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I was lucky and got accepted to a prestige University on a scholarship. The school was about 40 miles away and I commuted the first semester until I decided to look for an apartment. A friend of mine told me she had a classmate who's roommate had dropped out of school and was looking for a new roommate quick to help pay half the rent.

That's when I met Kristen, she was really nice and we had allot in common including going to the gym so I agreed to move in. She was really good looking with super curly red hair and looked like a covergirl from a magazine.

Kristen was from out of state and did not have her car here yet so I would occasionally give her a ride. She had a boyfriend who picked her up to go to his place and sometimes I would go give her a ride back home or to school just to be a good roommate. She seemed to have a bunch of problems with that guy and was always telling me they were "on the outs"

I agreed to pick her up at his place on my way home from the library at 10pm one night but decided to leave early and stop at Starbucks. I got over to her boyfriends house about an hour early and pulled up in the driveway behind his car. I'm in my 4 wheel drive Tahoe so when I pulled up I could see right into the side window.

Kristen and her boyfriend were in the living room totally naked and she was bent over the couch getting fucked from behind. I was right outside the window probably 3 feet away from them and could see her really having a good time. After a few minutes he pulled his dick out and rubbing the head of his cock on her asshole and was pushing to get it in. They gave up on that and she moved around and was sucking his dick right there in front of me. After a few minutes he spread a big towel on the leather couch she went to the kitchen and came back with some BUTTER. He unwrapped the stick of butter and melted it into and all over her ass and then pushed his big curved dick into her butt!

They fucked and I could see that butter dripping everywhere! He must have cum in he asshole because he pulled out and spread her ass cheeks to look at the cum and butter dripping out.

They were finishing up and she went to take a shower and was coming out with her cloths on when I called and said that I was just pulling into the driveway.

She came out a few minutes later, jumped in the car and was just in a great mood. I could still smell that butter on her!! So I casually asked her if they had been eating popcorn because I smell butter! She said they did not have popcorn but had been cooking and she spilled some button.

Her boyfriend was kind of cute so I may have to butter him up next time they are on the "outs"

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