Call Girl - USA
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"Girls These Days Have All The Fun"
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There are some crazy stories on this site and while some are totally believable while others need to be posted on some romantic fiction website.

After graduating with masters in physical education I am started teaching ballet in my spare time. I have had some fun and interesting sexual experiences over the years but some of the girls who come in the studio are obviously having more fun than I did at that age.

Last year Nichole signed up for my modern hip-hop class which was a breeze for her along with having the best figure in the class. Nichole and some other students that were sitting around after class on our yoga mats and we all agreed to tell about a sexual experience. If we liked the experience we would do it after class each week.

All of the girls had some great stories but Nichole had a few really crazy ones! She told us when she moved to college she lived with her aunt in San Francisco for a while. We aunt was married to a french artist guy who was really into sex. Nichole said it was nothing out of the ordinary to walk downstairs to the living room where they were both naked and fucking or they had guests there putting on a fuck show for them.

Nichole said if she caught them fucking or whatever they would tell her to enjoy sex and not be shy about it. She said that went on frequently and sometimes she would stop to watch.

Nichole had a boyfriend over at their house one night and when they decided to fuck Nichole decided asked her boyfriend if he would like an audience. They got naked and went downstairs to the living room which is next to the aunts bedroom. She said she was sucking some cock when the aunt and her husband came out to watch and give their critique on the artistic level of the sex.

Nichole said it was one of her most exciting sexual experiences with her uncle telling them how to fuck and what to do in that French accent. She said her boyfriend likes to cum in her mouth so they asked for instructions from the uncle on what would look the best.

She said since that experience she really enjoys performing for other people and had a different guy fuck her at the aunt's house while an artist's party was going on.

I want to do that!

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