I was just wandering around house when BF said I looked good bent over in these, so why not do some pics in them. I hope you like them, they do make me feel very sexy
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Seamed Tight #0
Greetings and Happy New Year wishes sexy girlie!!
Seamed Tight #1
I have to agree with your BF - you do look rather tempting when you bend over in those hose.
Seamed Tight #2
Seamed Tight #3
Oh my ... and when they slip down a little like that and show off your beautiful round booty to go with the rest of you, our radars peak to centre screen!
Seamed Tight #4
Seamed Tight #5
Absolutely erotic ... you have perfect curves baby.
Seamed Tight #6
Seamed Tight #7
Seamed Tight #8
Love that look you get on your face too ... it's the 'come to my boudoir' look ... horny as hell! Thank you for joining us today lovely, I hope the Watchers are generous with their compliments. We'll keep your spot warm here for you until you return to us :-) xxxx
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