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One weekend about 30 years ago, my wife and I had four of her friends, with their husbands, out on our boat for the weekend. Well, we didn't stay on the boat at night because one the girls had a sister with a cabin on that lake and we were using it. The lake was formed from a damned up small river and it ran for miles, and had many small islands. After a long, hot day on the water (it was mid-July and about 98F), we all went to the cabin, showered and ate dinner. About 10 most of us started getting a bit sleepy, so we all went to bed. The place had 3 bedrooms, and two sleeper sofas, so we all had a place to sleep. Before we all parted for bed, the husband of the girl that got us the cabin stated that he was going to get up really early and swim to one of the islands. He was a triathlete and was training for a race a couple of months away. i told him that I would go down to the lake and watch to see if any boats ran over him.

About 11 or so I woke up sweating and hot and so did my wife. The a/c had gone out. All the bedrooms were upstairs and it was getting hot pretty fast. The other couples upstairs had been awakened by the heat also. I told them that the lower level would be cooler, so we took pillows and sheets and went to the living room and sort of spread out. About 5 am the guy in training woke me up and said he was heading to the lake, so I went with him. His wife had also waken and she said she was going too. When I told my wife I was leaving, she sort of grunted, so she had no idea I had left, or the other two either.

The girl that went was actually my wife's best friend. My wife had told me when we were dating that her friend told her that she wanted me if my wife didn't. Well we got down to the lake and it was already hot and humid. It was supposed to hit 100 that day. Her husband got in the water and started to swim towards an island that was at least 1 1/2 miles away. I just chatted with my wife's friend making small talk. Then all of a sudden she said that it was hot and she wished she had worn her bathing suit. I replied that I wished I had too. She shot back with "I guess we can skinny dip" in sort of a kidding way, but then it hit us both, we sure could. Hell, I wasted no time in losing my shirt, shoes and shorts and was heading to the water. I turned back around and there she was bent over removing her shorts and I got a look at that fine ass. When she turned around I already had a raging hard on. I just stood there as she walked to me. Without a word I grabbed her and kissed her and had a hand on one breast. Within a second she had my dick in her hand and saying that she had dreamed of doing that.

She had brought a couple of beach towels and had already spread one out. I laid her down and went right to eating her pussy. She was dripping almost immediately and came within a couple of minutes. I like a good bj, but I wanted to fuck her more, so I slide up to her face and put my dick on her pussy lips. Without saying a word, I started easily moving up and down going deeper with each stroke into her hot dripping pussy. She was hot tight and wet; the perfect combination. We fucked for about ten minutes and she came a couple of more times, then I unloaded a huge load into her. After I pulled out of her, she licked my dick clean and sucked any remaining cum out of me. She said that experience was more erotic than anything she had ever dreamed of me. We both got into the water and washed away the evidence. Then we got out, dried of and dressed like nothing had ever happened. About 5 minutes later her husband was close enough to see because it had gotten lighter outside.

During the course of the day on the boat, she made sure to rub her ass up against my dick. Over the years we have fucked at least 4-5 times a year. We are due a fuck session now.

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