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"Uncle's Side Of "Nephew’s Visit To Brandi""
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Day 1

Last week my wife Brandi posted her description of our nephew’s recent three-day visit. There are always two sides to every story and here is mine. Frankly, Jacob has gotten away with alot with Brandi over the years. He started groping her tits in his early teens and she certainly didn’t discourage him. By the time he was 16 he would come up behind her, put his arms around her and give her a big hug, moving them up to fill both hands with her boobs and grind his groin against her butt. She would turn around and mockingly admonish him, “Now what have I told you about grabbing Auntie like that?” Always smiling flaunting her big nipples poking through whatever top she might be wearing. I’ve even watched while they cuddled on the couch and he would massage her legs and thighs, coming ever so close to her crotch but, never that I ever saw, “cross the line”. When we would go to bed after those sessions she was always sopping wet and we would have excellent fuck sessions. When Jacob was around 16 or 17 I caught him jacking off with one of Brandi’s bras and matching panty wrapped around his dick. It was inspiring to watch a huge load erupt from his cock into my wife’s lingerie. I started giggling and said, “Just wait ‘til you’re legal. We’ll have some real fun with Auntie.” Of course Brandi and I always talked with each other about these incidents, usually in detail in bed at night and it brought about some great sex. She would notice me getting quite hard and loved to talk about Jacob doing things to her and suck me off. We agreed that, at the right moment, we would pursue having some real fun with him.

During his first two years of college Jacob didn’t seem to have time for a visit and we nearly forgot about our racy ideas. Until he recently contacted us and said he could drop by for three days we hadn’t brought up his antics and what we might like to do to involve him in our erotic lives in a long time. The evening that Jacob arrived he was a perfect gentleman, greeting Brandi with a platonic hug and kiss, and shaking my hand. She was wearing a tight red turtleneck sweater and jeans that nicely showed off her 38D breasts and bubble butt. At the dinner table it was obvious that Jacob was admiring her boobs. At some point Brandi realized his attention to her tits, those big nipples popped-up and neither Jacob nor I could keep our eyes off of them. After pleasant conversation Jacob said that it was probably time for him to hit the sack. He stopped to give his Aunt a hug and it was impossible to miss him brushing his hand across her breasts and powerfully pull her into him for a goodnight kiss.

After he went upstairs to bed Brandi and I stayed in the family room talking about Jacob and his obvious bawdy interest towards her. With that we laid out a plan. It was decided that Brandi would slowly lure Jacob. In the morning she would listen for him to be awake then take a shower, dry her hair, and start getting dressed with our bedroom door slightly open. She decided to slowly pull on a pair of pantyhose with her delicious boobs on full display then tantalize him by brushing her hair still topless and carefully rub lotion into each tit.

The plan worked perfectly with Jacob peering into our bedroom and, at the right moment, Brandi noticing him and calling him in to give him his “punishment”. It was so much fun that night talking about how she carefully pulled his underpants down over his raging hardon, had him lie across her lap, and paddled his ass while his hard cock banged against her thighs. Brandi started to suck my hard cock and finished her story of massaging his pink ass, then balls and dick. Just about the time in the story that Jacob shot his load down her leg I erupted in her mouth. When I finished she grinned, “Looks like both my boys enjoy cumming for Auntie.”

Day 2

Before leaving for work my sexy wife went over her plan for seducing Jacob on the second morning. I suggested my favorite “burstin’-out” bra. When she leans slightly forward wearing this bra both boobs just pop right out. Brandi does this sometimes when we’re in a bar and she’s wearing it under a blouse. It was her touch to stay deliberately nude below the waist until the very last minute, giving Jacob an excellent view of her completely shaved pussy. Little did the young man know that it was dripping in anticipation. She had already decided during the first morning’s punishment that the next would involve her doing him up the butt with her hairbrush. My cock was hard leaving the house and I couldn’t wait to get her call later in the morning to see how things came out.

We talked around 10:30 and she gave me all the details. Jacob being much more obvious and confident watching her and then boldly walking into our bedroom as my hot wife commanded with his hardon straining to be released. I know from experience, having been both recipient and spectator, that Brandi has a sublime ability to stimulate an anus and knew that Jacob would be in for a very special experience provoking his climax this morning. I loved hearing how he eagerly humped his cock between her thighs while she fucked his ass with her hairbrush. It was so hot when Brandi described feeding Jacob his cum off of her fingers. When I hung the phone up I had my own problem to deal with and discretely made my way to a stall in the Men’s Room and fervently beat my meat, discharging a nice load into the toilet bowl.

That night lying in bed she carefully summarized both days’ recreation and we planned for the next morning deciding that I would surreptitiously stay home and join in the fun. We have a chair in the corner of the bedroom behind the door that is normally covered with a pile of clothes. It was resolved that Brandi would finish her shower and stay nude, lay on the bed, and begin to masturbate with the door wide open. I would be sitting out of view in the chair completely naked ready to join at the appropriate moment. We laid closely to each other during the entire time that we were talking and I finger-fucked her and played with her clit. When the plan was finally constructed she said, “Are you going to fuck me or what?” I did.

Day 3

Brandi finished her prep work and laid on the bed playing with herself using her favorite rabbit vibe quietly buzzing away at her clit. I sat in the chair behind the door enjoying the show slowly pumping my cock. It certainly didn’t take much to entice Jacob into the bedroom and it surprised both of us that he was totally naked, penis fully rigid and ready for action. Once he walked in and heard me welcome him he looked a bit startled but didn’t lose any of his erection and I dove between Brandi’s legs and started eating her out. Jacob just smiled and watched until Brandi called him over and started sucking his cock. At a certain point Brandi pulled on my hair and I knew that she wanted my dick in her. I love watching her suck another guys cock and it didn’t take long for all of us to cum, Jacob enjying his first time shooting a load into his Aunt’s mouth. After we all caught our breath Brandi recited the preplanned line, “Jacob, do you remember me telling you yesterday that one of my favorite things is for my man to suck his cum out of me?”

I made my second oral visit to Brandi’s vagina that morning, this time sucking my cum out of it. She just loves to be worshipped this way and everyone that I’ve seen who has been given the opportunity seems to love to do it too. Jacob eagerly offered to be next and Brandi continued with the plan. At this point I knew that it was her desire to involve anal but didn’t have a clue as to how that might go-her receiving from Jacob and/or me, her giving it to one of us with a strap-on, or me doing Jacob. I don’t think that she wanted to get too wild with young Jacob just yet, had me lie on my back and straddled me reverse cowgirl, drawing my cock in and out of her butthole. She had a pretty good rhythm going and, I think, a couple of nice little cums when she announced to Jacob that it was his turn to get back in the action and do her up the pussy with me in her butt, encouraging him by saying that he would have to do most of the work. I have always love doing DP, completely filling a lady’s holes with two cocks, the feel of the other cock grinding against mine, and listening to the pleasure brought to the damsel who is literally the center of attention.

Brandi was nearly screaming with orgasms when I felt Jacob grow even harder buried deeply in her cunt pumping his incredibly long-lasting orgasm. This incited me to blast my load up her ass and the three of us continued to contently squirm back and forth. Jacob and I amused ourselves playing with Brandi’s hard nipples while her moans dissipated. I could feel Jacob slowly retract his softening dick from his Aunt’s cunt. I thought, “My God, suddenly there is a lot more room in the love cavern.” I sensed Jacob sliding down Brandi’s legs and could hear him slurping-up his jizz and then begin to lick at her very wet clit and cunt. This got me completely hard again and Brandi noticed, starting to slide up and down again on me. Jacob kept lapping-away at her and numerous times got some good licks on my balls. She encouraged him again and told him how nice his eating felt. He enthusiastically continued his tongue work and Brandi started to cum big again. I also had a mild eruption of my own and Brandi praised me for cumming three times in close succession.

The passion wound-down with Jacob and Brandi kissing, necking like two horny teenagers. I knew from experience that she was enjoying tasting all of the juices that he was feeding her. After I slid out of her ass I cuddled up against her back pushing my deflated cock between her hot butt cheeks. After a nice nuzzle Brandi announced that she had to pee and asked if we wanted to watch. We all stumbled into the bathroom and she squatted over the toilet and let go a nice long yellow stream while white globs slowly dribbled from her holes. It was an amazing sight.

After having lunch and talking about our fun it was time for Jacob to go. Brandi and I took a shower together and had a beautiful afternoon fuck, recounting the past three days and began fantasizing about Jacob’s next visit.

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