never acknowledging my action.

I stared at her face, trying to get some indication of either approval, acceptance or revulsion. For several pages, I saw no change in expression. She read intently. I watched her intently. We both drank the wine, but with me sipping and her taking more and more voluminous drinks. I began to notice a change in her breathing and her face began to flush.

I saw that she was on page 13, where Josh had uncovered me and had begun to fondle and finger my dripping pussy. Jessica quivered and swallowed hard. Was she having an orgasm? I noticed she was shaking as she finished the story. She turned the last page and put her hand over her mouth. She sat like that for 30 seconds or so, and them looked up at me and smiled. I cannot express how relieved I was seeing this reaction.

“Cindy”, she said softly, “that was the most intense thing I have read in my life. Did this really happen?”

“Yes, all of it.”

Jessica sat there in silence. Finally, almost as if she was reading my mind, she said “We need more wine”. I again smiled at her ability to eliminate tension with a joke or comment.

The next hour was spent drinking wine, cooking some snacks and discussing the details. Jessica was voracious about knowing everything, including how Josh and I were reacting this week. I told her that my son must be a masterful liar, as he had given me no indication of anything that happened.

Also, I told her of the conversation between Josh and TJ, and how they were hoping and planning of doing it again. Hearing that TJ and Josh both wanted to do this to her resulted in a gasp. She moved her hand again over her mouth again and stood there in silence.

Jessica started to speak twice before being able to vocalize her question. “Do you think this would hurt the boys in any way?” I had thought about this all week. I love Josh and would never do anything that would harm him. I explained to her the justifications I had to allow this to continue.

After a minute of contemplation, she said she agreed. I was so glad she was having this reaction. My fears evaporated and I exhaled a long breath.

“Cindy, my turn to bring up something.”

I answered without hesitation, “Go ahead”.

Jessica smiled a coy smile at me, took a deep breath and said in a quivering voice, “I want to do this too”, pointing at the manuscript. My eyes widened and questions began to flood my brain.

For the next hour, we formulated a plan. We needed to somehow get me and Jessica, and our two sons in a situation where last weekend could be repeated. We had to do this in such a way they would not suspect that this was anything but good luck on their part. Also, much different than the experience with Josh and me, Jessica and I wanted to better see their reactions as this game progressed. We stopped short of having all the details worked out due to hearing the boys coming home. The boys went to Josh’s room and Jessica and I began to sober up.

The days passed agonizingly slowly. On Wednesday, we started to put our plan into action. We each told our respective sons that Jessica was having her bedroom painted, and due to the fumes, both she and TJ would be spending Saturday night with us. When we talked to each other later in the day, we compared reactions of the boys. Josh, stone cold as I had expected, showed no outward indication that the news was good, or bad, or an opportunity to repeat his adventures from a week and a half ago. TJ, on the other hand, according to Jessica tried hard to suppress his excitement. Apparently, it was pretty evident what he was thinking.

Saturday arrived slowly. Jessica came over with TJ about 11 AM and the boys immediately went to the park, presumably to discuss what they expected and hoped would occur later that night.

Jessica and I discussed different scenarios for hours. I noticed deep breaths and excitement while we discussed each possibility…both in myself and in her. We finalized a plan just as the boys were returning home.

They were, as usual, starving. We drove to a local café and ate in near silence. Both Jessica and I noticed sly glances between the boys. Obviously they had spent the afternoon formulating plans as well. Jessica and I tried to start conversations, but each failed due to the boys giving short answers and returning to eating.

We finished the meals and headed back home. It was only when we were very close to my house that Josh asked me if we were going out tonight. I replied that we were not. Before I had the opportunity to explain that Jessica and I were going to stay home and try some new wine that we had found, both his and TJ’s faces fell. They looked at each other as if their worlds had ended. I paused and then explained the new wine and Jessica’s and my plan of drinking at home. They glanced back at each other, this time with much happier expressions.

When we got back home, the boys immediately went to Josh’s room and shut the door. Jessica and I went to the kitchen and brought out 4 bottles of absolutely horrible, cheap wine. Along with those, we brought out two bottles of our favorite wine. As we carried the good wine into the den, the boys emerged with a nervous look on both of their faces.

“Mom,” Josh began, “TJ and I are a bit worried about you and Jessica drinking so much and maybe trying to drive. Would you give me your keys so that you and Jessica can drink as much as you want but not drive anywhere?”

Wow…..what a caring, loving son I have…….or……….was this a sophomoric attempt at telling us we can get drunk off our asses? Probably the latter of the two. I looked over at Jessica…..she had a small smirk on her face. Yep, she definitely thought it was an attempt to encourage us to drink.

“That’s a great idea, Josh” I told them both. Jessica and I both handed over our keys to the boys and announced it was time to open the first bottle.

As Jessica poured the first glasses of the “good” wine, I put in a dvd. The boys stood there for a few seconds, watching our individual movements, totally quiet and still. “Was there something you boys wanted?” Jessica asked. They looked at each other, smiled, shook their heads and disappeared down the hallway.

Jessica and I exchanged big smiles as she put her hand over her mouth. “Let’s get started,” she said with a shaky voice. We rushed to my room and quickly started to put on our sleepwear. I put on the same gown as the Saturday two weeks ago, again removing my panties and putting them on the chair across from my bed. Jessica stripped to her panties and hesitated as she looked at her nightshirt. We exchanged knowing glances and smiles. She proceeded to walk to the den with nothing but panties and the blanket over her. I gathered her discarded clothes and carried them to the den and put them on the coffee table beside the wine bottles.

We started the dvd and settled on the couch, covering Jessica from her breasts to her knees with the blanket. Her shoulders were very obviously bare. We drank slowly, determined to not be so drunk as to miss out on anything that was to follow. We had finished about two glasses each when Jessica got up and went to the kitchen….topless. Was this a first step in preparing herself for the evening? Was this a way of getting her courage? I watched in amazement as she walked around the kitchen. I was not the only one with cute tits.

She then poured two of the terrible wines down the kitchen sink. This was a part of the plan that we had developed. She returned to the den and put the two empty bottles with the near empty one we were drinking onto the coffee table. To the observer, it would appear that we had already drank three bottles of wine. She sat on the couch and reached over, smiled and squeezed my hand. It was at this point that I cannot say if we were more scared or excited. She reached over and held her blanket, but hesitated to put it back on her body. We compared feelings via whispers……this coupled with her nearly nude body only made me more excited. I tried to not stare at her breasts, but found it a bit challenging. Time passed agonizingly slowly. We had finished the dvd and was beginning to watch a third episode of “Happy Days”.

Jessica poured the remaining two bottles of bad wine down the sink and placed them with the others on the coffee table. As a part of our plan, we both put on very dark sunglasses. She finally recovered herself, suspecting the boys would be out soon. I wondered about this exhibitionist action, walking around the den and kitchen topless with only me being the person to see her.

Just as I poured the final contents of the good wine into our glasses, the boys emerged from Josh’s bedroom. Josh asked “How are you doing, mom?” I glanced over to see that Jessica was ready to begin her drunkenness routine.

In a slow, addled voice she said “We’re doing great.”
Josh started at us both. “What’s the deal with the sunglasses?”
“This is honor of this excellent television show (Happy Days). We cannot drive, but we are both very cool.” This sounded idiotic, but it seemed to fit the plan. Part of our plan was to use the glasses to hide our open eyes.

I pointed to the five empty bottles and smiled my best fake drunken smile. They could not avoid seeing Jessica’s bare shoulders and legs….and her shorts, bra and blouse beside the bottles, allowing them to realize that she was only dressed in a her panties under her blanket. The sunglasses allowed us to see their expressions and their widening eyes, but kept our ability to see them hidden.

TJ, in a hurried voice, asked “What time are you two going to bed?” His enthusiasm was obvious to the point that it was difficult to not smile at his inquiry.

I responded, again with my best totally wasted voice. “When this show ends…I don’t know…..uh, maybe 10 or 20 minutes.” I swirled my head and eyes as I spoke. “You boys should get to bed….it’s almost 12 o’clock.” It was really almost 10 o’clock. Without a moment’s hesitation, they boys turned and went quickly to Josh’s room again.

Jessica and I put our near empty wine glasses on the coffee table so as to not spill the remaining contents on the carpet or the sofa. Considering how Jessica was dressed, she needed more staging. She slumped down on the sofa, slightly spreading her legs a bit more and outstretching her arms onto the pillows of the sofa. I positioned the blanket to be tempting, but not revealing. Her panties and breasts were both fully covered. Just as I was taking one last look at her, she reached out her hand and pulled me to her, giving me a long hug and whispering “Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I am shaking.”

“Try to control the shaking and breathing”, I whispered back. “And keep those glasses on!” I smiled a coy smile. It was then that she surprised me. She grasped my face in her two hands and pulled me to her. She kissed me on the mouth and smiled again.

We had kissed in the past, but never on the lips. I reasoned that this must be due to appreciation and excitement….and wine. I continued to think about it as I moved to the recliner. Its location gave me a perfect view of Jessica and her a perfect view of me. I kept my legs together but pulled the top of my nightshirt down a bit to expose the upper part of my right breast.

Time either passed surprisingly fast or the boys were too anxious to wait for 20 minutes. Through my sunglasses, I could see them slowly walk into the den, both of them stepping slowly in an effort to be totally silent. They stood together, stopping when they were between me and Jessica. TJ whispered something to Josh. Josh nodded and smiled.

Josh led the way from where they were standing to me. He started his attempts to see if I was awake. “Mom?”

NOTE: Please message me and let me know how you are enjoying (or not??) this story. I really like the messages (and votes). Thank you.

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