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"The Gift Certificate"
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I saw a post on this site that was possibly from someone I know but I am not for sure.

My husband and I are photographers. He works for a company doing all their catalog photography and I work at home out of a studio we added on the house.

Looking at our portfolios, my website or client list you would never know we do erotic photography and that's the way we like it, private and discrete.

We have done erotic photography for celebrities, politicians, sports stars and a whole bunch of people who like having a sexy collection of photos or a video.

I had local very attractive society couple in the studio one evening doing bedroom photo shoot that was so intense! I did not even have to say much to them, they started the photos dressed in formal wear and little by little the cloths came off and the sex came on. They did a great photo shoot, probably one of the best I have photographed to date. The couple was gorgeous and obviously experienced in some sort of exhibitionism.

After they were dressed and ready to go the wife told me they had a great time and asked I had gift certificates for the erotic photo sessions because she wants to get one for her daughter and her fiancée. I told her I have never had a request for a gift certificate but if she wanted to pre-pay for the photo session I will write her a receipt and that's what I did.

A couple weeks later the daughter stopped by the studio to talk about the photo shoot. She was stunning beauty like her mom, not as tall and much more of a natural beauty with long blond hair. (Her mom was definitely good looking but was bottle blond, has boob implants, hair extensions and bleached teeth) She said that it was an early wedding gift and that her fiancée was looking forward to it. We scheduled the shoot the following week.

She arrived with her fiancée, a nice looking guy with the currently popular facial hair which I do not care for. She said her mom was going to stop by and watch the shoot and will be here in a few minutes. I figured OK.. that's fine and just assumed this shoot was going to be more if a conservative boudoir session which I do all the time with couples. The models had brought their bedroom cloths including some lingerie which got my attention as something the mom may fine too revealing.

The mom showed up and we went into the bedroom where she found a chair behind the camera and the models went to work. We spent about 20 minutes doing sensual poses, different camera angles and lighting and so on. After teasing the camera for a few photos the girl slipped off her panties revealing a nice thin cut bush and a wet little pussy. The girls fiancée had some boxer shorts on but there was no way to hide the huge hard-on he had and while she took off her top he was taking off the shorts. He had big dick, probably eight inches and her mom was taking a good look at it.

The mom was sitting there watching, giving her approval and making suggestions so I figured she was cool with it and had them move into some erotic poses. Within a few minutes that dick was slipping into her pussy for some serious fucking and I had them get in a variety of positions to get my photos. They finished the photo session with some dick sucking and a load of cum on that girls boobs.

Everyone was looking forward to the edited photo shoot which they picked up a couple weeks later.

Since then I have designed and printed gift certificates is anyone should ask in the future.

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