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"Ride To Work Pt 3"
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Claire would sometimes drive to work or catch the train. When I could I would offer to pick her up in the morning as we often exercised together either walking 6 miles in the park or spending an hour or more in the gym doing weights or yoga or a kick boxing class. We were both quite fit.

This particular morning we had an early meeting and so I offered to pick her up. I arrived on time and waited at the end of her street where I could see her leave her house and walk towards me. I liked to watch her walk as she was so graceful that she was very provocative to watch. As I was watching she emerged from her house and turned to walk to me sitting in my car. Claire was wearing a long coat as it was cool, she also had heels and black stockings on. She was carrying her handbag and her gym bag as we planned to go at lunch time. As she got closer she moved her gym bag from her shoulder to her hand letting her coat fall open.

I looked and looked again. Under her coat there was no dress just her black stockings and a black lace knickers and bra set I had given her recently. I love lingerie and so does she and this was an amazing way to model for me. She looked spectacular in black with her lovely white skin walking down a city street her coat billowing around and behind her, her arms occupied with her bags and her body swaying in the see through lace lingerie. I had an instant hard on.

As she got to the car she threw her bags on the back seat and climbed in and she said “I see you like” as she reached across and stroked my hand-on in my pants. As I drive off she continued to caress the lump in my pants and then she undid my belt and pants and took my hand on out and started stroking it. When I could I reached across and ran my hand up her legs as her coat had fallen open and she was sitting there exposed. I caressed her mound as she opened her legs to give me access. We did this all the way to our building about 30 min which made me very excited and very hard, I drove quickly as it was early and there was not much traffic. We arrived at our building and parked in the basement. I kissed her and slipped a finger into her very wet pussy by pushing her knickers to one side. I was so aroused I even started to climb across the console but Claire said no we are very early , no one is here lets go upstairs.

We got out of the car with me trying to tuck my hard on in my pants and do them up, which I did but the bulge was still very obvious. We got in the lift and went to our floor and rushed into our space past the security systems. Claire guided me to the main conference room which is private on the inside but all glass looking out. We could see other building and floors clearly that were lit up whereas those with lights out were in shadow. We had not turned the lights on Claire secured the door and threw her coat over a chair stating that she always wanted to fuck on this table. She stepped out of her knickers and sat on the end of the table . She placed one foot on the chair to her left and the other on the one to her right and pushed them aside spreading her legs wide . I could see her juices shinning on her open pussy lips as the look in her eyes said come over here and fuck me now.

I moved towards her quickly stepping out of my pants and underwear as my hard-on stood out she reached out grabbed it and guided it to her lips sliding the head up and down until it was soaking wet then she tucked it in and slid forward taking me all the way in in one motion. Claire moaned loudly and said “ahh that feels so goood!” I slid in and out slowly as I wanted this to last and if I moved at all quickly I would have come in 10 seconds. Claire was rubbing her clit as I held her butt cheeks and got a nice rhythm going, I was in for the long haul. Claire however had other ideas she was rubbing her clit hard and fast and was already saying she was coming. I could feel her pussy starting to clamp down on me. Her pussy muscles are very strong as she believes in kegel exercises at every opportunity. Claire then wrapped her legs around and squeezed as she let out a long slow moan, she not only squeezed her legs she clenched her pussy so that the next 2 or 3 thrusts caused me to come at the same time shooting a large load of come deep into her. She said mmm yes I can feel that yes mmmm.

I was spent and collapsed on top of her. We laid like that for a few minutes where I kissed her neck and then her mouth and thanked her for a lovely surprise and a great fuck.

We got up and each of us dressed where upon I said I was quite hungry and we still had time before our meeting we could go and get coffee and some breakfast. Claire agreed and so we went out to the foyer and greeted some staff just arriving saying we had just done our preparation for the meeting in the conference room and were going to get some coffee.

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